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Renewable enterprises on UK farms: Assessing levels of uptake, motivations and constraints to widespread adoptionMBZIBAIN, Aurelian; HOCKING, Trevor J; TATE, Graham et al.Biomass & bioenergy. 2013, Vol 49, pp 28-37, issn 0961-9534, 10 p.Article

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Asian Plants with Unique Horticultural Potential (Seoul, Korea, August 13-19, 2006)Zhang, Donglin; Lee, Jung-Myung; Tao, Ryutaro et al.Acta horticulturae. 2008, issn 0567-7572, isbn 978-90-6605-389-2, 1Vol, 528 p., isbn 978-90-6605-389-2Conference Proceedings

Investigation of heavy-metal accumulation in selected plant samples using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryGALIOVA, M; KAISER, J; NOVOTNY, K et al.Applied physics. A, Materials science & processing (Print). 2008, Vol 93, Num 4, pp 917-922, issn 0947-8396, 6 p.Article

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Citrus and Other Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Crops (Seoul, Korea, August 13-19, 2006)Gmitter, Frederick George; Moon, Doo-Khil; Oh, Dae-Geun et al.Acta horticulturae. 2008, Num 773, issn 0567-7572, isbn 978-90-6605-591-9 90-6605-591-X, 1Vol, 308 p., isbn 978-90-6605-591-9 90-6605-591-XConference Proceedings

Debunking soybean myths and legends in the historical and popular literatureHYMOWITZ, T; SHURTLEFF, W. R.Crop science. 2005, Vol 45, Num 2, pp 473-476, issn 0011-183X, 4 p.Article

Entropy and dynamics of soil-plant systemERMAKOV, E. I; MUKHOMOROV, V. K.International agrophysics. 2003, Vol 17, Num 1, pp 7-12, issn 0236-8722, 6 p.Article

Critical review of agricultural science in ChinaXIE BIAO; XI-PING, Deng; PAN XIANGLIANG et al.Outlook on Agriculture. 2003, Vol 32, Num 3, pp 149-154, issn 0030-7270, 6 p.Article

Value-added animal agriculture: Inclusion of race and gender in the professional formulaBECK, M. M; SWANSON, J. C.Journal of animal science. 2003, Vol 81, Num 11, pp 2895-2903, issn 0021-8812, 9 p.Conference Paper

Assessing students' preparedness towards sustainability in US and European undergraduate agricultural curriculaBORSARI, Bruno; VIDRINE, Malcolm F; DOHERTY, Steven et al.American journal of alternative agriculture. 2002, Vol 17, Num 4, pp 188-194, issn 0889-1893, 7 p.Article

Écrire français = Writing FrenchBAUMER, Michel.Bois et forêts des tropiques. 2002, Num 274, pp 85-87, issn 0006-579X, 3 p.Article

La prise en compte du contexte macro-économique mondial : l'approche par macro-scénarios : Prospective et recherche agronomique = Taking into account the world macro-economic environment: the macro-scenarios approachMESSEAN, Antoine; GONOD, Pierre; DRONNE, Yves et al.OCL. Oléagineux, corps gras, lipides. 2002, Vol 9, Num 5, pp 346-351, issn 1258-8210, 6 p.Article

Recherche finalisée, organisations et prospective : la méthode prospective SYSPAHMM (SYStème, Processus, Agrégats d'Hypothèses, Micro- et Macroscénarios) : Prospective et recherche agronomique = Target research, organizations and prospective: the method of future study SYSPAHMM (SYStème, Processus, Agrégats d'Hypothèses, Micro- et Macroscénarios)SEBILLOTTE, Michel; SEBILLOTTE, Clementina.OCL. Oléagineux, corps gras, lipides. 2002, Vol 9, Num 5, pp 329-345, issn 1258-8210, 17 p.Article

Les droits de propriété intellectuelleCélarier, Marie-Flore; Marie-Vivien, Delphine.2002, isbn 2-87614-477-8, 106 p., isbn 2-87614-477-8Book

Challenges in designing ecological agriculture education: A nordic perspective on changeFRANCIS, Charles A; LIEBLEIN, Geir; HELENIUS, Juha et al.American journal of alternative agriculture. 2001, Vol 16, Num 2, pp 89-95, issn 0889-1893Article

Crop modeling: Nostalgia about present or reminiscence about futurePOLUEKTOV, Ratmir A; TOPAJ, Alexandre G.Agronomy journal (Print). 2001, Vol 93, Num 3, pp 653-659, issn 0002-1962Article

Publishing science: past, present and the futureHARTEMINK, Alfred E.Outlook on Agriculture. 2001, Vol 30, Num 4, pp 231-237, issn 0030-7270Article

Global distribution of the potato cropHIJMANS, Robert J.American journal of potato research. 2001, Vol 78, Num 6, pp 403-412, issn 1099-209XArticle

Interpersonal communication tops concerns of farm supervisorsBILLIKOPF, Gregory Encina.California agriculture (Berkeley, Calif.). 2001, Vol 55, Num 5, pp 40-43, issn 0008-0845Article

Problem-solving approaches and philosophies in biological engineering: Challenges from technical, social, and ethical arenasHALL, S. G; LIMA, M.Transactions of the ASAE. 2001, Vol 44, Num 4, pp 1037-1041, issn 0001-2351Article

Compte rendu des travaux effectués en 2001Compte rendu des travaux effectués en ... - Institut technique français de la betterave industrielle. 2001, issn 1250-6893, 254 p.Serial Issue

Le CEMAGREF (annuaire et présentation des unités de recherche et des services 2001)2001, 189 p.Book

Should we engage in farmer-participatory research in the UK?EDWARDS-JONES, Gareth.Outlook on Agriculture. 2001, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 129-136, issn 0030-7270Conference Paper

Changeons d'échelles : pour la très longue durée, pour de larges espaces = Changing scales for long lasting, large spacesGUILAINE, Jean.Forêt méditerranéenne. 2001, Vol 22, Num 2, pp 123-129, issn 0245-484XArticle

Factors affecting the adoption of productive pastures by participants in a paired-paddock extension programTROMPF, J. P; SALE, P. W. G; GRAETZ, B et al.Australian journal of experimental agriculture. 2000, Vol 40, Num 8, pp 1089-1099, issn 0816-1089Article

The 'Problematique' with respect to industrialised-country agriculturesHUBERT, B; ISON, R. L; ROLING, N et al.Cow up a tree (knowing and learning for change in agriculture. Case studies from industrialised countries). 2000, pp 13-29, isbn 2-7380-0929-8Book Chapter

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