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Molecular inertial effects in liquids: Poley absorption, collision-induced absorption, low-frequency Raman spectrum and Boson peaksJOHARI, G. P.Journal of non-crystalline solids. 2002, Vol 307-10, pp 114-127, issn 0022-3093Conference Paper

Effect of uniaxial stress on substitutional Ni in ZnOLAVROV, E. V; HERKLOTZ, F; KUTIN, Y. S et al.Solid state communications. 2013, Vol 159, pp 36-40, issn 0038-1098, 5 p.Article


Reduced Graphene Oxide―Silver Nanoparticle Composite as an Active SERS MaterialMURPHY, Sean; LIBAI HUANG; KAMAT, Prashant V et al.Journal of physical chemistry. C. 2013, Vol 117, Num 9, pp 4740-4747, issn 1932-7447, 8 p.Article

Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy (SEIRAS) of Light-Activated Photosynthetic Reaction Centers from Rhodobacter sphaeroides Reconstituted in a Biomimetic Membrane SystemNEDELKOVSKI, Vedran; SCHWAIGHOFER, Andreas; WRAIGHT, Colin A et al.Journal of physical chemistry. C. 2013, Vol 117, Num 32, pp 16357-16363, issn 1932-7447, 7 p.Article

The Origin of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering of 4,4'-Biphenyldicarboxylate on Silver SubstratesEL-KHOURY, Patrick Z; PEPPERNICK, Samuel J; DEHONG HU et al.Journal of physical chemistry. C. 2013, Vol 117, Num 14, pp 7260-7268, issn 1932-7447, 9 p.Article

A Novel Ru(II) Polypyridine Black Dye Investigated by Resonance Raman Spectroscopy and TDDFT CalculationsKUPFER, Stephan; WÄCHTLER, Maria; GUTHMULLER, Julien et al.Journal of physical chemistry. C. 2012, Vol 116, Num 37, pp 19968-19977, issn 1932-7447, 10 p.Article

Kinetic and Mechanistic Aspects of a Poly(o-toluidine)-Modified Gold Electrode. 1. Simultaneous Cyclic Spectroelectrochemistry and Electrogravimetry Studies in H2SO4 SolutionsAGRISUELAS, J; GABRIELLI, C; GARCIA JARENO, J. J et al.Journal of physical chemistry. C. 2012, Vol 116, Num 29, pp 15620-15629, issn 1932-7447, 10 p.Article

Transient Calorimetric Measurement Method for Total Hemispherical EmissivityTAIRAN FU; PENG TAN.Journal of heat transfer. 2012, Vol 134, Num 11, issn 0022-1481, 111601.1-111601.7Article

Infrared spectrum and d-d transition of γ-LiAlO2:Cr3+ ceramicXIANLONG WANG; MAOLU DU; GE CUI et al.Physica. B, Condensed matter. 2011, Vol 406, Num 8, pp 1525-1527, issn 0921-4526, 3 p.Article

Spectral Broadening in Phonon Raman Scattering and its Stokes to Anti-Stokes Intensity RatioWATANABE, Junji; KINOSHITA, Shuichi.Journal of luminescence. 2011, Vol 131, Num 3, pp 50-53, issn 0022-2313, 4 p., SUPArticle

Small-Angle Oblique-Incidence Infrared Reflection in Polar Materials: II. Experiment on ZnOKURODA, Noritaka; KUMAGAI, Yuji; HIMOTO, Takeshi et al.Journal of the Physical Society of Japan. 2010, Vol 79, Num 6, issn 0031-9015, 064712.1-064712.5Article

Measurement of the absolute Stokes Raman cross sections of the longitudinal optical (LO) phonons of room-temperature GaPAGGARWAL, R. L; FARRAR, L. W; POLLA, D. L et al.Solid state communications. 2009, Vol 149, Num 33-34, pp 1330-1332, issn 0038-1098, 3 p.Article

Nucleation reduction strategy of BaNH4MgHPO4 (barium ammonium magnesium hydrogen phosphate, in vitro approach-1) crystals grown in silica gel medium and its characterization studiesSURESH, P; KANCHANA, G; SUNDARAMOORTHI, P et al.EPJ. Applied physics (Print). 2009, Vol 45, Num 2, issn 1286-0042, 20701.p1-20701.p5Article

Surface-enhanced Raman scattering in insulating materials by artificial plasmon production: Application to uranium compoundsPILTCH, M. S; GRAY, P. C; COOLEY, J. C et al.Philosophical magazine (2003. Print). 2009, Vol 89, Num 22-24, pp 1947-1951, issn 1478-6435, 5 p.Conference Paper

High-pressure spectroscopic studies of europium gallium and gadolinium aluminum garnetsMIDDLETON, R. C; MUTHU, D. V. S; KRUGER, M. B et al.Solid state communications. 2008, Vol 148, Num 7-8, pp 310-313, issn 0038-1098, 4 p.Article

Photoinduced dissociation basic solid state physics of donor-acceptor pairs in non-magnetic phase of organic charge-transfer crystal of tetrathiafulvalene-tetrabromo-1,4-benzoquinoneITOH, Chihiro; NAKATA, Yasuharu.Physica status solidi. B. Basic research. 2008, Vol 245, Num 12, pp 2671-2675, issn 0370-1972, 5 p.Article

The infrared dielectric tensor and axial dispersion in caesium L-malate monohydrateRIBEIRO, J. L; VIEIRA, L. G; TARROSO GOMES, I et al.Journal of physics. Condensed matter (Print). 2007, Vol 19, Num 17, issn 0953-8984, 176225.1-176225.12Article

Coherent Raman Beats in Tm3+:YAGLOUCHET, A; HABIB, J. S; BRETENAKER, F et al.Journal of luminescence. 2007, Vol 127, Num 1, pp 89-93, issn 0022-2313, 5 p.Conference Paper

Raman scattering from spin-gap mode in NaV2O5 under high pressuresTANOKURA, Y; MORITA, T; ISHIMA, S et al.Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials. 2007, Vol 310, Num 2, pp 1200-1202, issn 0304-8853, 3 p., 2Conference Paper

Raman scattering in TlCoCl3KUROE, H; OOSAWA, A; SEKINE, T et al.Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials. 2007, Vol 310, Num 2, pp 1303-1305, issn 0304-8853, 3 p., 2Conference Paper

Interplay of triplets and lattice degrees of Freedom in the coupled spin dimer system KCuCl3CHOI, K.-Y; OOSAWA, A; TANAKA, H et al.Physical review B. Condensed matter and materials physics. 2006, Vol 72, Num 2, pp 024451.1-024451.5, issn 1098-0121Article

Effects of Cd compensation on the photoluminescence of Cd1-xZnxTe single crystals grown by the modified bridgman methodYANG, G; JIE, W. Q.Applied physics. A, Materials science & processing (Print). 2006, Vol 85, Num 4, pp 457-460, issn 0947-8396, 4 p.Article

Intermolecular interaction of carbon disulfide under pressure (high pressure and effective negative solvation pressure)ISHIBASHI, Y; MISHINA, T; NAKAHARA, J et al.Physica status solidi. B. Basic research. 2006, Vol 243, Num 6, pp 1159-1164, issn 0370-1972, 6 p.Article

Photogenerated carriers in SrTiO3 probed by mid-infrared absorptionOKAMURA, Hidekazu; MATSUBARA, Masato; TANAKA, Koichiro et al.Journal of the Physical Society of Japan. 2006, Vol 75, Num 2, issn 0031-9015, 023703.1-023703.5Article

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