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Thetime-resolved fluorescence-based PCA3 test on urinary sediments after digital rectal examination; a dutch multicenter validation of the diagnostic performanceVAN GILS, Martijn P. M. Q; HESSELS, Daphne; DIJKMAN, Gerhard A et al.Clinical cancer research. 2007, Vol 13, Num 3, pp 939-943, issn 1078-0432, 5 p.Article

Marqueurs biologiques du cancer de la prostate = Biological markers of prostate cancerSEITZ, C; DJAVAN, B.Annales d'urologie. 2006, Vol 40, Num 6, pp 329-335, issn 0003-4401, 7 p.Article

Clinical Judgment Versus Biomarker Prostate Cancer Gene 3: Which Is Best When Determining the Need for Repeat Prostate Biopsy?TOMBAL, Bertrand; ANDRIOLE, Gerald L; DE LA TAILLE, Alexandre et al.Urology (Ridgewood, NJ). 2013, Vol 81, Num 5, pp 998-1004, issn 0090-4295, 7 p.Article

Reflex PCA3 Messenger Ribonucleic Acid Testing: Validation of Postbiopsy Urine Samples and Correlation With Prostate Biopsy Findings in ~ 2000 PatientsBROWN, Jeffrey G; FULMER, John R; ROMANO, Javier et al.Urology (Ridgewood, NJ). 2014, Vol 84, Num 5, pp 1172-1177, issn 0090-4295, 6 p.Article

Urinary TMPRSS2:ERG and PCA3 in an Active Surveillance Cohort: Results from a Baseline Analysis in the Canary Prostate Active Surveillance StudyLIN, Daniel W; NEWCOMB, Lisa F; WEI, John T et al.Clinical cancer research (Print). 2013, Vol 19, Num 9, pp 2442-2450, issn 1078-0432, 9 p.Article

The Role of PCA3 Testing in Patients with a Raised Prostate-Specific Antigen Level After Greenlight Photoselective Vaporization of the ProstateHENDERSON, James; GHANI, Khurshid R; COOK, Joanne et al.Journal of endourology. 2010, Vol 24, Num 11, pp 1821-1824, issn 0892-7790, 4 p.Article

Prostate Cancer Gene 3 and Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Can Reduce Unnecessary Biopsies: Decision Curve Analysis to Evaluate Predictive ModelsBUSETTO, Gian Maria; DE BERARDINIS, Ettore; SCIARRA, Alessandro et al.Urology (Ridgewood, NJ). 2013, Vol 82, Num 6, pp 1355-1360, issn 0090-4295, 6 p.Article

The role of the PCA3 assay in predicting prostate biopsy outcome in a South African settingADAM, Ahmed; ENGELBRECHT, Matthys J; BORNMAN, Maria S et al.BJU international (Papier). 2011, Vol 108, Num 11, pp 1728-1733, issn 1464-4096, 6 p.Article

Test urinaire PCA3 en pratique clinique = PCA3 urinary test in clinical usePLOUSSARD, Guillaume; DE LA TAILLE, Alexandre.Progrès en urologie. Formation médicale continue (Print). 2009, Vol 19, Num 3, issn 1761-676X, F86-F90Article

PCA3 molecular urine assay for prostate cancer in men undergoing repeat biopsyMARKS, Leonard S; FRADET, Yves; GROSKOPF, Jack et al.Urology (Ridgewood, NJ). 2007, Vol 69, Num 3, pp 532-535, issn 0090-4295, 4 p.Article

Chronic Prostatitis Does Not Influence Urinary PCA3 ScoreVLAEMINCK-GUILLEM, Virginie; BANDEL, Marion; COTTANCIN, Martine et al.The Prostate. 2012, Vol 72, Num 5, pp 549-554, issn 0270-4137, 6 p.Article

PSGR and PCA3 as Biomarkers for the Detection of Prostate Cancer in UrineRIGAU, Marina; MOROTE, Juan; PLANAS, Jacques et al.The Prostate. 2010, Vol 70, Num 16, pp 1760-1767, issn 0270-4137, 8 p.Article

Biomarqueurs urinaires du cancer de la prostate: le point en 2010 : Dépistage dans le cancer de la prostate = Urinary biomarkers in prostate cancer: what's new in 2010DURAND, X; DE LA TAILLE, A.Correspondances en onco-urologie. 2010, Vol 1, Num 1, pp 33-37, issn 2110-087X, 5 p.Article

