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Mobile Infrared Scene projection for aviation applications: Issues and experiencesZABEL, Kenneth W; STUMPY, Richard; CASEY, Mark et al.SPIE proceedings series. 2002, pp 5-14, isbn 0-8194-4467-7, 10 p.Conference Paper

Microwave dielectric sensing of bulk density of granular materialsTRABELSI, Samir; KRASZEWSKI, Andrzej W; NELSON, Stuart O et al.Measurement science & technology (Print). 2001, Vol 12, Num 12, pp 2192-2197, issn 0957-0233Article

Polarizational reflectometerAPLETALIN, V. N; ZUBOV, A. S; KAZANTSEV, Yu. N et al.Radio and communications technology. 1998, Vol 3, Num 12, pp 48-53, issn 1087-7126Article

Optical devices and methods for microwave/millimeter-wave and frontier applications (San Diego CA, 22-23 July 1998)Armenise, Mario N; Pecorella, Walter; Sadovnik, Lev S et al.SPIE proceedings series. 1998, isbn 0-8194-2919-8, VIII, 262 p, isbn 0-8194-2919-8Conference Proceedings

Infrared equipment terminologyHOCKINGS, C.Materials evaluation. 1997, Vol 55, Num 9, pp 955-957, issn 0025-5327Article

PC technology enhances real-time infrared imagingSUNDERMEIER, B.Laser focus world. 1997, Vol 33, Num 8, pp S27-S30, issn 1043-8092, 3 p.Article

Interférométrie microonde : contrôle non destructif et positionnement = Microwave interferometry : non destructif control and positionningCovillers, Jean-Pierre; Leroy, Yves.1997, 170 p.Thesis

Système expérimental pour imagerie microonde 2D = Experimental system for 2D microwave imagingFANG, D. G; FOUQUET, F; SHENG, W. X et al.Journées nationales microondes. 1997, pp 442-443, 2VolConference Paper

State-of the-art and future plans for IR imaging of gaseous fugitive emissionLJUNGBERG, S.-A; KULP, T. J; MCRAE, T. G et al.SPIE proceedings series. 1997, pp 2-19, isbn 0-8194-2471-4Conference Paper

Measurement of surface roughness using infrared scatteringPERSSON, U.Measurement. 1996, Vol 18, Num 2, pp 109-116, issn 0263-2241Article

Fiber probes permit remote Raman spectroscopySCHOEN, C. L.Laser focus world. 1994, Vol 30, Num 5, pp 113-120, issn 1043-8092, 6 p.Article

Comment on a Simple and efficient method to eliminate spike noise from spectra recorded on charge-coupled device detectors by H. Takeuchi et alHILL, W.Applied spectroscopy. 1993, Vol 47, Num 12, pp 2171-2172, issn 0003-7028Article

Hyper-resolution Brillouin-Rayleigh spectroscopy with an optical beating techniqueMATSUOKA, T; SAKAI, K; TAKAGI, K et al.Review of scientific instruments. 1993, Vol 64, Num 8, pp 2136-2139, issn 0034-6748Article

Intensity calibration and sensitivity comparisons for CCD/Raman spectrometersFRYLING, M; FRANK, C. J; MCCREERY, R. L et al.Applied spectroscopy. 1993, Vol 47, Num 12, pp 1965-1974, issn 0003-7028Article

Study on differential photothermal deflection spectroscopy (PDS) considering the intensity profile of a probe beamHATA, T; TAKAHASHI, K; HORITA, S et al.Japanese journal of applied physics. 1993, Vol 32, Num 5B, pp 2557-2560, issn 0021-4922, 1Article

Thermal crosstalk in a group of pyroelectric sensitive elements for thermal imagingYUNG SUP YOON; SAMOILOV, Vladimir B; KLETSKY, Sergei V et al.IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control. 2003, Vol 50, Num 6, pp 720-723, issn 0885-3010, 4 p.Article

Terahertz for military and security applications (Orlando FL, 21 April 2003)Hwu, R. Jennifer; Woolard, Dwight L.SPIE proceedings series. 2003, isbn 0-8194-4929-6, IV, 118 p, isbn 0-8194-4929-6Conference Proceedings

A highly stable cylindrical microwave cavity resonator for the measurement of the relative permittivities of gasesEWING, M. B; ROYAL, D. D.Journal of chemical thermodynamics. 2002, Vol 34, Num 7, pp 1073-1088, issn 0021-9614, 16 p.Article

HWIL LIDAR imaging sensor, 3-D synthetic and natural environment, and temporal ATRJANNSON, T. P; SHNITSER, P. I; KOSTRZEWSKI, A. A et al.SPIE proceedings series. 2002, pp 68-76, isbn 0-8194-4467-7, 9 p.Conference Paper

MIRAGE: Developments in emitter array fabrication and performanceJAMES, Jay; OLESON, Jim; BRYANT, Paul et al.SPIE proceedings series. 2002, pp 91-99, isbn 0-8194-4467-7, 9 p.Conference Paper

Correction of spatial distortions in an two-color infrared projection systemKEEN, Wayne; FLYNN, David S; BERGIN, Thomas et al.SPIE proceedings series. 2002, pp 174-182, isbn 0-8194-4467-7, 9 p.Conference Paper

Uncertainties in calibration of radiowave testing instrumentsVOROB'EV, E. A.Russian journal of nondestructive testing. 2000, Vol 36, Num 7, pp 509-514, issn 1061-8309Article

Measurement and analysis of thermal radiation characteristics of infrared scene projector resistor arrayYUQIN GU; DEZHONG ZHU; PINGZHI LIANG et al.SPIE proceedings series. 1999, pp 201-208, isbn 0-8194-3269-5Conference Paper

Far-infrared radiation modulators using high-Tc superconductorsZHANG, Z. M.Journal of heat transfer. 1998, Vol 120, Num 1, pp 24-29, issn 0022-1481Article

Determination of uncertainties for emissivity measurements in the temperature range 200-800 °CHAMEURY, J.High Temperatures. High Pressures (Print). 1998, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 223-228, issn 0018-1544Conference Paper

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