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Improvement of accuracy in a high-capacity, six degree-of-freedom load cell : Application to robotic testing of musculoskeletal jointsGILBERTSON, L. G; DOEHRING, T. C; LIVESAY, G. A et al.Annals of biomedical engineering. 1999, Vol 27, Num 6, pp 839-843, issn 0090-6964Article

Applications of the finite element method to thoracolumbar spinal research : past, present, and futureGOEL, V. K; GILBERTSON, L. G.Spine (Philadelphia, PA. 1976). 1995, Vol 20, Num 15, pp 1719-1727, issn 0362-2436Article

Basic science of spinal instrumentation : Spinal instrumentationGOEL, V. K; GILBERTSON, L. G.Clinical orthopaedics and related research. 1997, Num 335, pp 10-31, issn 0009-921XArticle

Adenovirus-mediated gene transfer to nucleus pulposus cells : Implications for the treatment of intervertebral disc degeneration. Point of viewNISHIDA, K; KANG, J. D; SUH, J.-K et al.Spine (Philadelphia, PA. 1976). 1998, Vol 23, Num 22, pp 2437-2443, issn 0362-2436Conference Paper

Gene therapy for degenerative disc diseaseSOBAJIMA, S; KIM, J. S; GILBERTSON, L. G et al.Gene therapy (Basingstoke). 2004, Vol 11, Num 4, pp 390-401, issn 0969-7128, 12 p.Article

Effect of specimen fixation method on pullout tests of pedicle screwsPFEIFFER, M; GILBERTSON, L. G; GOEL, V. K et al.Spine (Philadelphia, PA. 1976). 1996, Vol 21, Num 9, pp 1037-1044, issn 0362-2436Article

Dynamic response of the occipito-atlanto-axial (CO-C1-C2) complex in right axial rotationHAN CHANG; GILBERTSON, L. G; GOEL, V. K et al.Journal of orthopaedic research. 1992, Vol 10, Num 3, pp 446-453, issn 0736-0266Article

Modulation of the biologic activity of the rabbit intervertebral disc by gene therapy: An in vivo study of adenovirus-mediated transfer of the human transforming growth factorβ1 encoding geneNISHIDA, K; KANG, J. D; GILBERTSON, L. G et al.Spine (Philadelphia, PA. 1976). 1999, Vol 24, Num 23, pp 2419-2425, issn 0362-2436Article

Prediction of biomechanical parameters in the lumbar spine during static sagittal plane liftingKONG, W. Z; GOEL, V. K; GILBERTSON, L. G et al.Journal of biomechanical engineering. 1998, Vol 120, Num 2, pp 273-280, issn 0148-0731Article

Effects of muscle dysfunction of lumbar spine mechanics : A finite element study based on a two motion segments model. Point of viewKONG, W. Z; GOEL, V. K; GILBERTSON, L. G et al.Spine (Philadelphia, PA. 1976). 1996, Vol 21, Num 19, pp 2197-2207, issn 0362-2436Article

Interlaminar shear stresses and laminae separation in a disc : finite element analysis of the L3-L4 motion segment subjected to axial compressive loadsGOEL, V. K; MONROE, B. T; GILBERTSON, L. G et al.Spine (Philadelphia, PA. 1976). 1995, Vol 20, Num 6, pp 689-698, issn 0362-2436Conference Paper

Cancellous bone young's modulus variation within the verterbral body of a ligamentous lumbar spine : application of bone adaptive remodeling conceptsGOEL, V. K; RAMIREZ, S. A; WEIZENG KONG et al.Journal of biomechanical engineering. 1995, Vol 117, Num 3, pp 266-271, issn 0148-0731Article

Finite element methods in spine biomechanics researchGILBERTSON, L. G; GOEL, V. K; KONG, W. Z et al.Critical reviews in biomedical engineering. 1995, Vol 23, Num 5-6, pp 411-473, issn 0278-940XArticle

A combined finite element and optimization investigation of lumbar spine mechanics with and withoug musclesGOEL, V. K; WEIZENG KONG; HAN, J. S et al.Spine (Philadelphia, PA. 1976). 1993, Vol 18, Num 11, pp 1531-1541, issn 0362-2436Article

Ligamentous laxity across C0-C1-C2 complex : axial torque-rotation characteristics until failureGOEL, V. K; WINTERBOTTOM, J. M; SCHULTE, K. R et al.Spine (Philadelphia, PA. 1976). 1990, Vol 15, Num 10, pp 990-996, issn 0362-2436, 7 p.Conference Paper

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