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Stochastic comparisons for single server queuesHARRIS, C. M; PRABHU, N. U.Naval research logistics quarterly. 1987, Vol 34, Num 4, pp 555-567, issn 0028-1441Article

Algorithmic methods for single server systems with repeated attemptsDE KOK, A. G.Statistica neerlandica. 1984, Vol 38, Num 1, pp 23-32, issn 0039-0402Article

A game-theoretic view of two processes using a single resourceCOURCOUBETIS, C; VARAIYA, P.IEEE transactions on automatic control. 1983, Vol 28, Num 11, pp 1059-1061, issn 0018-9286Article

Mixing of non-preemptive and preemptive repeat priority disciplinesADIRI, I; DOMB, I.European journal of operational research. 1984, Vol 18, Num 1, pp 86-97, issn 0377-2217Article

A note on stochastic decomposition in a GI/G/1 queue with vacations or set-up timesDOSHI, B. T.Journal of applied probability. 1985, Vol 22, Num 2, pp 419-428, issn 0021-9002Article

The queue GI/G/1: finite moments of the cycle variables and uniform rates of convergenceTHORISSON, H.Stochastic processes and their applications. 1985, Vol 19, Num 1, pp 85-99, issn 0304-4149Article

On the output process of an M/M/1 queue with randomly varying system parametersRAO, B. M; POSNER, M. J. N.Operations research letters. 1984, Vol 3, Num 4, pp 191-197, issn 0167-6377Article

An approximation of known accuracy for single server queues with inhomogeneous arrival rate and continuous service time distributionOMOSIGHO, S. E; WORTHINGTON, D. J.European journal of operational research. 1988, Vol 33, Num 3, pp 304-313, issn 0377-2217Article

The single-server queue with independent GI/G and M/G input streamsOTT, T. J.Advances in applied probability. 1987, Vol 19, Num 1, pp 266-286, issn 0001-8678Article

A qeueing system with impatient customersDE KOK, A. G; TIJMS, H. C.Journal of applied probability. 1985, Vol 22, Num 3, pp 688-696, issn 0021-9002Article

On a generalization of the preemptive resume priorityNAIN, P.Advances in applied probability. 1986, Vol 18, Num 1, pp 255-273, issn 0001-8678Article

Queueing systems with service interruptionsFEDERGRUEN, A; GREEN, L.Operations research. 1986, Vol 34, Num 5, pp 752-768, issn 0030-364XArticle

Two competing queues with linear costs and geometric service requirements: the μc-rule in often optimalBARAS, J. S; DORSEY, A. J; MAKOWSKI, A. M et al.Advances in applied probability. 1985, Vol 17, Num 1, pp 186-209, issn 0001-8678Article

A queueing model and a set of orthogonal polynomialsISMAIL, M. E. H.Journal of mathematical analysis and applications. 1985, Vol 108, Num 2, pp 575-594, issn 0022-247XArticle

Quelques résultats pour les processus à temps continu dans un système GI/GI/1 avec des pertes dans la file. IIMOROZOV, E. B.Vesci Akademii navuk BSSR. Seryâ fizika-matematyčnyh navuk. 1983, Num 4, pp 41-44, issn 0002-3574Article

Busy-period analysis of a correlated queue with exponential demand and serviceLANGARIS, C.Journal of applied probability. 1987, Vol 24, Num 2, pp 476-485, issn 0021-9002Article

Un modèle de file d'attente avec service simultané = A qeuing model with simultaneous service disciplineMOHAMED RAOUF JAIBI; FORTET, R.Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série 1, Mathématique. 1987, Vol 304, Num 2, pp 51-53, issn 0764-4442Article

An M/M/1∞ queueing system with feedbackSHARDA; PREM CHAND GARG; INDU GARG et al.Microelectronics and reliability. 1986, Vol 26, Num 2, pp 261-264, issn 0026-2714Article

Stationary queues with one autonomous serverNEVEU, J.Stochastic processes and their applications. 1985, Vol 19, Num 2, pp 237-258, issn 0304-4149Article

The optimal look-ahead policy for admission to a single server systemNAWIJN, W. M.Operations research. 1985, Vol 33, Num 3, pp 625-643, issn 0030-364XArticle

A method for analyzing single server queueing models having two classes of customersSUMITA, S.Transactions of the Institute of Electronics and Communication Engineers of Japan. Section E. 1985, Vol 68, Num 9, pp 555-556, issn 0387-236XArticle

The single server queue with inhomogeneous arrival rate and discrete service time distributionOMOSIGHO, S. E; WORTHINGTON, D. J.European journal of operational research. 1985, Vol 22, Num 3, pp 397-407, issn 0377-2217Article

Stability analysis for multi-class multi-queue single server system under polling tableWANG, Zhi; SONG, Ye-Qiong; YU, Hai-Bin et al.Proceedings of the American Control Conference. 2002, pp 4732-4737, issn 0743-1619, isbn 0-7803-7298-0, 6Vol, 6 p.Conference Paper

A single server N-line queue in which a customer may receive special treatmentBRILL, P. H; HLYNKA, M.Communications in statistics. Stochastic models. 1998, Vol 14, Num 4, pp 905-931, issn 0882-0287Article

A preemptive priority queue with a general bulk service ruleSIVASAMY, R.Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society. 1986, Vol 33, Num 2, pp 237-243, issn 0004-9727Article

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