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A feasible system integrating combined heating and power system with ground-source heat pumpHONGQIANG LI; SHUSHUO KANG; ZHUN YU et al.Energy (Oxford). 2014, Vol 74, pp 240-247, issn 0360-5442, 8 p.Conference Paper

Ground thermal conductivity for (ground source heat pumps) GSHPs in KoreaSHIM, B. O; PARK, C.-H.Energy (Oxford). 2013, Vol 56, pp 167-174, issn 0360-5442, 8 p.Article

Le contact entre solides en mouvement relatif ou statiques avec génération de chaleur dans la zone interfaciale (Paris, 7 février 2002)Le contact entre solides en mouvement relatif ou statiques avec génération de chaleur dans la zone interfaciale. Journée. 2002, 54 p.Conference Proceedings

Mécanisme possible de production d'autooscillations dans les écoulements artificiels à cavitation et dans les jets gazeux réchauffésKARLIKOV, V. P; REZNICHENKO, N. T; KHOMYAKOV, A. N et al.Izvestiâ Akademii nauk SSSR. Mehanika židkosti i gaza. 1987, Num 3, pp 76-82, issn 0568-5281Article

Operation characteristics and experience of a ground source heat pump system with a vertical ground heat exchangerMICHOPOULOS, A; ZACHARIADIS, T; KYRIAKIS, N et al.Energy (Oxford). 2013, Vol 51, pp 349-357, issn 0360-5442, 9 p.Article

Mouvement des gouttes chauffées par des sources internes de chaleur, dans des mélanges gazeux binairesSHCHUKIN, E. R; MALAJ, N. V; YALAMOV, YU. I et al.Teplofizika vysokih temperatur. 1988, Vol 26, Num 5, pp 1020-1024, issn 0040-3644Article

Influence coefficient method for calculating discrete heat source temperature on finite convectively cooled substratesMUZYCHKA, Y. S.InterSociety Conference on Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems. 2004, isbn 0-7803-8357-5, Vol1, 394-402Conference Paper

Source de chaleur instationnaire dans un écoulement gazeux uniformeKUCHEROV, A. N.Inženerno-fizičeskij žurnal. 1989, Vol 56, Num 1, pp 145-147, issn 0021-0285Article

Solution du problème de conduction thermique avec un système de sources de chaleur impulsionnellesBOJCHUK, M. V; BOGAENKO, K. I.Inženerno-fizičeskij žurnal. 1987, Vol 52, Num 4, issn 0021-0285, 697Article

A simplified model of energy pile for ground-source heat pump systemsLEE, C. K; LAM, H. N.Energy (Oxford). 2013, Vol 55, pp 838-845, issn 0360-5442, 8 p.Article

Universal curves of maximal temperatures for semispace heating by axi-symmetrical beamARMENSKII, E. V; ROZHANKOVSKII, A. V; SAVVATEEV, V. V et al.Fizika i himiâ obrabotki materialov. 1990, Num 2, pp 44-46, issn 0015-3214, 3 p.Article

Heat transmission in cylindrical and spherical shells with exponential heat sourcesTSO, C. P; YAP, S. C; CHAN, K. S et al.Journal of physics. D, Applied physics (Print). 1990, Vol 23, Num 7, pp 773-777, issn 0022-3727Article

Thermal convection around a heat source embedded in a box containing a saturated porous mediumHIMASEKHAR, K; BAU, H. H.Journal of heat transfer. 1988, Vol 110, Num 3, pp 649-654, issn 0022-1481Article

Evaluating the performance of a large borehole ground source heat pump for greenhouses in northern JapanHUAI LI; NAGANO, Katsunori; YUANXIANG LAI et al.Energy (Oxford). 2013, Vol 63, pp 387-399, issn 0360-5442, 13 p.Article

Convection auto-semblable à proximité d'une source de chaleur quadripolaireGOL'DSHTIK, M. A; SHTERN, V. N.Inženerno-fizičeskij žurnal. 1988, Vol 55, Num 6, pp 913-920, issn 0021-0285Article

Kellerraüme als Wärmequellen von Luft/Wasser-Kleinwärmepumpen zur Warmwasserbereitung und Raumheizung = Les caves comme source de chaleur de pompes à chaleur air/eau de petites puissances pour dla production d'eau chaude et le chauffage des locauxKIRN, H.Elektrowärme international. Edition A, Elektrowärme im technischen Ausbau. 1986, Vol 44, Num 1, pp A32-A40, issn 0340-3513Article

The characteristic behavior of finite length line sources of heat in a crossflowSLAWSON, P. R; HITCHMAN, G. J; HAWKER, L. E et al.Journal of heat transfer. 1990, Vol 112, Num 2, pp 349-355, issn 0022-1481Conference Paper

Body force circulations in a compressible atmosphere: key conceptsDUNKERTON, T. J.Pure and Applied Geophysics. 1989, Vol 130, Num 2-3, pp 243-262, issn 0033-4553Article

Transfert de chaleur pour des impulsions de températureTROFIMOV, A. S; KOZLOV, A. V.Inženerno-fizičeskij žurnal. 1987, Vol 52, Num 4, pp 695-696, issn 0021-0285Article

Analytical solutions and Sinc function approximations in thermal conduction with nonlinear heat generationLIPPKE, A.Journal of heat transfer. 1991, Vol 113, Num 1, pp 5-11, issn 0022-1481Article

Régimes de convection naturelle de thermo-concentration au-dessus d'une source localisée de chaleurBELYAEV, V. S; CHASHECHKIN, YU. D.Izvestiâ Akademii nauk SSSR. Mehanika židkosti i gaza. 1989, Num 2, pp 27-34, issn 0568-5281Article

Triangulation Method for Structure Functions of Multi-Directional Heat-FlowsCODECASA, Lorenzo; D'AMORE, Dario; MAFFEZZONI, Paolo et al.International workshop on thermal investigation of ICs and systems. 2008, pp 8-13, isbn 978-2-35500-008-9, 1Vol, 6 p.Conference Paper

Effect of distributed instantaneous and continuous heat sources in an infinite conductive magneto-thermo-viscoelastic solid with thermal relaxationMUKHOPADHYAY, B; BERA, R. K.Computers & mathematics with applications (1987). 1989, Vol 18, Num 8, pp 723-728, issn 0898-1221, 6 p.Article

An experimental study of natural convection in a vertical cavity with discrete heat sourcesKEYHANI, M; PRASAD, V; COX, R et al.Journal of heat transfer. 1988, Vol 110, Num 3, pp 616-624, issn 0022-1481Conference Paper

An experimental study on the effects of downwards flowing of melted frost over a vertical multi-circuit outdoor coil in an air source heat pump on defrosting performance during reverse cycle defrostingMENGJIE SONG; SHIMING DENG; DONGMEI PAN et al.Applied thermal engineering. 2014, Vol 67, Num 1-2, pp 258-265, issn 1359-4311, 8 p.Article

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