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Prehnite from the Ilimaussaq alkaline intrusion = Prehnite de l'intrusion alcaline de IlimaussaqMETCALF-JOHANSEN, J.Mineralogical Magazine. 1983, Vol 47, Num 3, pp 403-404, issn 0026-461XArticle

A simple model of runoff from ungauged basins in West Greenland = Un modèle simple du ruissellement pour les bassins non jaugés du Groenland occidentalBRAITHWAITE, R. J.1982, Num 111, issn 0418-6559, 26 p.Serial Issue

Tungsten occurrence in the Archean of Central West Greenland = Indices de tungstène dans l'Archéen du centre du Groënland OuestAPPEL, P. W. U.Mezhdunarodnyj geologicheskij kongress. 27. 1984, pp 248-249Conference Paper

Injection of basalt dikes into the continental crust as a possible cause of its layering = L'injection de dykes basaltiques dans la croûte continentale, une cause possible de sa stratificationLUK'YANOV, A. V; ZIN'KOV, V. V; BYKOVA, YU. M et al.Doklady. Earth science sections. 1982, Vol 262, pp 107-109, issn 0012-494XArticle

Weathering of massive crystalline rocks in the Tundra of Southwest Greenland = L'altération de roches cristallines massives dans la toundra du sud-ouest du GroenlandMAKAROVA, O. V.Lithology and mineral resources. 1980, Vol 15, Num 6, pp 526-533, issn 0024-4902Article

The anomalous bathyurid trilobite Ceratopeltis, and its homeomorphs = Ceratopeltis, un trilobite bathyuridé anormal et ses homéomorphesFORTEY, R. A; PEEL, J. S.1983, Num 30, pp 51-57, issn 0038-6804Article

Glaciological applications of Landsat images in connection with hydropower investigations in west Greenland = Applications glaciologiques des images LANDSAT en connexion avec les recherches d'énergie hydraulique dans l'Ouest du GroenlandHOJMARK THOMSEN, H.ESA SP (Print). 1983, Num 188, pp 133-136, issn 0379-6566Conference Paper

Ornamental stones in West and South GreenlandGARDE, A.A; BUGNON, C; GOTHENBORG, J et al.1991, Num 152, pp 50-55, issn 0418-6559Article

The Skjoldungen map sheet : Completion of the 1:500 000 geological mapping of South-East GreenlandESCHER, J.C.1991, Num 152, pp 30-31, issn 0418-6559Article

Conodonts from the Ordovician of East Greenland = Conodontes de l'Ordovicien du Groenland orientalSMITH, M. P.1982, Num 108, issn 0418-6559, 14Article

When to count your eggs: Is fecundity in Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides W.) down-regulated?KENNEDY, J; GUNDERSEN, A. C; BOJE, J et al.Fisheries research. 2009, Vol 100, Num 3, pp 260-265, issn 0165-7836, 6 p.Article

The use of remote sensing in mapping of oxidized zones and lineaments in Greenland = Utilisation de la télédétection dans la cartographie des zones oxydées et des linéaments au GroenlandTHYRSTED, T; CONRADSEN, K; NIELSEN, B.K et al.1986, pp 109-125, EUR10511EN-FRArticle

GreenlandMILLER, K. E.1991, 111 p., isbn 1-85109-139-4Book

The East Greenland polar front in autumnPAQUETTE, R. G; BOURKE, R. H; NEWTON, J. F et al.J.G.R. Journal of geophysical research. Part C, Oceans and atmospheres. 1985, Vol 90, Num 3, pp 4866-4882Article

The zircon geochronology of the Akilia association and Isua supracrustal belt, West Greenland = Géochronologie du zircon de l'association Akilia et de la zone supracrustale Isua, Groenland OuestBAADSGARD, H; NUTMAN, A. P; BRIDGWATER, D et al.Earth and planetary science letters. 1984, Vol 68, Num 2, pp 221-228, issn 0012-821XArticle

The Late Precambrian Tillite Group of the Kong Oscars Fjord and Kejser Franz Josefs Fjord region of East Greenland = Le Groupe Tillite du Précambrien sup. de la région des Fjords Kong Oscars et Kejser Franz JosefsHIGGINS, H. K.Earth's pre-Pleistocene glacial record. 1981, pp 778-781Book Chapter

Altitudinal trends of talus-derived lobate rock glaciers on Disko, Central West Greenland = Glaciers de roches lobés dérivés des talus, liés à l'altitude dans la Région Disko, Groenland Ouest CentreHUMLUM, O.Geografisk tidsskrift. 1984, Vol 84, pp 35-39, issn 0016-7223Article

Simulated Internal Storage Buildup, Release, and Runoff from Greenland Ice Sheet at Kangerlussuaq, West GreenlandMERNILD, Sebastian H; LISTON, Glen E; DEN BROEKE, Michiel Van et al.Arctic, antarctic, and alpine research. 2012, Vol 44, Num 1, pp 83-94, issn 1523-0430, 12 p.Article

On the weather history of North Greenland, west coastHANN, Julius; VOLKEN, Esther; BRÖNNIMANN, Stefan et al.Meteorologische Zeitschrift (Stuttgart). 2010, Vol 19, Num 2, pp 199-205, issn 0941-2948, 7 p.Article

Geochronological studies in central East Greenland (four papers) = Etudes géochronologiques au Groenland est central (quatre articles)1987, Num 134, issn 0418-6559, 51 p.Serial Issue

Estimation of runoff for proposed hydropower station near Jakobshavn and Christianshab, West greenland = Estimation de l'écoulement fluvial pour des projets de centrales hydroélectriques prés de Jakobshavn et de Christianshab, Groenland OuestTHOMSEN, H.H; BRAITHWAITE, R.J.1985, Num 125, pp 100-103, issn 0418-6559Article

A description and interpretation of the proterozoic Kobbefjord fault zone, Godthab district, West Greenland = Description et interprétation de la zone de faille protérozoïque de Kobbefjord, district de Godthåb, Groenland occidentalSMITH, G. M; DYMEK, R. F.1983, Num 112, pp 113-127, issn 0418-6559Article

Deposition of Malene supracrustal rocks on an Amîtsoq basement in outer Ameralik, Southern West Greenland = Contact des roches supracrustales de Malène sur un socle Amîtsoq en Ameralik, Groenland Sud OuestNUTMAN, A. P; BRIDGWATER, D.1983, Num 112, pp 43-51, issn 0418-6559Article

Magnesian högbomite in a sapphirine-bearing rock from the Fiskenaesset region, W. Greenland = Hœgbomite magnésienne dans une roche contenant de la sapphirine de la région de Fiskenaesset, Groenland ouestACKERMAND, D; WINDLEY, B. F.Mineralogical Magazine. 1983, Vol 47, Num 4, pp 555-561, issn 0026-461XArticle

Stable nitrogen isotopic examination of Norse sites in the Western settlement of GreenlandCOMMISSO, R. G; NELSON, D. E.Journal of archaeological science. 2010, Vol 37, Num 6, pp 1233-1240, issn 0305-4403, 8 p.Article

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