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Temperature dependence of GaAs/AlGaAs multiquantum barrier lasersTAKAGI, T; IGA, K.IEEE photonics technology letters. 1992, Vol 4, Num 12, pp 1322-1324, issn 1041-1135Article

Density of states of quasi-two, -one, and -zero dimensional superlatticesCHO, H.-S; PRUCNAL, P. R.Journal of vacuum science and technology. B. Microelectronics processing and phenomena. 1989, Vol 7, Num 6, pp 1363-1367, issn 0734-211XArticle

GaAs/GaAlAs SQW-GRINSCH-BCRW-laser grown by molecular beam epitaxyGROTHE, H; JORDAN, V; HARTH, W et al.AEU. Archiv für Elektronik und Übertragungstechnik. 1991, Vol 45, Num 2, pp 124-126, issn 0001-1096Article

Selectively doped double-heterojunction lateral current injection ridge waveguide AlGaAs/GaAs laserYASUHIRA, N; SUEMUNE, I; KAN, Y et al.Applied physics letters. 1990, Vol 56, Num 15, pp 1391-1393, issn 0003-6951Article

Precise determination of turning mirror loss using GaAs/AlGaAs lasers with up to ten 90° intracavity turning mirrorsJOHNSON, J. E; TANG, C. L.IEEE photonics technology letters. 1992, Vol 4, Num 1, pp 24-26Article

High-power spatially coherent operation of unstable resonator semiconductor lasers with regrown lens trainsSRINIVASAN, S. T; SCHAUS, C. F; SUN, S.-Z et al.Applied physics letters. 1992, Vol 61, Num 11, pp 1272-1274, issn 0003-6951Article

AlGaAs-GaAs-InGaAs strained layer laser structure with performance independent of AlGaAs layer qualityXIN, S; LONGENBACH, K. F; WANG, W. I et al.Electronics Letters. 1991, Vol 27, Num 3, pp 199-201, issn 0013-5194Article

Effect of rapid thermal annealing on planar-doped pseudomorphic InGaAs high electron mobility transistor structuresSTREIT, D. C; JONES, W. L; SADWICK, L. P et al.Applied physics letters. 1991, Vol 58, Num 20, pp 2273-2275, issn 0003-6951Article

Quarter-micrometer low-noise pseudomorphic GaAs HEMT's with extremely low dependence of the noise figure on drain-source currentWENGER, J.IEEE electron device letters. 1993, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 16-18, issn 0741-3106Article

25.2% efficiency (1-sun, air mass 0) AlGaAs/GaAs/InGaAsP three-junction, two-terminal solar cellCHUNG, B.-C; VIRSHUP, G. F; KLAUSMEIER-BROWN, M et al.Applied physics letters. 1992, Vol 60, Num 14, pp 1691-1693, issn 0003-6951Article

AlxGa1-xAs/AlyGa1-yAs and GaAs pseudo-heterojunction bipolar transistors with lateral emitter resistorGAO, G. B; FAN, Z. F; TERAGUCHI, N et al.Applied physics letters. 1993, Vol 62, Num 9, pp 994-996, issn 0003-6951Article

Modeling the avalanche multiplication current of AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistorsLIOU, J. J; LIOU, L. L; HUANG, C. I et al.Solid-state electronics. 1993, Vol 36, Num 8, pp 1217-1221, issn 0038-1101Article

Polarizability of a carrier in a GaAs quantum dotMARTINA, S. M; SUKUMAR, B.Solid state communications. 1993, Vol 85, Num 7, pp 623-627, issn 0038-1098Article

Spectroscopic transmission ellipsometry studies on intersub-band transitions in n-GaAs/Al0.3Ga0.7As quantum wellsOZANYAN, K. B; HUNDERI, O.Thin solid films. 1993, Vol 233, Num 1-2, pp 194-198, issn 0040-6090Conference Paper

Analysis of a resonant-cavity enhanced GaAs/AlGaAs MSM photodetectorLI, Z.-M; LANDHEER, D; VEILLEUX, M et al.IEEE photonics technology letters. 1992, Vol 4, Num 5, pp 473-476Article

The theory of multiple quantum-well GaAs-AlGaAs infrared detectorsSHADRIN, V. D; SERZHENKO, F. L.Infrared physics. 1992, Vol 33, Num 5, pp 345-357, issn 0020-0891Article

Study on channel deformation in the GaAIAs/GaAs V-channeled substrate inner stripe lasers : contamination and growth profileSONG JAE LEE; JAE-KYUNG SONG; SEE-HYUNG LEE et al.Applied physics letters. 1992, Vol 61, Num 13, pp 1507-1509, issn 0003-6951Article

High-efficiency reflection modulators using lifted-off GaAs/AlGaAs layers bonded to gold on siliconYOFFE, G. W.Electronics Letters. 1991, Vol 27, Num 17, pp 1579-1581, issn 0013-5194Article

Optical branching device for arrayed waveguidesMORIKI, K; AIZAWA, K; OHNISHI, Y et al.Japanese journal of applied physics. 1991, Vol 30, Num 7A, pp L1175-L1177, issn 0021-4922, 2Article

Dark current and diffusion length in InGaAs photodiodes grown on GaAs substratesISHIMURA, E; KIMURA, T; SHIBA, T et al.Applied physics letters. 1990, Vol 56, Num 7, pp 644-646, issn 0003-6951Article

Electron-beam-induced pattern etching of AlGaAs using an ultrathin GaAs oxide as a resistTANEYA, M; SUGIMOTO, Y; HIDAKA, H et al.Journal of applied physics. 1990, Vol 68, Num 7, pp 3630-3634, issn 0021-8979Article

Optical beam scanner with phase-variable semiconductor waveguidesMORIKI, K; OHNISHI, Y; UCHIDA, H et al.Japanese journal of applied physics. 1990, Vol 29, Num 7, pp 1276-1277, issn 0021-4922, 1Article

Heterostructure bipolar transistor employing carbon-doped base grown with trimethyl-Ga and arsineKUO, T. Y; CHIU, T. H; CUNNINGHAM, J. E et al.Electronics Letters. 1990, Vol 26, Num 16, pp 1260-1262, issn 0013-5194Article

Independently contacted two-dimensional electron systems in double quantum wellsEISENSTEIN, J. P; PFEIFFER, L. N; WEST, K. W et al.Applied physics letters. 1990, Vol 57, Num 22, pp 2324-2326, issn 0003-6951Article

Observation of room-temperature blue shift and bistability in a strained inGaAs-GaAs <111> self-electro-optic effect deviceGOOSSEN, K. W; CARIDI, E. A; CHANG, T. Y et al.Applied physics letters. 1990, Vol 56, Num 8, pp 715-717, issn 0003-6951Article

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