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Comparison of partial least squares calibration models of viscosity, acid number and asphaltene content in petroleum, based on GC and IR dataTOMREN, Andreas L; BARTH, Tanja.Fuel (Guildford). 2014, Vol 120, pp 8-21, issn 0016-2361, 14 p.Article

Structure, optical and phonon properties of bulk and nanocrystalline Al2-xScx(WO4)3 solid solutions doped with Cr3+MACZKA, M; HERMANOWICZ, K; PIETRASZKO, A et al.Optical materials (Amsterdam). 2014, Vol 36, Num 3, pp 658-664, issn 0925-3467, 7 p.Article

Raman spectroscopy and optical properties of nanocrystalline NaAl(WO4)2:Cr3+ powders prepared by co-precipitation/calcination methodMACZKA, M; HERMANOWICZ, K; KEPINSKI, L et al.Optical materials (Amsterdam). 2013, Vol 35, Num 3, pp 338-346, issn 0925-3467, 9 p.Article

The solid-state thermal decomposition of Sr3[La(C2O4)3(H2O)2]2·11H2O: An investigation using TG-DTA in air and DSC in nitrogenDEB, Nidhuban.Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry. 2013, Vol 114, Num 1, pp 261-267, issn 1388-6150, 7 p.Article

IR characterization of propane oxidation on Pt/CeO2―ZrO2: The reaction mechanism and the role of PtBIN WANG; XIAODONG WU; RUI RAN et al.Journal of molecular catalysis. A, Chemical. 2012, Vol 356, pp 100-105, issn 1381-1169, 6 p.Article

ARCH-type micro-cantilever FPA for uncooled IR detectionSTEFFANSON, M; GOROVOY, K; RAMKIATTISAK, V et al.Microelectronic engineering. 2012, Vol 98, pp 614-618, issn 0167-9317, 5 p.Conference Paper

Structural Characterization and Antioxidant Activities of 2 Water-Soluble Polysaccharide Fractions Purified from Tea (Camellia sinensis) FlowerHAN QUAN; YU, Qiong-Yao; SHI JIANG et al.Journal of food science. 2011, Vol 76, Num 3, issn 0022-1147, C462-C471Article

Isolation and Characterization of the Higher Fullerenes from Carbon SootJOVANOVIC, T; KORUGA, Dj; JOVANCICEVIC, B et al.Fullerenes, nanotubes, and carbon nanostructures (Print). 2011, Vol 19, Num 1-8, pp 309-316, issn 1536-383X, 8 p.Article

NMR, XRD, IR and synchrotron NEXAFS spectroscopic studies of OPC and OPC/slag cement paste hydratesMENDES, Alessandra; GATES, Will P; SANJAYAN, Jay G et al.Materials and structures. 2011, Vol 44, Num 10, pp 1773-1791, issn 1359-5997, 19 p.Article

Spectroscopic, Magnetic, and Optical Characterization of Nanocomposite Films of Polyvinylpyrrolidone Doped with Cerium DisulphateBASHA, M. A. F.Journal of applied polymer science (Print). 2011, Vol 122, Num 3, pp 2121-2129, issn 0021-8995, 9 p.Article

Thermal properties of solid complexes with biologically important heterocyclic ligands: Part III. Thermal decomposition and infrared spectra of thiocyanato Mg(II) complexes with 2-hydroxypyridine, quinoline, and quinoxaline : 20th CTAS Annual Workshop and ExhibitionJONA, E; LAJDOVA, L'; KVASNICOVA, L' et al.Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry. 2011, Vol 104, Num 3, pp 817-821, issn 1388-6150, 5 p.Article

Thermal stability and IR spectra of indium(III) phosphates(V) obtained in solid stateBOSACKA, M.Thermochimica acta. 2011, Vol 523, Num 1-2, pp 137-141, issn 0040-6031, 5 p.Article

