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Our approach to the Himalaya = Notre approche de l'HimalayaCRAWFORD, A. R.Contemporary geoscientific researches in Himalaya. 1981, pp 49-51Book Chapter

Carboniferous System of the Himalayas = Le Carbonifère de l'HimalayaGUPTA, V. V.Congreso Internacional de Estratigrafía y Geología del Carbonífero. 10. Abstracts. 1983, 40Conference Paper

Phytogeographic observations on himalayan fernsDHIR, K. K; SAIKI, Y.Nova Hedwigia. 1984, Vol 39, Num 1-2, pp 169-175, issn 0029-5035Article

South Himalaya Diwa (geodepression) region = La dépression de l'Himalaya Sud (géodépression)CHEN GUODA.Mezhdunarodnyj geologicheskij kongress. 27. 1984, pp 161-162Conference Paper

The pursuit of science: its motivation = Poursuite de la recherche scientifique: ses motivationsCHANDRASEKHAR, S.Journal of the Geological Society of India. 1985, Vol 26, Num 4, issn 0016-7622, 289Article

Cytological observations on some West Himalayan Mosses. VIIIVERMA, S. K; KUMAR, S. S.The Bryologist. 1983, Vol 86, Num 2, pp 121-129, issn 0007-2745Article

On the formation and evolution of the Northern Himalayan and Gandise geosynclines = Formation et évolution des géosynclinaux de l'Himalaya Nord et de GandiseGUO TIEYING; LIANG DINGYI; NIE ZETONG et al.Mezhdunarodnyj geologicheskij kongress. 27. 1984, pp 216-217Conference Paper

Recent researches in geology = Recherches récentes en géologieGUPTA, V. J.1982, 580 p.Book

The Main Central Thrust of Himalaya: a model and its significance = Le principal chevauchement central de l'Himalaya: modèle et significationBHATTACHARYA, A. R.Mezhdunarodnyj geologicheskij kongress. 27. 1984, 142Conference Paper

Occurrence of Peranema cytheoides D. Don from Kumaon HimalayaPANDE, P. C.Journal of the Indian Botanical Society. 1985, Vol 64, Num 2-3, issn 0019-4468, 277Article

The Thelypteridaceae of W. HimalayaKHULLAR, S. P; SHARMA, S. S; PARAMJIT SINGH et al.Nova Hedwigia. 1983, Vol 38, pp 617-667, issn 0029-5035Article

Monochromatische Magnituden von Erdbeben aus dem Himalaya = Magnitudes monochromatiques des séismes de l'HimalayaSARKER, D; DUDA, S. J.1982, Vol 42, 114Article

The Permo-Triassic boundary in Himalaya, India = La limite Permien-Trias dans l'Himalaya, IndeGUPTA, V. J.Mezhdunarodnyj geologicheskij kongress. 27. 1984, 60Conference Paper

Contemporary geoscientific researches in Himalaya = Recherches géoscientifiques contemporaines dans l'HimalayaSINHA, Anshu K.1981, 2VolBook

Erosion actuelle de la chaîne Himalayenne : étude de la Kali Gandaki = Actual erosion of the Himalayan belt: the Kali Gandaki riverGALY, A; FRANCE-LANORD, C.Réunion des sciences de la terre. 1996, Num 16, 111Conference Paper

Oxygen isotropic ratios of some Himalayan glaciersNIJAMPURKAR, V. N; BHANDARI, N.Tellus. Series B, Chemical and physical meteorology. 1984, Vol 36, Num 4, pp 300-302, issn 0280-6509Article

Plate tectonics and Himalaya: some geomorphological evidences = Tectonique des plaques et Himalaya: quelques preuves géomorphologiquesPRASED, C; VERMA, V. K.Mezhdunarodnyj geologicheskij kongress. 27. 1984, pp 407-408Conference Paper

Mesoscopic structural studies of post-metamorphic deformations and tectonic evolution of Central Nepal Himalayas = Analyse structurale des déformations postmétamorphiques et évolution tectonique de l'Himalaya du Népal centralBOGACZ, W; KROKOWSKI, J.1983, Vol 9, Num 4, pp 5-54, issn 0138-0974Article

Some basic questions of tectonics stratigraphy and palaeogeology of Himalaya = Quelques questions de base sur la tectonique, la stratigraphie et la paléogéologie de l'HimalayaASHGIREI, G. D; SINHA, A. K.Miscellaneous publication - Geological survey of India. 1982, pp 361-370, issn 0579-4706, 41-3Article

The role of longitudinal shear (strike-slip) movements in orogenic belt evolution: an example from the Himalaya = Rôle des mouvements de cisaillement longitudinal (Faille décrochement) dans l'évolution de la zone orogénique: ensemble de l'HimalayaBOGACZ, W; KROKOWSKI, J.Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Earth sciences. 1985, Vol 33, Num 3-4, pp 173-185, issn 0239-7277Article

The incidence of polyploidy in the West-Himalayan LabiataeGILL, L. S.Revue de cytologie et de biologie végétales, Le Botaniste. 1984, Vol 7, Num 1, pp 5-16, issn 0181-7582Article

Eclatement par le gel de bedrock dans les régions périglaciaires de l'Himalaya, NépalMATSUOKA, N.Seppyō. 1984, Vol 46, Num 1, pp 19-25, issn 0373-1006Article

Plate tectonics and mineralization in Himalayas = Tectonique des plaques et minéralisation dans l'HimalayaHASAN MOHAMMAD.Mezhdunarodnyj geologicheskij kongress. 27. 1984, pp 329-330Conference Paper

Triassic conodont biostratigraphy of Himalaya, India = Biostratigraphie des conodontes du Trias de l'Himalaya, IndeGUPTA, V. J.Mezhdunarodnyj geologicheskij kongress. 27. 1984, 59Conference Paper

Earth Sciences ― evolution and challenges = Les sciences de la terre ― Evolution et problèmesHARI NARAIN.1983, Vol 55, Num 1, pp 1-13, issn 0016-7584Article

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