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Les polymères siliciés = Silicon polymersBOUTEVIN, B; GUIDA-PIETRASANTA, F; ROUSSEAU, A et al.Société Française de Chimie. 2004, pp 56-58, isbn 2-86883-770-0, 1Vol, 3 p.Conference Paper

Ladder polymers and oligomers based on hemiporphyrazineRACK, M; HANACK, M.Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English. 1994, Vol 33, Num 15-16, pp 1646-1648, issn 0570-0833Article

Catalytic Activity of a Reusable Polymer-Anchored Nickel(II)―Phenanthroline Complex on the Oxidation of Various Organic SubstratesSK MANIRUL ISLAM; MOBAROK, Manir; MONDAL, Paramita et al.Journal of applied polymer science. 2012, Vol 123, Num 6, pp 3789-3798, issn 0021-8995, 10 p.Article

On the feasibility of chemical reactions in the presence of siloxane-based surfactantsRACLES, Carmen; CAZACU, Maria; HITRUC, Gabriela et al.Colloid and polymer science (Print). 2009, Vol 287, Num 4, pp 461-470, issn 0303-402X, 10 p.Article

Synthesis and modification of silicon-containing polymers using ultrasoundPRICE, Gareth J.Polymer international. 2009, Vol 58, Num 3, pp 290-295, issn 0959-8103, 6 p.Article

A Giant Capsule from the Self-Assembly of a Penta-Telechelic Hybrid Poly(acrylic acid) Based on Polyhedral Oligomeric SilsesquioxaneWEIAN ZHANG; LIZHI HONG; MCGOWAN, Patrick C et al.Macromolecular chemistry and physics (Print). 2014, Vol 215, Num 9, pp 900-905, issn 1022-1352, 6 p.Article

A facile construction method for pH and oxidation dual-responsive assembly based on ferrocene-modified chitooligosaccharideLIANG WANG; LI, Ya-Kun; YOUQIAN XU et al.Reactive & functional polymers. 2014, Vol 76, pp 1-7, issn 1381-5148, 7 p.Article

A facile synthesis of mixed soft-segmented poly(urethane-imide) - polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxone hybrid nanocomposites and study of their structure-transport propertiesGNANASEKARAN, Dhorali; REDDY, Boreddy S.Polymer international. 2014, Vol 63, Num 3, pp 507-513, issn 0959-8103, 7 p.Article

Blends of Poly(d,I-lactide) with Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes-Based Biodegradable Polyester: Synthesis, Morphology, Miscibility, and Mechanical PropertyTIANQIANG WANG; JING DING; JIAMIN LI et al.Journal of applied polymer science (Print). 2014, Vol 131, Num 18, issn 0021-8995, 40776.1-40776.8Article

Double dynamic self-healing polymers: supramolecular and covalent dynamic polymers based on the bis-iminocarbohydrazide motifROY, Nabarun; BUHLER, Eric; LEHN, Jean-Marie et al.Polymer international. 2014, Vol 63, Num 8, pp 1400-1405, issn 0959-8103, 6 p.Article

Investigations on interactions between titanium alkoxides and α,ω-dihydroxy PDMS by a combination of rheology and spectroscopyCOMAILLS-AUTIN, Laura; CASSAGNAU, Philippe; SEGGIO, Anne et al.European polymer journal. 2014, Vol 57, pp 37-46, issn 0014-3057, 10 p.Article

Isothermal Cold Crystallization and Melting Behaviors of Poly(lactic acid)/Epoxy Vinyl Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes NanocompositesTAO GUO; BIAOBING WANG.Polymer-plastics technology and engineering (Softcover ed). 2014, Vol 53, Num 8-10, pp 917-926, issn 0360-2559, 10 p.Article

Microfluidic-Assisted Synthesis of Waterborne and Solvent-Free Urea-Crosslinked Polydimethylsiloxane MicroparticlesDALMAIS, Adrien; SERRA, Christophe A; ZHENQI CHANG et al.Macromolecular materials and engineering (Print). 2014, Vol 299, Num 6, pp 698-706, issn 1438-7492, 9 p.Article