Experimental and theoretical IR study of methanol and ethanol conversion over H-SAPO-34HEMELSOET, Karen; GHYSELS, An; MORES, Davide et al.Catalysis today (Print). 2011, Vol 177, Num 1, pp 12-24, issn 0920-5861, 13 p.Article

Comparison study of some structural and magnetic properties of nano-structured and bulk Li―Ni―Zn ferrite samplesSAAFAN, S. A; ASSAR, S. T; MOHARRAM, B. M et al.Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials. 2010, Vol 322, Num 6, pp 628-632, issn 0304-8853, 5 p.Article

Metal complexes of fenoterol drug: Preparation, spectroscopic, thermal, and biological activity characterizationSOLIMAN, M. H; MOHAMED, Gehad G; MOHAMED, Eman A et al.Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry. 2010, Vol 99, Num 2, pp 639-647, issn 1388-6150, 9 p.Article

An expeditious synthesis for y-carboline analogue 4-aryl-1,3-thiazino[6,5-b]indole derivatives via the trifluoromethanesulfonic acid-promoted isomerization of 3-amidomethylthioindole intermediates to 2-indolyl sulfidesCSOMOS, Péter; FODOR, Lajos; BERNATH, Gabor et al.Tetrahedron (Oxford. Print). 2009, Vol 65, Num 7, issn 0040-4020, 1215, 1475-1480 [7 p.]Article

Comparison of humification processes occurring during sewage purification in treatment plants with different technological processesPOLAK, J; BARTOSZEK, M; SULKOWSKI, W. W et al.Water research (Oxford). 2009, Vol 43, Num 17, pp 4167-4176, issn 0043-1354, 10 p.Article

Structural properties of Li―borate glasses doped with Sm3+ and Eu3+ ionsEL-FAYOUMI, M. A. K; FAROUK, M.Journal of alloys and compounds. 2009, Vol 482, Num 1-2, pp 356-360, issn 0925-8388, 5 p.Article

Synthesis, spectral and thermal studies on dicarboxylate-bridged palladium(II) coordination polymers. Part IFERNANDES, R. L; TAKAHASHI, P. M; FREM, R. C. G et al.Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry. 2009, Vol 97, Num 1, pp 123-126, issn 1388-6150, 4 p.Conference Paper

Thermal and spectral studies on complexes derived from tetradentate Schiff basesABDEL-FATTAH, H. M; EL-ANSARY, A. L; ABDEL-KADER, N. S et al.Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry. 2009, Vol 96, Num 3, pp 961-969, issn 1388-6150, 9 p.Conference Paper

Broadband Dielectric Characterization of Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)RAJAH, Khalid Z; NAFTALY, Mira; LINFIELD, Edmund H et al.Journal of microelectronics and electronic packaging. 2008, Vol 5, Num 1, pp 2-7, issn 1551-4897, 6 p.Article

Interaction of Keggin anions of 12-tungstophosphoric acid with CexZr1-xO2 solid solutionsRANGA RAO, G; RAJKUMAR, T.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2008, Vol 324, Num 1-2, pp 134-141, issn 0021-9797, 8 p.Article

Optimization of CDMA Systems with Respect to Transmission Probability, Part I: Mutual Information Rate OptimizationBERGEL, Itsik; MESSER, Hagit.IEEE transactions on wireless communications. 2008, Vol 7, Num 6, pp 2075-2083, issn 1536-1276, 9 p.Article

Methane dry reforming on Ni loaded hydroxyapatite and fluoroapatiteBOUKHA, Zouhair; KACIMI, Mohamed; PEREIRA, Manuel Fernando R et al.Applied catalysis. A, General. 2007, Vol 317, Num 2, pp 299-309, issn 0926-860X, 11 p.Article

Multispectral bilateral video fusionBENNETT, Eric P; MASON, John L; MCMILLAN, Leonard et al.IEEE transactions on image processing. 2007, Vol 16, Num 5, pp 1185-1194, issn 1057-7149, 10 p.Article

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