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Molecular profile of monoclonal antibody expressing the A48 regulatory idiotope and having distinct antigen specificitiesHABIB ZAGHOUANI; VICTOR-KOBRIN, C; BARAK, Z et al.Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1988, Vol 546, pp 248-250, issn 0077-8923Conference Paper

Autoantibody to the alternative pathway C3/C5 convertase and its anti-idiotypic response : a study in affinitySPITZER, R. E; STITZEL, A. E; TSOKOS, G. C et al.The Journal of immunology (1950). 1992, Vol 148, Num 1, pp 137-141, issn 0022-1767Article

Development of anti-idiothype monoclonal antidobies for sialyl Lea antigenFURUYA, A; YOSHIDA, H; HANAI, N et al.Anticancer research. 1992, Vol 12, Num 1, pp 27-31, issn 0250-7005Article

Antibodies against a synthetic peptide identify idiotopes on native immunoglobulins and stimulate an immune response to antigen in vivoBONILLA, F. A; BONA, C. A; ANDERSON, R. G et al.Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1988, Vol 546, pp 198-200, issn 0077-8923Conference Paper

Self-nonself discrimination in the immune system: a broken idiotypic mirrorURBAIN, J; ANDRIS, F; BRAIT, M et al.Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1988, Vol 546, pp 43-50, issn 0077-8923Conference Paper

Proceedings/International conference on idiotypes and diseases, Venice, ITA, May 7-9, 1986ZANETTI, M; BONA, C. A; CELADA, F et al.Monographs in allergy. 1987, Vol 22, issn 0077-0760, VIII-244 pConference Proceedings

Physicochemical features of monoclonal idiotype-anti-idiotype complexes : importance of inter-chain disulfides for size distribution patterns and molecular geometriesGRONSKI, P; BAUER, R; BODENBENDER, L et al.Behring-Institute-Mitteilungen. 1990, Num 86, pp 185-191, issn 0301-0457Article

Rheumatoid factor cross idiotypesAGNELLO, V.Springer seminars in immunopathology. 1988, Vol 10, Num 2-3, pp 203-214, issn 0344-4325Article

Idiotypes and the structural diversity of human rheumatoid factorsFONG, S; CHEN, P. P; CROWLEY, J. J et al.Springer seminars in immunopathology. 1988, Vol 10, Num 2-3, pp 189-201, issn 0344-4325Article

Autoimmune networkZANETTI, M; GLOTZ, D; ROGERS, J et al.Monographs in allergy. 1987, Vol 22, pp 46-56, issn 0077-0760Conference Paper

Anti-antibodies and anti-idiotype immunoregulation, 1899-1904: the inexorable logic of Paul EhrlichSILVERSTEIN, A. M.Cellular immunology (Print). 1986, Vol 99, Num 2, pp 507-522, issn 0008-8749Article

Involvement of innate and induced anti-idiotypic mechanisms in suppression of B cell tumorsSTEVENSON, F. K; GEORGE, A. J. T; TUTT, A. L et al.Monographs in allergy. 1987, Vol 22, pp 184-193, issn 0077-0760Conference Paper

Network interactions in Schistosoma japonicum infection: identification and characterization of a serologically distinct immunoregulatory auto-antiidiotypic antibody populationOLDS, G. R; KRESINA, T. F.The Journal of clinical investigation. 1985, Vol 76, Num 6, pp 2338-2347, issn 0021-9738Article

Origin of anti-idiotypic activity against anti-factor VIII autoantibodies in pools of normal human immunoglobulin G (IVIg)DIETRICH, G; ALGIMAN, M; SULTAN, Y et al.Blood. 1992, Vol 79, Num 11, pp 2946-2951, issn 0006-4971Article

Anti-idiotypic antibodies as vaccine candidates: the immune networkJOYCE RICO, M; HALL, R. P. III.Archives of dermatology (1960). 1989, Vol 125, Num 2, pp 271-275, issn 0003-987XArticle

Idiotypes et réseau idiotypique = Idiotypes and idiotypic-networkYOUINOU, P.La Presse médicale (1983). 1989, Vol 18, Num 42, pp 2059-2064, issn 0755-4982, 6 p.Article

Idiotypes, tailors and networksCOUTINHO, A; FRANDIEN, A; FARO-RIVAS, J et al.Annales de l'Institut Pasteur. Immunologie. 1988, Vol 139, Num 6, pp 599-607, issn 0769-2625Article

Anti-idiotypic antibodies and the induction of specific tumor immunityNEPOM, G. T; HELLSTROM, K. E.Cancer metastasis reviews. 1987, Vol 6, Num 4, pp 489-502, issn 0167-7659Article

Revisiting idiotypic immune networksBERSINI, Hugues.Lecture notes in computer science. 2003, pp 164-174, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-20057-6, 11 p.Conference Paper

Idiotypic network dysregulation: A common etiopathogenesis of diverse autoimmune diseasesSHERER, Y; SHOENFELD, Y.Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 2000, Vol 83, Num 1-3, pp 155-162, issn 0273-2289Conference Paper

Human anti-phosphorylcholione antibodies share idiotope and are self-bindingHALPERN, R; KAVERI, S. V; KOHLER, H et al.The Journal of clinical investigation. 1991, Vol 88, Num 2, pp 476-482, issn 0021-9738Article

Dynamics of a class of immune networks. I, Global stability of idiotype interactionsVARELA, F. J; STEWART, J.Journal of theoretical biology. 1990, Vol 144, Num 1, pp 93-101, issn 0022-5193, 9 p.Article

Criteria to define anti-idiotypic antibodies carrying the internal image of an antigenERTL, H. C. J; BONA, C. A.Vaccine. 1988, Vol 6, Num 2, pp 80-84, issn 0264-410XArticle

Auto-anti-idiotype antibody against antithyroglobulin auto-antibody in humansHARA, Y; SRIDAMA, V; DE GROOT, L. J et al.Journal of clinical & laboratory immunology. 1988, Vol 26, Num 1, pp 13-20, issn 0141-2760Article

Shared structural features of an internal image bearing monoclonal anti-idiotype and the external antigenGREENE, M. I; MAN SUNG CO.Monographs in allergy. 1987, Vol 22, pp 120-125, issn 0077-0760Conference Paper

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