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A new lithostratigraphy and depositional model for the Upper Rotliegend of the UK Sector of the Southern North SeaGEORGE, G.T; BERRY, J.K.1993, Num 73, pp 291-319Article

A review of braided fluvial hydrocarbon reservoirs : the petroleum engineer's perspectiveMARTIN, J.H.1993, Num 75, pp 333-367Article

Advances in analytical technology and its influence on the development of modern inorganic geochemistry : a historical perspectivePOTTS, P.J; HAWKESWORTH, C.J; VAN CALSTEREN, P et al.1993, Num 76, pp 501-520Article

Basaltic-volcano systemsWALKER, G.P.L.1993, Num 76, pp 3-38Article

Cretaceous foraminiferal eventsHART, M.B.1993, Num 70, pp 227-240Article

Debris provenance mapping in braided drainage using remote sensingCOPLEY, V.R; MOORE, J.M.1993, Num 75, pp 405-412Article

Evolution of the Himalaya since Miocene time : Isotopic and sedimentological evidence from the Bengal FanFRANCE-LANORD, C; DERRY, L; MICAHRD, A et al.1993, Num 74, pp 603-621Article

Mechanisms of anabranch avulsion within gravel-bed braided rivers : observations from a scaled physical modelLEDDY, J.O; ASHWORTH, P.J; BEST, J.L et al.1993, Num 75, pp 119-127Article

Mixed aeolian sandsheet and fluvial deposits in the Tumblagooda Sandstone, Western AustraliaTREWIN, N.H.1993, Num 73, pp 219-230Article

Outcrop data-base for the geological characterization of fluvial reservoirs : an example from distal fluvial fan deposits in the Loranca Basin, SpainCUEVAS GOZALO, M.C; MARTINIUS, A.W.1993, Num 73, pp 79-94Article

Palaeozoic and Cenozoic lithoprobes and the loss of >120 km of Archaean lithosphere, Sino-Korean craton, ChinaMENZIES, M.A; WEIMING FANING; MING ZHANGNING et al.1993, Num 76, pp 71-81Article

Petrogenesis of ophiolitic chromititeROBERTS, S; NEARY, C.1993, Num 76, pp 257-272Article

Radar facies : recognition of facies patterns and heterogeneities within Pleistocene Rhine gravels, NE SwitzerlandHUGGENBERGER, P.1993, Num 75, pp 163-176Article

Re-evaluation of inclined intrusive sheets and dykes in the Cuillins volcano, Isle of SkyeWALKER, G.P.L.1993, Num 76, pp 489-497Article

Reservoir characteristics of a braid-plain depositional system : the Upper Carboniferous Pennant Sandstone of South WalesJONES, J.A; HARTLEY, A.J.1993, Num 73, pp 143-156Article

Tephra layers as precise chronostratigraphical markersKNOX, R.W.O.B.1993, Num 70, pp 169-186Article

The Proterozoic Gardar rift zone, south Greenland : comparisons with the East African Rift SystemMACDONALD, R; UPTON, B.G.J.1993, Num 76, pp 427-442Article

The architecture of fluvial-deltaic sequences in the Upper Mesaverde Group (Upper Cretaceous), Book Cliffs, UtahMIALL, A.D.1993, Num 75, pp 305-332Article

The isotope and trace element geochemistry of basalts from the volcanic islands of the southern Red SeaROGERS, N.W.1993, Num 76, pp 455-467Article

The late Cenozoic Globorotalia truncatulinoides datum-plane in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceansGRAHAM JENKINS, D; GAMSON, P.1993, Num 70, pp 127-130Article

Transatlantic correlations in the Campanian-Maastrichtian stages by eustatic changes of sea-levelHANCOCK, J.M.1993, Num 70, pp 241-256Article

identification and significance of aeolian deposits within the dominantly fluvial Sherwood Sandstone Group of the East Irish Sea Basin UKCOWAN, G.1993, Num 73, pp 231-245Article

Tectonics and seismic sequence stratigraphyWILLIAMS, G.D; DOBB, A.1993, Num 71, 219 p.Serial Issue

A palaeogeographic reconstruction of the Dir Group : Evidence for magmatic arc migration within Kohistan, N. PakistanSULLIVAN, M.A; WINDLEY, B.F; SAUNDERS, A.D et al.Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet workshop. 1993, Num 74, pp 139-160Conference Paper

A section through the Indian Plate, Kagham Valley, NW Himalaya, PakistanGRECO, A; SPENCER, D.A.Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet workshop. 1993, Num 74, pp 221-236Conference Paper

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