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Management of cancer in the agedBALDUCCI, L; LYMAN, G. H; FABRI, P. J et al.Comprehensive therapy. 1996, Vol 22, Num 2, pp 88-93, issn 0098-8243Article

Risk of infection accompanying the use of single-Lumen vs double-lumen subclavian catheters: a prospective randomized studyPOWELL, C; FABRI, P. J; KUDSK, K. A et al.JPEN. Journal of parenteral and enteral nutrition. 1988, Vol 12, Num 2, pp 127-129, issn 0148-6071Article

Simple calculation of the unpaired T testFABRI, P. J; KNIERIM, T. H.Surgery, gynecology & obstetrics. 1988, Vol 167, Num 5, pp 381-382, issn 0039-6087, 2 p.Article

Simplified excision of lipomasFABRI, P. J; ADAMS, J. R.Surgery, gynecology & obstetrics. 1987, Vol 165, Num 2, pp 173-174, issn 0039-6087Article

Improved results of cervical reoperation for medullary thyroid carcinoma. DiscussionMOLEY, J. F; DILLEY, W. G; DEBENEDETTI, M. K et al.Annals of surgery. 1997, Vol 225, Num 6, pp 734-743, issn 0003-4932Conference Paper

Functional glucocorticoid receptor modulates pancreatic carcinoma growth through an autocrine loopNORMAN, J; FRANZ, M; SCHIRO, R et al.The Journal of surgical research. 1994, Vol 57, Num 1, pp 33-38, issn 0022-4804Conference Paper

Intestinal herpes simplex infection presenting with intestinal perforationWASSELLE, J. A; SEDGWICK, J. H; DAWSON, P. J et al.The American journal of gastroenterology. 1992, Vol 87, Num 10, pp 1475-1477, issn 0002-9270Article

Occult functioning insulinomas : which localizing studies are indicated ? DiscussionVAN HEERDEN, J. A; GRANT, C. S; TALPOS, G et al.Surgery. 1992, Vol 112, Num 6, pp 1010-1015, issn 0039-6060Conference Paper

Evaluation of NH2-terminus gastrins in gastrinoma syndromeKOTHARY, P. C; FABRI, P. J; GOWER, W et al.The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism. 1986, Vol 62, Num 5, pp 970-974, issn 0021-972XArticle

Total thyroidectomy does not enhance disease control or survival even in high-risk patients with differentiated thyroid cancer. DiscussionWANEBO, H; COBURN, M; WANEBO, H. J et al.Annals of surgery. 1998, Vol 227, Num 6, pp 912-921, issn 0003-4932Conference Paper

Increased morbidity of appendicitis with advancing ageFRANZ, M. G; NORMAN, J; FABRI, P. J et al.The American surgeon. 1995, Vol 61, Num 1, pp 40-44, issn 0003-1348Conference Paper

Is there value in audition extramurals ? CommentaryFABRI, P. J; POWELL, D. L; CUPPS, N. B et al.The American journal of surgery. 1995, Vol 169, Num 3, pp 338-340, issn 0002-9610Article

Wound fluid amino acid concentrations regulate the effect of epidermal growth factor on fibroblast replication. DiscussionGARTNER, M. H; SHEARER, J. D; BEREITER, D. F et al.Surgery. 1991, Vol 110, Num 2, pp 448-456, issn 0039-6060Article

Direct proabsorbative effect of octreotide on ionic transport in the small intestine. DiscussionANTHONE, G. J; BASTIDAS, J. A; ORANDLE, M. S et al.Surgery. 1990, Vol 108, Num 6, pp 1136-1142, issn 0039-6060Conference Paper

The effect of somatostatin on 5-hydroxytryptamine release a carcinoid tumor. DiscussionLAWRENCE, J. P; ISHIZKUKA, J; HABER, B et al.Surgery. 1990, Vol 108, Num 6, pp 1131-1135, issn 0039-6060Conference Paper

Effect of frequent guidewire changes on triple-lumen catheter sepsisPOWELL, C; KUDSK, K. A; KULICH, P. A et al.JPEN. Journal of parenteral and enteral nutrition. 1988, Vol 12, Num 5, pp 462-464, issn 0148-6071Article

Effect of somatostatin analogue (SMS 201-995) on molecular species of gastrin in gastrinomaCAMPAGNOLO, D; GOWER, W. R; FABRI, P. J et al.Surgery. 1987, Vol 102, Num 6, pp 982-987, issn 0039-6060Conference Paper

Iatrogenic anemiaHENRY, M. L; GARNER, W. L; FABRI, P. J et al.The American journal of surgery. 1986, Vol 151, Num 3, pp 362-363, issn 0002-9610Article

Diabetes mellitus with hyperparathyroidism : Another indication for parathyroidectomy? DiscussionRICHARDS, M. L; THOMPSON, N. W; GAGNER, M et al.Surgery. 1999, Vol 126, Num 6, pp 1160-1166, issn 0039-6060Conference Paper

A novel cytotoxic agent for human carcinoid tumors. DiscussionLITVAK, D. A; PAPACONSTANTINOU, H. T; KO, T. C et al.Surgery. 1998, Vol 124, Num 6, pp 1071-1076, issn 0039-6060Conference Paper

The department of Veterans affairs' NSQIP : The first national, validated, outcome-based, risk-adjusted, and peer-controlled Program for the measurement and enhancement of the Quality of Surgical careKHURI, S. F; DALEY, J; HAMMERMEISTER, K et al.Annals of surgery. 1998, Vol 228, Num 4, pp 491-507, issn 0003-4932Conference Paper

Tissue generation with growth factors. DiscussionKHOURI, R. K; KOUDSI, B; FABRI, P. J et al.Surgery. 1993, Vol 114, Num 2, pp 374-380, issn 0039-6060Conference Paper

Gastrinoma in vitro: morphological and physiological studies of primary cell culturesGOWER, W. R. JR; ELLISON, E. C; KNIERIM, T. H et al.Gastroenterology (New York, NY. 1943). 1990, Vol 98, Num 4, pp 936-954, issn 0016-5085Article

Calcitonin gene-related peptide levels are elevated in patients with sepsis. DiscussionJOYCE, C. D; FISCUS, R. R; DRIES, D. J et al.Surgery. 1990, Vol 108, Num 6, pp 1097-1101, issn 0039-6060Conference Paper

Great expectations: stress and the medical family (1987 committee on issues, association for academic surgery)FABRI, P. J; MCDANIEL, M. D; GASKILL, H. V et al.The Journal of surgical research. 1989, Vol 47, Num 5, pp 379-382, issn 0022-4804, 4 p.Conference Paper

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