Oligomeric aliphatic/aromatic poly(amides) containing silicon in the main chain and phthalimide or tetrahalophthalimide moieties as side groupsTAGLE, L. H; TERRAZA, C. A; TUNDIDOR-CAMBA, A et al.Polymer bulletin (Berlin. Print). 2014, Vol 71, Num 1, pp 287-300, issn 0170-0839, 14 p.Article

One novel three-dimensional framework constructed from infrequent μ-O metal chains with alternating antiferromagnetic/ferromagnetic interactionsHAIYAN LI; BING AN; YAN BAI et al.Synthetic metals. 2014, Vol 194, pp 126-131, issn 0379-6779, 6 p.Article

Organometallic-Polypeptide Diblock Copolymers: Synthesis by Diels-Alder Coupling and Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly to Uniform Truncated Elliptical LamellaeMOLEV, Gregory; YIJIE LU; SANGHYUN KIM, Kris et al.Macromolecules (Print). 2014, Vol 47, Num 8, pp 2604-2615, issn 0024-9297, 12 p.Article

Porphyrin Network Polymers Prepared via a Click Reaction and Facilitated Oxygen Permeation Through Their MembranesCHIKUSHI, Natsuru; OHARA, Emiko; HISAMA, Ayako et al.Macromolecular rapid communications. 2014, Vol 35, Num 10, pp 976-980, issn 1022-1336, 5 p.Article

ROMP Synthesis of Cobalticenium-Enamine PolyelectrolytesYANLAN WANG; RAPAKOUSIOU, Amalia; ASTRUC, Didier et al.Macromolecules (Print). 2014, Vol 47, Num 12, pp 3767-3774, issn 0024-9297, 8 p.Article

Redox-Switchable Supramolecular Graft Polymer Formation via Ferrocene-Cyclodextrin AssemblySZILLAT, Florian; SCHMIDT, Bernhard V. K. J; HUBERT, Artur et al.Macromolecular rapid communications. 2014, Vol 35, Num 14, pp 1293-1300, issn 1022-1336, 8 p.Article

Rheological study of the gelation of cross-linking polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes (POSS)/PU compositesQIUHONG ZHANG; XIN HUANG; XIAOLIANG WANG et al.Polymer (Guildford). 2014, Vol 55, Num 5, pp 1282-1291, issn 0032-3861, 10 p.Article

Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(phenylacetylene)s with Ru(II) Bis-Terpyridine Complexes in the Side-ChainBREUL, Alexander M; KÜBEL, Joachim; HÄUPLER, Bernhard et al.Macromolecular rapid communications. 2014, Vol 35, Num 7, pp 747-751, issn 1022-1336, 5 p.Article

Synthesis and Physical Properties of Poly(L-lactic acid)-Poly(dimethyl siloxane) Multiblock Copolymers Prepared by Direct PolycondensationFUKAE, Ryohei; OKADA, Yoshiro; KAWATSUKI, Nobuhiro et al.Journal of applied polymer science (Print). 2014, Vol 131, Num 9, issn 0021-8995, 40211.1-40211.6Article

Synthesis and Properties of Polyhydroxyurethane Bearing Silicone BackboneOCHIAI, Bungo; KOJIMA, Haruka; ENDO, Takeshi et al.Journal of polymer science. Part A. Polymer chemistry. 2014, Vol 52, Num 8, pp 1113-1118, issn 0887-624X, 6 p.Article

Synthesis of imidazolium salt-terminated poly(amidoamine)-typed POSS-core dendrimers and their solution and bulk propertiesNAKA, Kensuke; SHINKE, Ryusuke; SAKURAI, Shinichi et al.Polymer journal. 2014, Vol 46, Num 1, pp 42-51, issn 0032-3896, 10 p.Article

Synthesis of new amphiphilic water-stable hyperbranched polycarbosilane polymersMORENO, Silvia; LOZANO-CRUZ, Tania; ORTEGA, Paula et al.Polymer international. 2014, Vol 63, Num 7, pp 1311-1323, issn 0959-8103, 13 p.Article

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