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Chélates du gadolinium à distribution extra-cellulaire : macrocycles/linéaires, ioniques/non ioniques : mythe ou réalité ? = Gadolinium's chelates :tolerance and efficacityPADOVANI, B.Feuillets de radiologie. 1996, Vol 36, Num 4, pp 258-260, issn 0181-9801Conference Paper

Performance improvement of a pulse tube cooler below 4 K by use of GdAlO3 regenerator materialQIU, L. M; NUMAZAWA, T; THUMMES, G et al.Cryogenics (Guildford). 2001, Vol 41, Num 9, pp 693-696, issn 0011-2275Article

High-temperature, high-pressure extraction of metallofullerenes Gd@C2nSUN, D; LIU, Z; GUO, X et al.Fullerene science and technology. 1997, Vol 5, Num 1, pp 137-147, issn 1064-122XArticle

Altered clearance of gadolinium diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid aerosol from bleomycin-injured dog lungs: Initial observationsSUGA, Kazuyoshi; YUE YUAN; OGASAWARA, Nobuhiko et al.American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine. 2003, Vol 167, Num 12, pp 1704-1710, issn 1073-449X, 7 p.Article

Investigating the BOLD effect during infusion of Gd-DTPA using rapid T*2 mappingPEARS, J. A; FRANCIS, S. T; BUTTERWORTH, S. E et al.Magnetic resonance in medicine. 2003, Vol 49, Num 1, pp 61-70, issn 0740-3194, 10 p.Article

Basic experimental studies and clinical aspects of gadolinium salts and chelatesADDING, L. Christofer; BANNENBERG, Gerard L; GUSTAFSSON, Lars E et al.Cardiovascular drug reviews (Print). 2001, Vol 19, Num 1, pp 41-56, issn 0897-5957Article

Time-resolved photoluminescence and X-ray luminescence studies on rare-earth oxysulfide phosphorsCREASEY, J. P; TYRRELL, G. C.SPIE proceedings series. 2000, pp 114-121, isbn 0-8194-3559-7Conference Paper

Improvement of green emission from Tb3+:GdOBr phosphors by Ce3+ co-dopingCHENG, S. D; KAM, C. H; LAM, Y. L et al.SPIE proceedings series. 2000, pp 205-211, isbn 0-8194-3899-5Conference Paper

Inhibition of macrophages with gadolinium chloride alters intercellular adhesion molecule-1 expression in the liver during acute endotoxemia in ratsAHMAD, N; GARDNER, C. R; YURKOW, E. J et al.Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.). 1999, Vol 29, Num 3, pp 728-736, issn 0270-9139Article

Angiogenesis of uterine cervical carcinoma : Characterization by pharmacokinetic magnetic resonance parameters and histological microvessel density with correlation to lymphatic involvementHAWIGHORST, H; KNAPSTEIN, P. G; ESSIG, M et al.Cancer research (Baltimore). 1997, Vol 57, Num 21, pp 4777-4786, issn 0008-5472Article

3DFT-flash MR imaging of pancreatic cancer with gadopentetate dimeglumineMURAKAMI, T; TSUDA, K; NAKAMURA, H et al.Acta radiologica (1987). 1996, Vol 37, Num 2, pp 190-194, issn 0284-1851Article

Dynamic Gd-DTPA-enhanced MR imaging of the kidney : Comparison between T1- and T2*-weighted sequencesTSUSHIMA, Y; NIEMI, P; KOMU, M et al.American journal of nephrology. 1996, Vol 16, Num 6, pp 506-512, issn 0250-8095Article

In vivo assessment of hepatic alterations following gadolinium chloride-induced Kupffer cell blockadeRÜTTINGER, D; VOLLMAR, B; WANNER, G. A et al.Journal of hepatology. 1996, Vol 25, Num 6, pp 960-967, issn 0168-8278Article

Copolymerization of butadiene and styrene with a gadolinium tricarboxylate catalystKOBAYASHI, E; KAITA, S; AOSHIMA, S et al.Journal of polymer science. Part A. Polymer chemistry. 1995, Vol 33, Num 13, pp 2175-2182, issn 0887-624XArticle

