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Qualité de vie après anastomose hypoglosso-faciale : intérêts et bénéfices communicationnels d'une prise en charge spécifique = Quality of life after hypoglossal-facial anastomosis : Advantages and communicational benefits of specialized careGATIGNOL, Peggy.Rééducation orthophonique. 2005, Vol 43, Num 224, pp 49-62, issn 0034-222X, 14 p.Article

Cortico-subcortical organization of language networks in the right hemisphere : An electrostimulation study in left-handersDUFFAU, Hugues; LEROY, Marianne; GATIGNOL, Peggy et al.Neuropsychologia. 2008, Vol 46, Num 14, pp 3197-3209, issn 0028-3932, 13 p.Article

The insular lobe and brain plasticity : Lessons from tumor surgeryDUFFAU, Hugues; TAILLANDIER, Luc; GATIGNOL, Peggy et al.Clinical neurology and neurosurgery. 2006, Vol 108, Num 6, pp 543-548, issn 0303-8467, 6 p.Article

Evidence for an occipito-temporal tract underlying visual recognition in picture namingMANDONNET, Emmanuel; GATIGNOL, Peggy; OUFFAU, Hugues et al.Clinical neurology and neurosurgery (Dutch-Flemish ed.). 2009, Vol 111, Num 7, pp 601-605, issn 0303-8467, 5 p.Article

Le toucher dans la rééducation des paralysies faciales périphériques = The role of touch in the remedial treatment of peripheral facial palsyGATIGNOL, Peggy; LANNADERE, Elodie; LAMAS, Georges et al.Rééducation orthophonique. 2008, Vol 46, Num 236, pp 99-114, issn 0034-222X, 16 p.Article

L'émotion dans la maladie d'Alzheimer = Emotion in Alzheimer's diseaseGATIGNOL, Peggy; ROUSSEAU, Thierry.Rééducation orthophonique. 2012, Vol 50, Num 251, pp 63-70, issn 0034-222X, 8 p.Article

Superior longitudinal fasciculus subserves vestibular network in humansSPENA, Giannantonio; GATIGNOL, Peggy; CAPELLE, Laurent et al.Neuroreport (Oxford). 2006, Vol 17, Num 13, pp 1403-1406, issn 0959-4965, 4 p.Article

Double dissociation between picture naming and comprehension: an electrostimulation studyGATIGNOL, Peggy; CAPELLE, Laurent; LE BIHAN, Rozenn et al.Neuroreport (Oxford). 2004, Vol 15, Num 1, pp 191-195, issn 0959-4965, 5 p.Article

Is the left uncinate fasciculus essential for language? : A cerebral stimulation studyDUFFAU, Hugues; GATIGNOL, Peggy; MORITZ-GASSER, Sylvie et al.Journal of neurology. 2009, Vol 256, Num 3, pp 382-389, issn 0340-5354, 8 p.Article

Long-term brain plasticity allowing a multistage surgical approach to World Health Organization Grade II gliomas in eloquent areasGIL ROBLES, Santiago; GATIGNOL, Peggy; LEHERICY, Stéphane et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2008, Vol 109, Num 4, pp 615-624, issn 0022-3085, 10 p.Article

Does the left inferior longitudinal fasciculus play a role in language? A brain stimulation studyMANDONNET, Emmanuel; NOUET, Aurélien; GATIGNOL, Peggy et al.Brain. 2007, Vol 130, pp 623-629, issn 0006-8950, 7 p., 3Article

The articulatory loop : Study of the subcortical connectivity by electrostimulationDUFFAU, Hugues; GATIGNOL, Peggy; DENVIL, Dominique et al.Neuroreport (Oxford). 2003, Vol 14, Num 15, pp 2005-2008, issn 0959-4965, 4 p.Article

Intraoperative subcortical stimulation mapping of language pathways in a consecutive series of 115 patients with Grade II glioma in the left dominant hemisphereDUFFAU, Hugues; GATIGNOL, Peggy; MANDONNET, Emmanuel et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2008, Vol 109, Num 3, pp 461-471, issn 0022-3085, 11 p.Article

New insights into the anatomo-functional connectivity of the semantic system : a study using cortico-subcortical electrostimulationsDUFFAU, Hugues; GATIGNOL, Peggy; MANDONNET, Emmanuel et al.Brain. 2005, Vol 128, pp 797-810, issn 0006-8950, 14 p., 4Article

Is the Human Left Middle Longitudinal Fascicle Essential for Language? A Brain Electrostimulation StudyDE WITT HAMER, Philip C; MORITZ-GASSER, Sylvie; GATIGNOL, Peggy et al.Human brain mapping. 2011, Vol 32, Num 6, pp 962-973, issn 1065-9471, 12 p.Article

Comparison of diffusion tensor imaging tractography of language tracts and intraoperative subcortical stimulationsLECLERCQ, Delphine; DUFFAU, Hugues; DELMAIRE, Christine et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2010, Vol 112, Num 3, pp 503-511, issn 0022-3085, 9 p.Article

Les troubles phono-articulatoires dans les paralysies faciales périphériques = Phonoarticulatory disorders in peripheral facial paralysisGATIGNOL, Peggy.Rééducation orthophonique. 2008, Vol 46, Num 233, issn 0034-222X, 89-98 [10 p.]Conference Paper

Involuntary language switching in two bilingual patients during the Wada test and intraoperative electrocortical stimulationKHO, Kuan H; DUFFAU, Hugues; GATIGNOL, Peggy et al.Brain and language (Print). 2007, Vol 101, Num 1, pp 31-37, issn 0093-934X, 7 p.Article

Transient Foix-Chavany-Marie syndrome after surgical resection of a right insulo-opercular low-grade glioma: Case report. CommentsDUFFAU, Hugues; KARACHI, Carine; GATIGNOL, Peggy et al.Neurosurgery. 2003, Vol 53, Num 2, pp 426-431, issn 0148-396X, 6 p.Article

Resection of world health organization grade II gliomas involving Broca's area : Methodological and functional considerations. CommentaryBENZAGMOUT, Mohammed; GATIGNOL, Peggy; HUGUES DUFFAU, S. T et al.Neurosurgery. 2007, Vol 61, Num 4, pp 741-753, issn 0148-396X, 13 p.Article

Usefulness of intraoperative electrical subcortical mapping during surgery for low-grade gliomas located within eloquent brain regions: functional results in a consecutive series of 103 patientsDUFFAU, Hugues; CAPELLE, Laurent; BITAR, Ahmad et al.Journal of neurosurgery. 2003, Vol 98, Num 4, pp 764-778, issn 0022-3085, 15 p.Article

Evaluation de l'articulation et de la déglutition après anastomose hypoglosso-faciale = Evaluation of speech and swallowing after hypoglossal-facial anastomosisGATIGNOL, Peggy; TANKERE, Frédéric; BERNAT, Isabelle et al.Rééducation orthophonique. 2002, Vol 40, Num 210, pp 63-76, issn 0034-222XArticle

Agraphia after awake surgery for brain tumor: new insights into the anatomo-functional network of writing. CommentarySCARONE, Pietro; GATIGNOL, Peggy; GUILLAUME, Sophie et al.Surgical neurology. 2009, Vol 72, Num 3, pp 223-241, issn 0090-3019, 19 p.Article

4ème Rencontre des professionnels de rééducation. Recueil des communicationsWILS, Jean; ABBAS, N; CONSTANT-TROUSSARD, Marie et al.Rencontre des professionnels de rééducation. 2005, 56 p.Conference Proceedings

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