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Finding discrete global minima with a filled function for integer programmingSHANG, You-Lin; ZHANG, Lian-Sheng.European journal of operational research. 2008, Vol 189, Num 1, pp 31-40, issn 0377-2217, 10 p.Article

On global extremum seeking in the presence of local extremaTAN, Y; NEOCIC, D; MAREELS, I. M. Y et al.Automatica (Oxford). 2009, Vol 45, Num 1, pp 245-251, issn 0005-1098, 7 p.Article

Energy related CO2 emissions and the progress on CCS projects: A reviewRUTH NATALY ECHEVARRIA HUAMAN; TIAN XIU JUN.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2014, Vol 31, pp 368-385, issn 1364-0321, 18 p.Article

Speed-up simulated annealing by parallel coordinatesHONG YE; ZHIPING LIN.European journal of operational research. 2006, Vol 173, Num 1, pp 59-71, issn 0377-2217, 13 p.Article

The global attractor of the viscous Fornberg-Whitham equationLIXIN TIAN; YING GAO.Nonlinear analysis. 2009, Vol 71, Num 11, pp 5176-5186, issn 0362-546X, 11 p.Article

Global solutions for a general strongly coupled prey-predator modelHUILING LI; PANG, Peter Y. H; MINGXIN WANG et al.Applied mathematics letters. 2009, Vol 22, Num 10, pp 1508-1512, issn 0893-9659, 5 p.Article

Global and Iterated Contraction and Revision: An Exploration of Uniform and Semi-Uniform ApproachesOVE HANSSON, Sven.Journal of philosophical logic. 2012, Vol 41, Num 1, pp 143-172, issn 0022-3611, 30 p.Article

Estimation of elevation-dependent satellite antenna phase center variations of GPS satellitesSCHMID, R; ROTHACHER, M.Journal of geodesy (Print). 2003, Vol 77, Num 7-8, pp 440-446, issn 0949-7714, 7 p.Article

On the global attraction for the generalized Liénard equationLIQIN ZHAO.Journal of mathematical analysis and applications. 2007, Vol 329, Num 2, pp 1118-1126, issn 0022-247X, 9 p.Article

Global attractor for the m-semiflow generated by a quasilinear degenerate parabolic equationCUNG THE ANH; NGUYEN MINH CHUONG; TRAN DINH KE et al.Journal of mathematical analysis and applications. 2010, Vol 363, Num 2, pp 444-453, issn 0022-247X, 10 p.Article

A global optimization algorithm for protein folds prediction in 3D spaceXIAOGUANG LIU; GANG WANG; JING LIU et al.Lecture notes in computer science. 2005, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-28312-9, 2Vol, Part II, 1031-1036Conference Paper

Attractor of dissipative radially symmetric Zakharov equations outside a ballYONGSHENG LI; BOLING GUO.Mathematical methods in the applied sciences. 2004, Vol 27, Num 7, pp 803-818, issn 0170-4214, 16 p.Article

Global optimization and constraint satisfaction (Valbonne-Sophia Antipolis, 2-4 October 2002, revised selected papers)Bliek, Christian; Jermann, Christophe; Neumaier, Arnold et al.Lecture notes in computer science. 2003, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-20463-6, XII, 238 p, isbn 3-540-20463-6Conference Proceedings

Modified trajectory method for pratical global optimization problemsGROENWOLD, A. A; SNYMAN, J. A; STANDER, N et al.AIAA journal. 1996, Vol 34, Num 10, pp 2126-2131, issn 0001-1452Article

Global attractor for a class of Kirchhoff modelsYANG ZHIJIAN; JIN BAOXIA.Journal of mathematical physics. 2009, Vol 50, Num 3, issn 0022-2488, 032701.1-032701.29Article

On using estimates of Lipschitz constants in global optimizationHANSEN, P; JAUMARD, B; LU, S. H et al.Journal of optimization theory and applications. 1992, Vol 75, Num 1, pp 195-200, issn 0022-3239Article

New filled functions for nonsmooth global optimizationYING ZHANG; LIANSHENG ZHANG; YINGTAO XU et al.Applied mathematical modelling. 2009, Vol 33, Num 7, pp 3114-3129, issn 0307-904X, 16 p.Article

A children's global assessment scale (CGAS)SHAFFER, D; GOULD, M. S; BRASIC, J et al.Archives of general psychiatry. 1983, Vol 40, Num 11, pp 1228-1231, issn 0003-990XArticle

BVOCs and global changePENUELAS, Josep; STAUDT, Michael.Trends in plant science. 2010, Vol 15, Num 3, pp 133-144, issn 1360-1385, 12 p.Article

Existence of global attractors for the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation in unbounded domainsBIXIANG WANG; FUSSNER, Daniel W; CHENGGENG BI et al.Journal of physics. A, Mathematical and theoretical (Print). 2007, Vol 40, Num 34, pp 10491-10504, issn 1751-8113, 14 p.Article

Phenology: Its importance to the global change communityMENZEL, Annette.Climatic change. 2002, Vol 54, Num 4, pp 379-385, issn 0165-0009Article

Global qualitative analysis of coupled three-level food chainsCHIU, Chuang-Hsiung.Journal of mathematical analysis and applications. 2008, Vol 349, Num 1, pp 272-279, issn 0022-247X, 8 p.Article

Botanic gardens science for conservation and global changeDONALDSON, John S.Trends in plant science. 2009, Vol 14, Num 11, pp 608-613, issn 1360-1385, 6 p.Article

The alpha algorithm and the application of the cubic algorithm in case of unknown Lipschitz constantGALPERIN, E. A.Computers & mathematics with applications (1987). 1993, Vol 25, Num 10-11, pp 71-78, issn 0898-1221Article

Urbanised territories as a specific component of the Global Carbon CycleSVIREJEVA-HOPKINS, Anastasia; SCHELLNHUBER, Hans J; POMAZ, Valeri L et al.Ecological modelling. 2004, Vol 173, Num 2-3, pp 295-312, issn 0304-3800, 18 p.Article

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