Les produits de contraste en imagerie de résonance magnétique = Contrast agents for MRIBONNEMAIN, B.Annales pharmaceutiques françaises. 1994, Vol 52, Num 5, pp 229-239, issn 0003-4509Article

MR contrast arthrography (MRA) in osteochondrosis dissecansKRAMER, J; STILBAUER, R; ENGEL, A et al.Journal of computer assisted tomography. 1992, Vol 16, Num 2, pp 254-260, issn 0363-8715Article

Experience using gadolinium-DTPA in cardiovascular MRINISHIMURA, T; YAMADA, N; HAZE, K et al.Magnetic resonance in medicine. 1991, Vol 22, Num 2, pp 354-357, issn 0740-3194Conference Paper

Cascade polymeric MRI contrast media derived from poly(ethylene glycol) cores : Initial syntheses and characterizationsYANJUN FU; RAATSCHEN, Hans-Juergen; NITECKI, Danute E et al.Biomacromolecules. 2007, Vol 8, Num 5, pp 1519-1529, issn 1525-7797, 11 p.Article

Detecting early response to cyclophosphamide treatment of RIF-1 tumors using selective multiple quantum spectroscopy (SelMQC) and dynamic contrast enhanced imagingPOPTANI, Harish; BANSAL, Navin; GRAHAM, Robert A et al.NMR in biomedicine. 2003, Vol 16, Num 2, pp 102-111, issn 0952-3480, 10 p.Article

Novel high relaxivity colloidal particles based on the specific phase organisation of amphiphilic gadolinium chelates with cholesterolGLØGARD, Christian; STENSRUD, Gry; KLAVENESS, Jo et al.International journal of pharmaceutics. 2003, Vol 253, Num 1-2, pp 39-48, issn 0378-5173, 10 p.Article

Lumbales meningeales Enhancement in der KM-MRT nach Operationen in der hinteren Schädelgrube: Eine normale Erscheinung bei Kindern? = Lumbar meningeal enhancement after surgery in the posterior cranial fossa: A normal finding in children?KRAMPLA, W; SCHATZER, R; URBAN, M et al.Rofo. Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Rontgenstrahlen und der bildgebenden Verfahren. 2002, Vol 174, Num 12, pp 1511-1515, issn 1438-9029, 5 p.Article

MRT des Herzens bei Verdacht auf Myokarditis = Cardiac MRI in suspected myocarditisRIEKER, O; MOHRS, O; OBERHOLZER, K et al.Rofo. Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Rontgenstrahlen und der bildgebenden Verfahren. 2002, Vol 174, Num 12, pp 1530-1536, issn 1438-9029, 7 p.Article

Occlusive myocardial infarction : Investigation of bis-gadolinium mesoporphyrins-enhanced T1-weighted MR imaging in a cat modelSEONG HOON CHOI; SEUNG SOO LEE; SANG II CHOI et al.Radiology. 2001, Vol 220, Num 2, pp 436-440, issn 0033-8419Article

Vergleich des Kontrastverhaltens von Gadobenat-Dimeglumine und Gd-DTPA bei intraaxialen Hirntumoren: Eine doppelblinde randomisierte intraindividuelle Cross-over-Studie = Comparison of contract appearance of gadobenate-dimeglumine and GA-DTPA in intra-axial brain tumorsESSIG, M; HARTMANN, M; LODEMANN, K.-P et al.Der Radiologe (Berlin. Print). 2001, Vol 41, Num 12, pp 1063-1071, issn 0033-832XArticle

Pharmacokinetics and enhancement patterns of macromolecular MR contrast agents with various sizes of polyamidoamine dendrimer coresSATO, Noriko; KOBAYASHI, Hisataka; HIRAGA, Akira et al.Magnetic resonance in medicine. 2001, Vol 46, Num 6, pp 1169-1173, issn 0740-3194Article

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