Correlation of Urine TMPRSS2:ERG and PCA3 to ERG+ and Total Prostate Cancer BurdenYOUNG, Allison; PALANISAMY, Nallasivam; SIDDIQUI, Javed et al.American journal of clinical pathology. 2012, Vol 138, Num 5, pp 685-696, issn 0002-9173, 12 p.Article

Molecular Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer: PCA3 and TMPRSSZ:ERG Gene FusionSALAGIERSKI, Maciej; SCHALKEN, Jack A.The Journal of urology. 2012, Vol 187, Num 3, pp 795-801, issn 0022-5347, 7 p.Article

PCA3 molecular urine assay for prostate cancer: association with pathologic features and impact of collection protocolsLISS, Michael A; SANTOS, Rosanne; OSANN, Kathryn et al.World journal of urology (Print). 2011, Vol 29, Num 5, pp 683-688, issn 0724-4983, 6 p.Article

Prostate Cancer Gene 3 Score Predicts Prostate Biopsy Outcome in Men Receiving Dutasteride for Prevention of Prostate Cancer: Results From the REDUCE TrialAUBIN, Sheila M. J; REID, Jennifer; SARNO, Mark J et al.Urology (Ridgewood, NJ). 2011, Vol 78, Num 2, pp 380-385, issn 0090-4295, 6 p.Article

Intérêt du test urinaire PCA3 dans la décision de biopsie prostatique: l'expérience du Centre hospitalier Lyon-Sud = Value of PCA3 urinary test for prostate biopsy decision: the Lyon-Sud University Hospital experienceVLAEMINCK-GUILLEM, Virginie; CAMPOS-FERNANDES, Jean-Louis; RUFFION, Alain et al.Annales de biologie clinique (Paris). 2011, Vol 69, Num 1, pp 31-39, issn 0003-3898, 9 p.Article

Variation du PCA3 urinaire après biopsie de prostate transrectale échoguidée = Variation of urinary PCA3 following transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsyPREZELIN, Y; RONSIN, C; CELHAY, O et al.Progrès en urologie (Paris). 2011, Vol 21, Num 6, pp 412-416, issn 1166-7087, 5 p.Article

PCA3 gene expression in prostate cancer tissue in a Chinese population: Quantification by real-time FQ-RT-PCR based on exon 3 of PCA3ZHIHUA TAO; MO SHEN; XIULING WU et al.Experimental and molecular pathology. 2010, Vol 89, Num 1, pp 58-62, issn 0014-4800, 5 p.Article

Performance of Prostate Cancer Antigen 3 (PCA3) and Prostate-Specific Antigen in Prescreened Men: Reproducibility and Detection Characteristics for Prostate Cancer Patients with High PCA3 Scores (≥100)ROOBOL, Monique J; SCHRÖDER, Fritz H; VAN LEENDERS, Geert L. J. H et al.European urology. 2010, Vol 58, Num 6, pp 893-899, issn 0302-2838, 7 p.Article

Preliminary Evaluation of the Effect of Dutasteride on PCA3 in Post-DRE Urine Sediments: A Randomized, Open-Label, Parallel-Group Pilot StudyVAN GILS, Martijn P. M. Q; HESSELS, Daphne; PIM PEELEN, W et al.The Prostate. 2009, Vol 69, Num 15, pp 1624-1634, issn 0270-4137, 11 p.Article

The Roles of Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging, PCA3 and Prostate Health Index—Which is the Best Predictor of Prostate Cancer after a Negative Biopsy?PORPIGLIA, Francesco; RUSSO, Filippo; MANFREDI, Matteo et al.The Journal of urology. 2014, Vol 192, Num 1, pp 60-66, issn 0022-5347, 7 p.Article

Urinary PCA3 as a Predictor of Prostate Cancer in a Cohort of 3,073 Men Undergoing Initial Prostate BiopsyCHEVLI, K. Kent; DUFF, Michael; WALTER, Peter et al.The Journal of urology. 2014, Vol 191, Num 6, pp 1743-1748, issn 0022-5347, 6 p.Article

Contemporary Role of Prostate Cancer Antigen 3 in the Management of Prostate CancerAUPRICH, Marco; BJARTELL, Anders; CHUN, Felix K.-H et al.European urology. 2011, Vol 60, Num 5, pp 1045-1054, issn 0302-2838, 10 p.Article

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