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High incidence and increasing prevalence of MS in Enna (Sicily), southern ItalyGRIMALDI, L. M. E; SALEMI, G; GRIMALDI, G et al.Neurology. 2001, Vol 57, Num 10, pp 1891-1893, issn 0028-3878Article

Gene polymorphism affecting α1-antichymotrypsin and interleukin-1 plasma levels increases Alzheimer's disease riskLICASTRO, F; PEDRINI, S; OLIVIERI, F et al.Annals of neurology. 2000, Vol 48, Num 3, pp 388-391, issn 0364-5134Article

Kappa light chain predominance in serum and cerebrospinal fluid from human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1)-infected patientsGRIMALDI, L. M. E; CASTAGNA, A; MAIMONE, D et al.Journal of neuroimmunology. 1991, Vol 32, Num 3, pp 259-268, issn 0165-5728Article

Discontinuous distribution of IgG oligoclonal bands in cerebrospinal fluid from multiple sclerosis patientsMARTINO, G; GRIMALDI, L. M. E; MOIOLA, L et al.Journal of neuroimmunology. 1990, Vol 30, Num 2-3, pp 129-134, issn 0165-5728, 6 p.Article

Natalizumab in pediatric multiple sclerosis: results of a cohort of 55 casesGHEZZI, A; POZZILLI, C; BIANCHI, A et al.Multiple sclerosis. 2013, Vol 19, Num 8, pp 1106-1112, issn 1352-4585, 7 p.Article

Association of early-onset Alzheimer's disease with an interleukin-1α gene polymorphismGRIMALDI, L. M. E; CASADEI, V. M; CANAL, N et al.Annals of neurology. 2000, Vol 47, Num 3, pp 361-365, issn 0364-5134Article

Interferon-γ induced increases in intracellular calcium in T lymphocytes from patients with multiple sclerosis precede clinical exacerbations and detection of active lesions on MRIMARTINO, G; FILIPPI, M; MARTINELLI, V et al.Journal of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry. 1997, Vol 63, Num 3, pp 339-345, issn 0022-3050Article

Cells producing antibodies specific for myelin basic protein region 70-89 are predominant in cerebrospinal fluid from patients with multiple sclerosisMARTINO, G; OLSSON, T; FREDRIKSON, S et al.European journal of immunology. 1991, Vol 21, Num 12, pp 2971-2976, issn 0014-2980Article

Oligoclonal IgG bands in cerebrospinal fluid and serum during asymptomatic human immunodeficiency virus infectionGRIMALDI, L. M. E; CASTAGNA, A; LAZZARIN, A et al.Annals of neurology. 1988, Vol 24, Num 2, pp 277-279, issn 0364-5134Article

Detection of anti-acetylcholine receptor antibody by and ELISA using human receptor from a rhabdomyosarcoma cell linesMARTINO, G; TWADDLE, G; BRAMBILLA, E et al.Acta neurologica scandinavica. 1994, Vol 89, Num 1, pp 18-22, issn 0001-6314Article

Genetic association of acyl-coenzyme A: cholesterol acyltransferase with cerebrospinal fluid cholesterol levels, brain amyloid load, and risk for Alzheimer's diseaseWOLLMER, M. A; STREFFER, J. R; TSOLAKI, M et al.Molecular psychiatry. 2003, Vol 8, Num 6, pp 635-638, issn 1359-4184, 4 p.Article

An immunovirological study of central nervous system involvement during HIV-1 infection of chimpanzeesGRIMALDI, L. M. E; MURTHY, K. K; MARTINO, G et al.Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes and human retrovirology. 1996, Vol 13, Num 1, pp 12-17, issn 1077-9450Article

Human T-Cell lymphotropic virus type-I infection in the severe combined immunodeficiency mouseFURLAN, R; SALAZAR-GRUESO, E. F; DORIGATTI, F et al.Journal of medical virology. 1996, Vol 49, Num 2, pp 77-82, issn 0146-6615Article

Does hemispheric dominance influence brain lesion distribution in multiple sclerosis ?FILIPPI, M; MARTINO, G; MAMMI, S et al.Journal of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry. 1995, Vol 58, Num 6, pp 748-749, issn 0022-3050Article

Absence of oligoclonally restricted immunoglobulins in tears from multiple sclerosis patientsMARTINO, G; SERVALLI, C; FILIPPI, M et al.Journal of neuroimmunology. 1993, Vol 44, Num 2, pp 149-155, issn 0165-5728Article

Bilateral eighth cranial nerve neuropathy in human immunodeficiency virus infectionGRIMALDI, L. M. E; LUZI, L; MARTINO, G. V et al.Journal of neurology. 1993, Vol 240, Num 6, pp 363-366, issn 0340-5354Article

Tumor necrosis factor in serum and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with multiple sclerosisFRANCIOTTA, D. M; GRIMALDI, L. M. E; MARTINO, G. V et al.Annals of neurology. 1989, Vol 26, Num 6, pp 787-789, issn 0364-5134Article

Restricted heterogeneity of antibody to gp120 and p24 in AIDSGRIMALDI, L. M. E; ROOS, R. P; DEVARE, S. G et al.The Journal of immunology (1950). 1988, Vol 141, Num 1, pp 114-117, issn 0022-1767Article

Interleukin-1B polymorphism is associated with age at onset of Alzheimer's diseaseSCIACCA, F. L; FERRI, C; FRANCESCHI, M et al.Neurobiology of aging. 2003, Vol 24, Num 7, pp 927-931, issn 0197-4580, 5 p.Article

Genetic heterogeneity in Italian families with familial hemiplegic migraineCARRERA, P; PIATTI, M; STENIRRI, S et al.Neurology. 1999, Vol 53, Num 1, pp 26-33, issn 0028-3878Article

Relevance of interleukin 1 receptor antagonist intron 2 polymorphism in Italian MS patientsSCIACCA, F. L; FERRI, C; MARTINELLI, V et al.Neurology. 1999, Vol 52, Num 9, pp 1896-1898, issn 0028-3878Article

Antibodies to 125I-glutamic acid decarboxylase in patients with stiff man syndromeVINCENT, A; GRIMALDI, L. M. E; MARTINO, G et al.Journal of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry. 1997, Vol 62, Num 4, pp 395-397, issn 0022-3050Article

Intracellular Ca2+ stores of T lymphocytes : changes induced by in vitro and in vivo activationCLEMENTI, E; MARTINO, G; GRIMALDI, L. M. E et al.European journal of immunology. 1994, Vol 24, Num 6, pp 1365-1371, issn 0014-2980Article

The fate of human peripheral blood lymphocytes after transplantation into SCID miceMARTINO, G; ANASTASI, J; JIAJIA FENG et al.European journal of immunology. 1993, Vol 23, Num 5, pp 1023-1028, issn 0014-2980Article

Heterogeneity of autoantibodies in Stiff-Man syndromeGRIMALDI, L. M. E; MARTINO, G; BRAGHI, S et al.Annals of neurology. 1993, Vol 34, Num 1, pp 57-64, issn 0364-5134Article

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