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A simple method for preventing pharyngocutaneous fistula after pharyngolaryngectomy using a mesenteric turnover flapIIDA, Takuya; MIHARA, Makoto; NARUSHIMA, Mitsunaga et al.Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery. 2012, Vol 65, Num 6, pp 830-831, issn 1748-6815, 2 p.Article

Pharyngocutaneous fistulae following total laryngectomy comparison between manual and mechanical suturesGONCALVES, Antonio José; DE SOUZA, J. A. L; MENEZES, M. B et al.European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology. 2009, Vol 266, Num 11, pp 1793-1798, issn 0937-4477, 6 p.Article

Post-laryngectomy pharyngo-cutaneous fistulaeKENT, S. E; LIU, K. C; DAS GUPTA, A. R et al.Journal of laryngology and otology. 1985, Vol 99, Num 10, pp 1005-1008, issn 0022-2151Article

Long-term oral intake through a salivary bypass tube with chronic pharyngocutaneous fistulaGOOI, Zhen; RICHMON, Jeremy.American journal of otolaryngology (Print). 2012, Vol 33, Num 6, pp 762-763, issn 0196-0709, 2 p.Article

Massive pharyngocutaneous fistulae : salvage with two-layer flap closurePEAT, B. G; BOYD, J. B; GULLANE, P. J et al.Annals of plastic surgery. 1992, Vol 29, Num 2, pp 153-156, issn 0148-7043Article

Pharyngo-cutaneous fistulae after laryngectomy: influence of previous radiotherapy and prophylactic metronidazoleJOHANSEN, L. V; OBERGAARD, J; ELBRØND, O et al.Cancer. 1988, Vol 61, Num 4, pp 673-678, issn 0008-543XArticle

Sealing of Small Postlaryngectomy Pharyngocutaneous Fistulas with Voice ProsthesisKARAKULLUKCU, Baris; LOHUIS, Peter J; VAN DEN BREKEL, Michiel W et al.The Laryngoscope. 2010, Vol 120, Num 10, pp 1971-1973, issn 0023-852X, 3 p.Article

Prevention of pharyngocutaneous fistulas by means of laser-weld techniquesSHOHET, J. A; REINISCH, L; OSSOFF, R. H et al.The Laryngoscope. 1995, Vol 105, Num 7, pp 717-722, issn 0023-852X, 1Article

Concurrent Neck Dissection and Transoral Robotic SurgeryMOORE, Eric J; OLSEN, Kerry D; MARTIN, Eliot J et al.The Laryngoscope. 2011, Vol 121, Num 3, pp 541-544, issn 0023-852X, 4 p.Article

Pharyngocutaneous Fistula After Total Laryngectomy: Less Common With Mechanical Stapler ClosureCALLI, Caglar; PINAR, Ercan; ONCEL, Semih et al.The Annals of otology, rhinology & laryngology. 2011, Vol 120, Num 5, pp 339-344, issn 0003-4894, 6 p.Article

Prophylactic antibiotics and post laryngectomy pharyngocutaneous fistulaeVIOLARIS, N; BRIDGER, M.Journal of laryngology and otology. 1990, Vol 104, Num 3, pp 225-228, issn 0022-2151, 4 p.Article

Prevention of wound complications in salvage pharyngolaryngectomy by the use of well-vascularized flapsSAKAI, Akihiro; OKAMI, Kenji; SUGIMOTO, Ryousuke et al.Acta oto-laryngologica. 2012, Vol 132, Num 7, pp 778-782, issn 0001-6489, 5 p.Article

Surgical closure of postlaryngectomy pharyngocutaneous fistula : a defect based approachMAGDY, Emad A.European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology. 2008, Vol 265, Num 1, pp 97-104, issn 0937-4477, 8 p.Article

The incidence and etiology of postlaryngectomy pharyngocutaneous fistulaeVIRTANIEMI, Jukka A; KUMPULAINEN, Eero J; HIRVIKOSKI, Pasi P et al.Head & neck. 2001, Vol 23, Num 1, pp 29-33, issn 1043-3074Article

Pharyngo-cutaneous fistula following anterior cervical fusionJAMJOOM, Z. A. B.British journal of neurosurgery (Print). 1997, Vol 11, Num 1, pp 69-74, issn 0268-8697Article

Reconstruction of cutaneous-pharyngeal fistula in two layers using microvascular free flap (a preliminary report)CAR, M.British journal of oral & maxillofacial surgery. 1995, Vol 33, Num 5, issn 0266-4356, p. 324Conference Paper

Deltopectral flap for one-stage reconstruction of pharyngocutaneous fistulae following total laryngectomyKIMURA, Y; TOJIMA, H; NAKAMURA, T et al.Acta oto-laryngologica. Supplementum. 1994, Num 511, pp 175-178, issn 0365-5237Article

Multivariate Analysis of Wound Complications after Surgery for Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal CancersSAKAI, Akihiro; OKAMI, Kenji; SUGIMOTO, Ryousuke et al.ORL. 2011, Vol 73, Num 2, pp 100-104, issn 0301-1569, 5 p.Article

EARLY ORAL FEEDING AFTER SALVAGE LARYNGECTOMYEUSTAQUIO, Marcia; MEDINA, Jesus E; KREMPL, Greg A et al.Head & neck. 2009, Vol 31, Num 10, pp 1341-1345, issn 1043-3074, 5 p.Article

Pharyngocutaneous fistula following total laryngectomyDEDIVITIS, R. A; RIBEIRO, K. C. B; CASTRO, M. A. F et al.Acta otorhinolaryngologica italica. 2007, Vol 27, Num 1, pp 2-5, issn 0392-100X, 4 p.Article

Fibrin glue-reinforced closure of postlaryngectomy pharyngocutaneous fistulaWISEMAN, Sam; HICKS, Wesley JR; LOREE, Thom et al.American journal of otolaryngology. 2002, Vol 23, Num 6, pp 368-373, issn 0196-0709, 6 p.Article

Pharyngocutaneous fistulae in laryngectomy patients : The Toronto Hospital ExperiencePARIKH, S. R; IRISH, J. C; CURRAN, A. J et al.Journal of otolaryngology. 1998, Vol 27, Num 3, pp 136-140, issn 0381-6605Article

Pharyngocutaneous fistula onset after total laryngectomy: scintigraphic analysisGALLI, J; VALENZA, V; PARRILLA, C et al.Acta otorhinolaryngologica italica (Testo stampato). 2009, Vol 29, Num 5, pp 242-244, issn 0392-100X, 3 p.Article

Pharyngocutaneous Fistula Repair After Radiotherapy and Salvage Total LaryngectomyITELD, Lawrence; PEIRONG YU.Journal of reconstructive microsurgery. 2007, Vol 23, Num 6, pp 339-345, issn 0743-684X, 7 p.Article

Temporary reduction of salivation in laryngectomy patients with pharyngocutaneous fistulas by botulinum toxin a injectionGUNTINAS-LICHIUS, Orlando; ECKEL, Hans E.The Laryngoscope. 2002, Vol 112, Num 1, pp 187-189, issn 0023-852XArticle

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