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The determination of ultraviolet extinction from the optical and near-infraredCARDELLI, J. A; CLAYTON, G. C; MATHIS, J. S et al.The Astrophysical journal. 1988, Vol 329, Num 1, pp 33-37, issn 0004-637X, part 2Article

AN ANALYSIS OF THE SHAPES OF INTERSTELLAR EXTINCTION CURVES. VI. THE NEAR-IR EXTINCTION LAWFITZPATRICK, E. L; MASSA, D.The Astrophysical journal. 2009, Vol 699, Num 2, pp 1209-1222, issn 0004-637X, 14 p., 1Article

Variations of the Interstellar Extinction Law within the Nearest KiloparsecGONTCHAROV, G. A.Astronomy letters (Print). 2012, Vol 38, Num 1, pp 12-24, issn 1063-7737, 13 p.Article

Interstellar extinction curve. The profile of very broad structureKREŁOWSKI, J; MASZKOWSKI, R; STROBEL, A et al.Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin. Print). 1986, Vol 166, Num 1-2, pp 271-275, issn 0004-6361Article

The mechanisms causing extinction debtsHYLANDER, Kristoffer; EHRLEN, Johan.Trends in ecology & evolution (Amsterdam). 2013, Vol 28, Num 6, pp 341-346, issn 0169-5347, 6 p.Article

Biodiversity and extinction: species and peopleGASTON, Kevin J.Progress in physical geography. 2005, Vol 29, Num 2, pp 239-247, issn 0309-1333, 9 p.Article

Extinctions in ancient and modern seasHARNIK, Paul G; LOTZE, Heike K; O'DEA, Aaron et al.Trends in ecology & evolution (Amsterdam). 2012, Vol 27, Num 11, pp 608-617, issn 0169-5347, 10 p.Article

Biodiversity and extinction : macroecological patterns and peopleGASTON, Kevin J.Progress in physical geography. 2006, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 258-269, issn 0309-1333, 12 p.Article

Galactic center extinction: Evidence of metallic needles in the general interstellar mediumDWEK, Eli.The Astrophysical journal. 2004, Vol 611, Num 2, pp L109-L112, issn 0004-637X, 2Article

On the interstellar extinction law toward young starsLAMZIN, S. A.Astronomy letters (Print). 2006, Vol 32, Num 3, pp 176-184, issn 1063-7737, 9 p.Article

The contribution of carbon nanoparticles to the interstellar optical extinctionYASTREBOV, S; SMITH, R.Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (Print). 2009, Vol 395, Num 1, pp 401-409, issn 0035-8711, 9 p.Article

Atlas of extinction curves derived from ultraviolet spectra of the TD-1 satellitePAPAJ, J; WEGNER, W; KREŁOWSKI, J et al.Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 1991, Vol 252, Num 3, pp 403-407, issn 0035-8711Article

Analyses statistiques de catalogues astronomiques pour l'étude de l'extinction interstellaire dans le visible = Statistical analyses of astronomical catalogues for the study of the visual interstellar extinctionGuarinos, Jacques; Egret, D.1991, 215 p.Thesis

Opportunistic exploitation: an overlooked pathway to extinctionBRANCH, Trevor A; LOBO, Aaron S; PURCELL, Steven W et al.Trends in ecology & evolution (Amsterdam). 2013, Vol 28, Num 7, pp 409-413, issn 0169-5347, 5 p.Article

Comment on the 1930 trumpler paper on interstellar extinctionSANDAGE, A.Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. 1988, Vol 100, Num 625, pp 310-313, issn 0004-6280Article

Quand Yellowstone se réveillera..DERUEL, Antoine.L' Eau, l'industrie, les nuisances. 2014, Num 373, pp 105-107, issn 0755-5016, 3 p.Article

Response of ecosystems to realistic extinction sequencesEBENMAN, Bo.Journal of animal ecology. 2011, Vol 80, Num 2, pp 307-309, issn 0021-8790, 3 p.Article

The quantitative assessment of UV extinction derived from IUE data of giants and supergiantsCARDELLI, J. A; SEMBACH, K. R; MATHIS, J. S et al.The Astronomical journal (New York). 1992, Vol 104, Num 5, pp 1916-1929, issn 0004-6256Article

Very-broadband-structure and the linear rise in the extinction curveJENNISKENS, P.Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin. Print). 1994, Vol 284, Num 1, pp 227-232, issn 0004-6361Article

Spurious effects in presence of a variable extinction coefficient in photoelectric photometryPORETTI, E; ZERBI, F.Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin. Print). 1993, Vol 268, Num 1, pp 369-373, issn 0004-6361Article

Ultraviolet extinction properties in the milky wayVALENCIC, Lynne A; CLAYTON, Geoffrey C; GORDON, Karl D et al.The Astrophysical journal. 2004, Vol 616, Num 2, pp 912-924, issn 0004-637X, 13 p., 1Article

Extinction and transformationYOUNG, A. T.Lecture notes in physics. 1989, Vol 341, pp 6-14, issn 0075-8450Conference Paper

An analysis of the shapes of interstellar extinction curves. V. The IR-through-UV curve morphologyFITZPATRICK, E. L; MASSA, D.The Astrophysical journal. 2007, Vol 663, Num 1, pp 320-341, issn 0004-637X, 22 p., 1Article

Infrared extinction at SutherlandGLASS, I. S; CARTER, B. S.Lecture notes in physics. 1989, Vol 341, pp 37-48, issn 0075-8450Conference Paper

Near-infrared extinction measurements at the Indian observatory sitesASHOK, N. M.Lecture notes in physics. 1989, Vol 341, pp 49-54, issn 0075-8450Conference Paper

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