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Tumor necrosis factor-alpha induced enhancement of cryosurgeryGOEL, Raghav; PACIOTTI, Guilio F; BISCHOF, John C et al.Progress in biomedical optics and imaging. 2008, pp 68420R.1-68420R.14, issn 1605-7422, isbn 978-0-8194-7017-1, 1VolConference Paper

Current research review : tumor necrosis factor-αROCK, C. S; LOWRY, S. F.The Journal of surgical research. 1991, Vol 51, Num 5, pp 434-445, issn 0022-4804Article

TNF-α Represses β-Klotho Expression and Impairs FGF21 Action in Adipose Cells: Involvement of JNK1 in the FGF21 PathwayDIAZ-DELFIN, Julieta; HONDARES, Elayne; IGLESIAS, Roser et al.Endocrinology (Philadelphia). 2012, Vol 153, Num 9, pp 4238-4245, issn 0013-7227, 8 p.Article

Selective and specific regulation of ectodomain shedding of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 by tumor necrosis factor α-converting enzymeIWATA, Michikado; SILVA ENCISO, Jorge E; GREENBERG, Barry H et al.American journal of physiology. Cell physiology. 2009, Vol 66, Num 5, issn 0363-6143, C1318-C1329Article

Cachectin, cachexia, and shockBEUTLER, B; CERAMI, A.Annual review of medicine. 1988, Vol 39, pp 75-83, issn 0066-4219Article

Anti-TNF-α therapies : they are all the same (aren't they?)MPOFU, S; FATIMA, F; MOOTS, R. J et al.Rheumatology (Oxford. Print). 2005, Vol 44, Num 3, pp 271-273, issn 1462-0324, 3 p.Article

Potential Role of Tumor Necrosis Factor-α in Downregulating Sex Hormone―Binding GlobulinSIMO, Rafael; BARBOSA-DESONGLES, Anna; LECUBE, Albert et al.Diabetes (New York, NY). 2012, Vol 61, Num 2, pp 372-382, issn 0012-1797, 11 p.Article

Role of tumour necrosis factor-α (TNFα) in the functional properties of hyalocytesHATA, Yasuaki; NAKAO, Shintaro; KOHNO, Ri-Ichiro et al.British journal of ophthalmology. 2011, Vol 95, Num 2, pp 261-265, issn 0007-1161, 5 p.Article

Innovative Uses of Tumor Necrosis Factor α InhibitorsMAZZA, Joni; ROSSI, Anthony; WEINBERG, Jeffrey M et al.Dermatologic clinics. 2010, Vol 28, Num 3, issn 0733-8635, 559-575, ix [18 p.]Article

Tumor necrosis factor-α and the early vein graftZHIHUA JIANG; SHUKLA, Ankur; MILLER, Brett L et al.Journal of vascular surgery. 2007, Vol 45, Num 1, pp 169-176, issn 0741-5214, 8 p.Article

Infectious complications of tumor necrosis factor-α antagonistsBAKLEH, Mohanad; TLEYJEH, Imad; MATTESON, Eric L et al.International journal of dermatology. 2005, Vol 44, Num 6, pp 443-448, issn 0011-9059, 6 p.Article

Einsatz von TNF-alpha-Antagonisten in der Dermatologie = TNF-alpha antagonist in dermatologyMANG, Renz; STEGE, Helger.Journal der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft (Print). 2003, Vol 1, Num 5, pp 383-390, issn 1610-0379, 8 p.Article

TNF-α acutely inhibits vascular effects of physiological but not high insulin or contractionLEI ZHANG; WHEATLEY, Catherine M; RICHARDS, Stephen M et al.American journal of physiology. Endocrinology and metabolism. 2003, Vol 48, Num 3, pp E654-E660, issn 0193-1849Article

Systemic and hemodynamic effects of recombinant tumor necrosis factor alpha in isolation perfusion of the limbsEGGIMANN, P; CHIOLERO, R; CHASSOT, P.-G et al.Chest. 1995, Vol 107, Num 4, pp 1074-1082, issn 0012-3692Article

Tumour necrosis factor-α : its role in the metabolic response to sepsisVAN DER POLL, T; SAUERWEIN, H. P.Clinical science (1979). 1993, Vol 84, Num 3, pp 247-256, issn 0143-5221Conference Paper

Tumor necrosis factor alpha inhibits wound healing in the ratRAPALA, K; LAATO, M; NIINIKOSKI, J et al.European surgical research. 1991, Vol 23, Num 5-6, pp 261-268, issn 0014-312XArticle

Tumour necrosis factor-α in infectious meningitesNADAL, D; LEPPERT, D; FREI, K et al.Archives of disease in childhood. 1989, Vol 64, Num 9, pp 1274-1279, issn 0003-9888, 6 p.Article

Exposure to nuclear antigens contributes to the induction of humoral autoimmunity during tumour necrosis factor alpha blockadeCANTAERT, T; DE RYCKE, L; CROW, M. K et al.Annals of the rheumatic diseases. 2009, Vol 68, Num 6, pp 1022-1029, issn 0003-4967, 8 p.Article

Model for whole body production of tumor necrosis factor-α in experimental endotoxaemia in healthy subjectsKOOPMANS, R; HOEK, F. J; VAN DEVENTER, S. J. H et al.Clinical science (1979). 1994, Vol 87, Num 4, pp 459-465, issn 0143-5221Article

Importance et limites du dosage du TNF en pathologie = Significance and limitations of measurement of TNF in pathologyMEGE, J. L.Allergie et immunologie (Paris). 1990, Vol 22, Num 7, issn 0397-9148, p. 287Article

Regulation of IL-33 Expression by IFN-γ and Tumor Necrosis Factor-α in Normal Human Epidermal KeratinocytesMEEPHANSAN, Jitlada; TSUDA, Hidetoshi; KOMINE, Mayumi et al.Journal of investigative dermatology. 2012, Vol 132, Num 11, pp 2593-2600, issn 0022-202X, 8 p.Article

Induction of p38, tumour necrosis factor-α and RANTES by mechanical stretching of keratinocytes expressing mutant keratin 10R156HOBARZANEK-FOJT, M; FAVRE, B; HUBER, M et al.British journal of dermatology (1951). 2011, Vol 164, Num 1, pp 125-134, issn 0007-0963, 10 p.Article

Cardiotrophin-1 Induces Tumor Necrosis Factor α Synthesis in Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear CellsFRITZENWANGER, Michael; MEUSEL, Katharina; JUNG, Christian et al.Mediators of inflammation. 2009, Vol 2009, Num 2, issn 0962-9351, 489802.1-489802.7Article

Enamel matrix derivative inhibits TNF-α-induced apoptosis in osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cellsJIANING HE; YIMING KING; JIN JIANG et al.Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and endodontics. 2005, Vol 99, Num 6, pp 761-767, issn 1079-2104, 7 p.Article

Role of eIF5A in TNF-α-mediated apoptosis of lamina cribrosa cellsTAYLOR, Catherine A; SENCHYNA, Michelle; FLANAGAN, John et al.Investigative ophthalmology & visual science. 2004, Vol 45, Num 10, pp 3568-3576, issn 0146-0404, 9 p.Article

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