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New Insulin Analogues and Routes of Delivery : Pharmacodynamic and Clinical ConsiderationsROACH, Paris.Clinical pharmacokinetics. 2008, Vol 47, Num 9, pp 595-610, issn 0312-5963, 16 p.Article

Interleukin -1β -induced insulin resistance in adipocytes through down-regulation of insulin receptor substrate-1 expressionJAGER, Jennifer; GREMEAUX, Thierry; CORMONT, Mireille et al.Endocrinology (Philadelphia). 2007, Vol 148, Num 1, pp 241-251, issn 0013-7227, 11 p.Article

A 16-week comparison of the novel insulin analog insulin glargine (HOE 901) and NPH human insulin used with insulin lispro in Patients with type 1 diabetesRASKIN, Philip; KLAFF, Leslie; BERGENSTAL, Richard et al.Diabetes care. 2000, Vol 23, Num 11, pp 1666-1671, issn 0149-5992Article

Analogues de l'insuline = Insulin analogsMOSNIER-PUDAR, Helen.MTE. Médecine thérapeutique endocrinologie. 2000, Vol 2, Num 6, pp 540-545, issn 1295-9359Article

Les nouvelles insulines : intérêts et inconvénients = New insulins : interests and convenientsSOLA, A; LARGER, E; M'BEMBA, J et al.Réanimation (Paris. 2001). 2006, Vol 15, Num 6, pp 454-460, issn 1624-0693, 7 p.Article

Novel insulins: Expanding options in diabetes managementGERICH, John E.The American journal of medicine. 2002, Vol 113, Num 4, pp 308-316, issn 0002-9343Article

A critical appraisal of the role of insulin analogues in the management of diabetes mellitusOIKNINE, Ralph; BERNBAUM, Marla; MOORADIAN, Arshag D et al.Drugs (Basel). 2005, Vol 65, Num 3, pp 325-340, issn 0012-6667, 16 p.Article

Time-action profile of inhaled insulin in comparison with subcutaneously injected insulin lispro and regular human insulinRAVE, Klaus; BOTT, Susanne; HEINEMANN, Lutz et al.Diabetes care. 2005, Vol 28, Num 5, pp 1077-1082, issn 0149-5992, 6 p.Article

Etiology of insulin resistancePETERSEN, Kitt Falk; SHULMAN, Gerald I.The American journal of medicine. 2006, Vol 119, Num 5A, pp 10S-16S, issn 0002-9343, SUPConference Paper

Increased hepatic levels of the insulin receptor inhibitor, PC-1/NPP1, induce insulin resistance and glucose intoleranceHENGJIANG DONG; MADDUX, Betty A; ALTOMONTE, Jennifer et al.Diabetes (New York, NY). 2005, Vol 54, Num 2, pp 367-372, issn 0012-1797, 6 p.Article

Development of a Process to Manufacture PEGylated Orally Bioavailable InsulinHAZRA, Partha; ADHIKARY, Laxmi; DAVE, Nitesh et al.Biotechnology progress. 2010, Vol 26, Num 6, pp 1695-1704, issn 8756-7938, 10 p.Article

Insulin and IGF1 receptors in human cardiac microvascular endothelial cells: metabolic, mitogenic and anti-inflammatory effectsBACK, Karolina; ISLAM, Rakibul; JOHANSSON, Git S et al.Journal of endocrinology. 2012, Vol 215, Num 1, pp 89-96, issn 0022-0795, 8 p.Article

The dynamic insulin sensitivity and secretion test-a novel measure of insulin sensitivityMCAULEY, Kirsten A; BERKELEY, Juliet E; DOCHERTY, Paul D et al.Metabolism, clinical and experimental. 2011, Vol 60, Num 12, pp 1748-1756, issn 0026-0495, 9 p.Article

A novel insulin analog with unique properties: LysB3, GluB29 insulin induces prominent activation of insulin receptor substrate 2, but marginal phosphorylation of insulin receptor substrate 1RAKATZI, Irini; RAMRATH, Stefanie; LEDWIG, Daniela et al.Diabetes (New York, NY). 2003, Vol 52, Num 9, pp 2227-2238, issn 0012-1797, 12 p.Article

Insulinothérapie fonctionnelleAMOUYAL, Chloé.La Revue du praticien. Médecine générale. 2013, Num 909, pp 720-721, issn 0989-2737, 2 p.Article

Insulinothérapie après 85 ansBOURDEL-MARCHASSON, Isabelle; MORAS, Jean-Baptiste.La Revue du praticien. Médecine générale. 2013, Num 911, pp 801-802, issn 0989-2737, 2 p.Article

Epilepsia partialis continua stopped by insulinKUMAR, S.Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 2004, Vol 97, Num 7, pp 332-333, issn 0141-0768, 2 p.Article

Les pompes à insuline portables (ou sous-cutanées)CERF-BARON, Isabelle.Diabétologie et facteurs de risque. 2001, Vol 7, Num 62, pp 254-257, issn 1267-6527Article

Isolation of rabbit insulinJIRACEK, J; BARTHOVA, J; BARTH, T et al.Collection of Czechoslovak chemical communications. 1990, Vol 55, Num 5, pp 1372-1379, issn 0010-0765Article

Insulin analoguesHIRSCH, Irl B.The New England journal of medicine. 2005, Vol 352, Num 2, pp 174-183, issn 0028-4793, 10 p.Article

Implementation of a tight glycaemic control protocol using a web-based insulin dose calculatorTHOMAS, A. N; MERCHANT, A. E; OGDEN, M. C et al.Anaesthesia. 2005, Vol 60, Num 11, pp 1093-1100, issn 0003-2409, 8 p.Article

Improved postprandial glycemic control with biphasic insulin aspart relative to biphasic insulin lispro and biphasic human insulin in patients with type 2 diabetesHERMANSEN, Kjeld; COLOMBO, Michele; STORGAARD, Heidi et al.Diabetes care. 2002, Vol 25, Num 5, pp 883-888, issn 0149-5992Article

Correlations of receptor binding and metabolic and mitogenic potencies of insulin analogs designed for clinical useKURTZHALS, P; SCHÄFFER, L; SØRENSEN, A et al.Diabetes (New York, NY). 2000, Vol 49, Num 6, pp 999-1005, issn 0012-1797Article

Recent advances in treatment of youth with Type 1 diabetes : better care through technologyTAMBORLANE, W. V; BONFIG, W; BOLAND, E et al.Diabetic medicine. 2001, Vol 18, Num 11, pp 864-870, issn 0742-3071Article

Starting patients with type 2 diabetes on insulin therapy using once-daily injections of biphasic insulin aspart 70/30, biphasic human insulin 70/30, or NPH insulin in combination with metforminKILO, Charles; MEZITIS, Nicholas; JAIN, Rajeev et al.Journal of diabetes and its complications. 2003, Vol 17, Num 6, pp 307-313, issn 1056-8727, 7 p.Article

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