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Photochemical hole-burning in fluorine-containing polymersMURASE, N; HORIE, K.Journal of luminescence. 1993, Vol 56, Num 1-6, pp 71-77, issn 0022-2313Article

Spectral hole burning and holography. V : Asymmetric diffraction from thin hologramsBERNET, S; KOHLER, B; REBANE, A et al.Journal of the Optical Society of America. B, Optical physics (Print). 1992, Vol 9, Num 6, pp 987-991, issn 0740-3224Article

Photon-gated persistent spectral hole burning by donor-acceptor electron tranfer in tetraphenylporphine/halogenated anthracene systemsSUZUKI, H; SHIMADA, T; HIRATSUKA, H et al.Journal of applied physics. 1991, Vol 70, Num 9, pp 4671-4678, issn 0021-8979Article

Achievable recording density of photochemical hole-burning memoryMURASE, N; HORIE, K; TERAO, M et al.Nippon kagaku kaishi (1972). 1992, Num 10, pp 1117-1124, issn 0369-4577Article

Optical dynamics of the reaction center of photosystem. II: A hole-burning and photon-echo studyVINK, K. J; DE BOER, S; PLIJTER, J. J et al.Chemical physics letters. 1987, Vol 142, Num 6, pp 433-438, issn 0009-2614Article

Nonphotochemical holeburning in a protein matrix: chlorophyllide in apomyoglobinBOXER, S. G; GOTTFRIED, D. S; LOCKHART, D. J et al.The Journal of chemical physics. 1987, Vol 86, Num 4, pp 2439-2441, issn 0021-9606Article

H2-octaethylporphin in amorphous polystyrene matrix : spectral hole burning and spectral diffusionPALM, V; REBANE, L.Molecular crystals and liquid crystals (1991). 1992, Vol 216-8, pp 113-118, issn 1056-8816Conference Paper

Probing of conformational relaxation processes of proteins by frequency labeling of optical statesKÖHLER, W; FRIEDRICH, J.The Journal of chemical physics. 1989, Vol 90, Num 2, pp 1270-1273, issn 0021-9606, 4 p.Article

Holographic interferometry of ultrafast transients by photochemical hole burningREBANE, A; AAVIKSOO, J.Optics letters. 1988, Vol 13, Num 11, pp 993-995, issn 0146-9592Article

Tunneling processes in doped polymer glasses below 1°KHAARER, D; MÜLLER, K.-P; JAHN, S et al.Molecular crystals and liquid crystals (1991). 1992, Vol 216-8, pp 159-164, issn 1056-8816Conference Paper

Spectral-hole-burning and gain saturation in semiconductor lasers: Strong-signal theoryAGRAWAL, G. P.Journal of applied physics. 1988, Vol 63, Num 4, pp 1232-1235, issn 0021-8979Article

Effect of geometry on storage density in spectral hole burning memoriesKIKAS, J; LEIGER, K.Optics communications. 1992, Vol 94, Num 6, pp 557-560, issn 0030-4018Article

Analysis of semiconductor laser arrays with high-intensity uniformityBUUS, J.IEEE journal of quantum electronics. 1988, Vol 24, Num 1, pp 22-28, issn 0018-9197Article

Spectral hole burning in the trivalent thulium ionMACFARLANE, R. M.Optics letters. 1993, Vol 18, Num 10, pp 829-831, issn 0146-9592Article

Storage and time reversal of femtosecond light signals via persistent spectral hole burning holographyREBANE, A; AAVIKSOO, J; KUHL, J et al.Applied physics letters. 1989, Vol 54, Num 2, pp 93-95, issn 0003-6951, 3 p.Article

Photochemical hole-burning in photosynthetic reaction centersBOXER, S. G; LOCKHART, D. J; MIDDENDORF, T. R et al.Chemical physics letters. 1986, Vol 123, Num 6, pp 476-482, issn 0009-2614Article

Room-temperature microparticle-based persistent hole-burning spectroscopyARNOLD, S; COMUNALE, J; WHITTEN, W. B et al.Journal of the Optical Society of America. B, Optical physics (Print). 1992, Vol 9, Num 5, pp 819-824, issn 0740-3224Conference Paper

Temporal memory in spectral hole burning (SHB)JAANISO, R; KIKAS, J; MALKIN, E et al.Optics communications. 1990, Vol 75, Num 5-6, pp 397-400, issn 0030-4018Article

The photochemistry of daunomycin in solution and intercalated into DNA studied by photochemical hole burningFLÖSER, G; HAARER, D.Chemical physics letters. 1988, Vol 147, Num 2-3, pp 288-292, issn 0009-2614Article

Theory of short-pulse gain saturation in semiconductor laser amplifiersUSKOV, A; MØRK, J; MARK, J et al.IEEE photonics technology letters. 1992, Vol 4, Num 5, pp 443-446Article

Direct observation of the excited-state cis-trans photoisomerization of bacteriorhodopsin: multilevel line shape theory for femtosecond dynamic hole burning and its applicationTHOMAS POLLARD, W; BRITO CRUZ, C. H; SHANK, C. V et al.The Journal of chemical physics. 1989, Vol 90, Num 1, pp 199-208, issn 0021-9606Article

A numerical investigation of lateral holeburning effects on the spectral behaviour of stripe geometry lasersMEISSNER, P; PATZAK, E; YEVICK, D et al.Optics communications. 1984, Vol 50, Num 3, pp 151-153, issn 0030-4018Article

Persistent spectral hole-burning in semi-crystalline matrices doped with tetraphenylporphineSHIMADA, T; ARISHIMA, K; NISHI, T et al.Japanese journal of applied physics. 1992, Vol 31, Num 8, pp 2585-2587, issn 0021-4922, 1Article

The use of selective hole burning in EPR spectra to study spectral diffusion and dipolar broadeningDZUBA, S. A; KODERA, Y; HARA, H et al.Journal of magnetic resonance. Series A (Print). 1993, Vol 102, Num 2, pp 257-260, issn 1064-1858Article

Influence of resonant and nonresonant irradiation on spectral hole broadening in amorphous impurity systemsAL'SHITS, E. I; KHARLOMOV, B. M; ULITSKY, N. I et al.Chemical physics. 1992, Vol 163, Num 3, pp 405-411, issn 0301-0104Article

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