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Flowers of evilBONNICI, Kathleen; STANWORTH, Denise; SIMMONDS, Monique S. J et al.Lancet (British edition). 2010, Vol 376, Num 9752, issn 0140-6736, p. 1616Article

MADS about the evolution of orchid flowersMONDRAGON-PALOMINO, Mariana; THEISSEN, Günter.Trends in plant science. 2008, Vol 13, Num 2, pp 51-59, issn 1360-1385, 9 p.Article

When the flower battles make tears..DONGUY, F.-L.European annals of allergy and clinical immunology. 2004, Vol 36, Num 9, pp 346-347, issn 1764-1489, 2 p.Conference Paper

L'arbre-fleur de la Bibliothèque de Sillery : LA CRÉATIVITÉSCHLITTER, Helga.Argus (Montréal). 2013, Vol 42, Num 1, issn 0315-9930, p. 33Article

Synchronization of the flowering transition by the tomato TERMINATING FLOWER geneMACALISTER, Cora A; SOON JU PARK; KE JIANG et al.Nature genetics. 2012, Vol 44, Num 12, pp 1393-1398, issn 1061-4036, 6 p.Article

Localization in roots and flowers of pea chloroplastic thioredoxin f and thioredoxin m proteins reveals new roles in nonphotosynthetic organsDE DIOS BARAJAS-LOPEZ, Juan; SERRATO, Antonio Jesus; OLMEDILLA, Adela et al.Plant physiology (Bethesda). 2007, Vol 145, Num 3, pp 946-960, issn 0032-0889, 15 p.Article

Pollinator-mediated evolution of floral signalsSCHIESTL, Florian P; JOHNSON, Steven D.Trends in ecology & evolution (Amsterdam). 2013, Vol 28, Num 5, pp 307-315, issn 0169-5347, 9 p.Article

Molecular mechanisms of flower development : An armchair guideKRIZEK, Beth A; FLETCHER, Jennifer C.Nature reviews. Genetics (Print). 2005, Vol 6, Num 9, pp 688-698, issn 1471-0056, 11 p.Article

Zur Deutung der Angiospermenblüte = Interprétation de la fleur des Angiospermes = The significance of the Angiosperm flowerNEUBAUER, H. F.Senckenbergiana biologica. 1986, Vol 67, Num 1-3, pp 211-218, issn 0037-2102Article

Using the balloon flower as a cut flowerEVENSEN, K; BEATTIE, D.HortScience. 1986, Vol 21, Num 4, pp 1061-1062, issn 0018-5345Article

The diversity-stability relationship in floral productionDORADO, Jimena; VAZQUEZ, Diego P.Oikos (København). 2014, Vol 123, Num 9, pp 1137-1143, issn 0030-1299, 7 p.Article

Flowers as sensory billboards: progress towards an integrated understanding of floral advertisementRAGUSO, Robert A.Current opinion in plant biology. 2004, Vol 7, Num 4, pp 434-440, issn 1369-5266, 7 p.Article

Vase-life characteristics of inflorescences of Dendrobium PompadourKETSA, S.Journal of horticultural science. 1989, Vol 64, Num 5, pp 611-615, issn 0022-1589Article

FLO11 is the primary factor in flor formation caused by cell surface hydrophobicity in wild-type flor yeastISHIGAMI, Mari; NAKAGAWA, Youji; HAYAKAWA, Masayuki et al.Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry. 2006, Vol 70, Num 3, pp 660-666, issn 0916-8451, 7 p.Article


The effect of spermidine and putrescine on the senescence of cut carnationsDOWNS, C. G; LOVELL, P. H.Physiologia Plantarum (København. 1948). 1986, Vol 66, Num 4, pp 679-684, issn 0031-9317Article

Identification and Expression of an APETALA2-Like Gene from Nelumbo nuciferaZHAOLEI LIU; CHUNSUN GU; FADI CHEN et al.Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 2012, Vol 168, Num 2, pp 383-391, issn 0273-2289, 9 p.Article

Effect of local spatial cues in small-scale orientation of flower batsTOELCH, Ulf; STICH, Kai Petra; GASS, Clifton Lee et al.Animal behaviour. 2008, Vol 75, pp 913-920, issn 0003-3472, 8 p., 3Article

Influence of 'historic' photoperiod during stem elongation on the number of fertile florets in wheatMIRALLES, D. J; SLAFER, G. A; RICHARDS, R. A et al.Journal of Agricultural Science. 2003, Vol 141, pp 155-158, issn 0021-8596, 4 p., 2Article

Further comments on assessing the gender role of hermaphrodite flowersPIPER, J; WAITE, S.Functional ecology (Print). 1989, Vol 3, Num 2, pp 250-252, issn 0269-8463, 3 p.Article

Dosage de l'acétyl-4 gammabutyrolactone (Solerone) et de la diméthyl-4, 5 tétrahydrofuranedione-2, 3 (Sotolon) dans les florsherries et détermination de leur impact olfactif sur la typicité aromatique de ces vinsMartin, Bruno; Adda, Jacques.1989, 227 p.Thesis

Extending vaselife and improving quality of nerine cut flowers with preservativesDOWNS, C; REIHANA, M.HortScience. 1987, Vol 22, Num 4, pp 670-671, issn 0018-5345Article

Effects of cold storage methods on vase life and physiology of cut waratah inflorescences (Telopea speciosissima, Proteaceae)FARAGHER, J. D.Scientia horticulturae. 1986, Vol 29, Num 1-2, pp 163-171, issn 0304-4238Article

The calyx in Lycianthes and some other generaD'ARCY, W. G.Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden. 1986, Vol 73, Num 1, pp 117-127, issn 0026-6493Article

Vascularisation de la fleur d'Orontium aquaticum L. (Aracées) = Vascularization of the flower of Orontium aquaticum L. (Araceae)BARABE, D; LABRECQUE, M.Lettres botaniques (Paris). 1985, Vol 132, Num 2, pp 133-145, issn 0181-1797Article

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