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Strain hardening in Andrade creepCOTTRELL, A. H.Philosophical magazine letters. 1996, Vol 74, Num 5, pp 374-379, issn 0950-0839Article

Discrete micromechanics of elastoplastic crystalsBORJA, R. I; WREN, J. R.International journal for numerical methods in engineering. 1993, Vol 36, Num 22, pp 3815-3840, issn 0029-5981Article

Entropy difference between the face-centred cubic and hexagonal close-packed crystal structuresWOODCOCK, L. V.Nature (London). 1997, Vol 385, Num 6612, pp 141-143, issn 0028-0836Article

Deformation microstructure and orientation of FCC crystalsLIU, Q; HANSEN, N.Physica status solidi. A. Applied research. 1995, Vol 149, Num 1, pp 187-199, issn 0031-8965Conference Paper

The use of symmetry for absolute E(K) determinations from IPS measurements of face-centred cubic crystalsSHEILS, W; RILEY, J. D; LECKEY, R. C. G et al.Solid state communications. 1996, Vol 98, Num 11, pp 965-970, issn 0038-1098, 5 p.Article

Elastic compliances and stiffnesses of the fcc Lennard-Jones solidQUESNEL, D. J; RIMAI, D. S; DEMEJO, L. P et al.Physical review. B, Condensed matter. 1993, Vol 48, Num 10, pp 6795-6807, issn 0163-1829Article

Observation of surface state on ultrathin fcc γ-Mn(111) layerDEDKOV, Yu. S; VOLOSHINA, E. N; FONIN, M et al.Surface science. 2006, Vol 600, Num 18, pp 4328-4331, issn 0039-6028, 4 p.Conference Paper

Relaxation of the muon spin in crystals containing defectsBERZIN, A. A; MOROZOV, A. I; SIGOV, A. S et al.Physics of the solid state. 1993, Vol 35, Num 11, pp 1463-1465, issn 1063-7834Article

Molecular statics simulations of buckling and yielding of gold nanowires deformed in axial compressionJIANG, W; BATRA, R. C.Acta materialia. 2009, Vol 57, Num 16, pp 4921-4932, issn 1359-6454, 12 p.Article

Impact of n-heptane as surfactant in the formation of CdO nanowires through microwave combustionSATHYA RAJ, D; JAYAPRAKASH, R; PRAKASH, T et al.Applied surface science. 2013, Vol 266, pp 268-271, issn 0169-4332, 4 p.Article

On two conflicting estimates of the Peierls stressMARCHESONI, F; CATTUTO, C.Philosophical magazine. A. Physics of condensed matter. Structure, defects and mechanical properties. 1998, Vol 77, Num 5, pp 1223-1229, issn 1364-2804Article

Plasticity induced by shock waves in nonequilibrium molecular-dynamics simulationsHOLIAN, B. L; LOMDAHL, P. S.Science (Washington, D.C.). 1998, Vol 280, Num 5372, pp 2085-2088, issn 0036-8075Article

Structure of (111)FCC/(110)BCC interphase boundaries in metallic systemsBUGAKOV, A. V; IEVLEV, V. M.Physics of metals and metallography. 1995, Vol 79, Num 4, pp 437-443, issn 0031-918XArticle

The interstitial electron model for metals-a critical appraisalBARRERA, G. D; ALLAN, N. L; BARRON, T. H. K et al.Journal of physics. Condensed matter (Print). 1994, Vol 6, Num 29, pp 5609-5620, issn 0953-8984Article

Analysis of dynamic shear bands in an FCC single crystalZHU, Z. G; BATRA, R. C.International journal of plasticity. 1993, Vol 9, Num 6, pp 653-696, issn 0749-6419Article

Towards a full understanding of the growth dynamics, optical response and crystalline structure of self-assembled photonic colloidal crystal filmsLOZANO, Gabriel; DORADO, Luis A; DEPINE, Ricardo A et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2010, Vol 7713, issn 0277-786X, isbn 0-8194-8186-6 978-0-8194-8186-3, 1Vol, 771303.1-771303.9Conference Paper

Interfacial energy determination of nano-scale precipitates by CALPHAD description of Gibbs-Thomson effectSHAHANDEH, Sina; ARAMI, Hamed; SADRNEZHAAD, S. K et al.Journal of materials science. 2007, Vol 42, Num 22, pp 9440-9446, issn 0022-2461, 7 p.Article

Packing and molecular shape: layers of centred hexagons as a guiding principleBRAUN, Nils; HUTTNER, Gottfried.Acta crystallographica. Section B, Structural science. 2005, Vol 61, Num 2, pp 174-184, issn 0108-7681, 11 p.Article

Effects of interactions among crystals on the inhomogeneous deformations of polycrystalsSARMA, G. B; DAWSON, P. R.Acta materialia. 1996, Vol 44, Num 5, pp 1937-1953, issn 1359-6454Article

The determination of F.C.C. crystal orientation by indentationCHANG, S. C; CHEN, H. C.Acta metallurgica et materialia. 1995, Vol 43, Num 6, pp 2501-2505, issn 0956-7151Article

Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of the multilayer-films Ag/Co/Pd and Pd/Co/AgYAMAGUCHI, A; OGU, S; JIFA ZHANG et al.Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials. 1993, Vol 126, Num 1-3, pp 300-302, issn 0304-8853Conference Paper

Energies of the atomic steps formed on low-index surfaces of fcc metalsBROCHARD, S; BEAUCHAMP, P; GRILHE, J et al.Philosophical magazine letters. 1998, Vol 77, Num 3, pp 125-134, issn 0950-0839Article

An optical method for determining the surface orientation of crystalsPIRTTIAHO, L; BLAKELY, J.Metallurgical and materials transactions. A, Physical metallurgy and materials science. 1996, Vol 27, Num 7, pp 2057-2062, issn 1073-5623, 5 p.Conference Paper

Structural study of Pt/Co(0001) interface by low-energy photoelectron diffractionBULOU, H; BARBIER, A; THIELE, J et al.Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials. 1995, Vol 148, Num 1-2, pp 13-14, issn 0304-8853Conference Paper

Phenomenological coefficients for matter transport by the dumbbell mechanism in a concentrated f.c.c. alloyCHATURVEDI, D. K; ALLNATT, A. R.Philosophical magazine. A. Physics of condensed matter. Defects and mechanical properties. 1994, Vol 70, Num 4, pp 657-675, issn 0141-8610Article

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