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Low-cost fixed-width squarer by using probability-compensated circuitCHEN, Yuan-Ho.Electronics letters. 2014, Vol 50, Num 11, pp 795-797, issn 0013-5194, 3 p.Article

Recent progress in resistive random access memories: Materials, switching mechanisms, and performancePAN, F; GAO, S; CHEN, C et al.Materials science & engineering. R, Reports. 2014, Vol 83, pp 1-59, issn 0927-796X, 59 p.Article

Reference voltage generation scheme enhancing speed and reliability for 1T1C-type FRAMZE JIA; GONG ZHANG; JIZHI LIU et al.Electronics letters. 2014, Vol 50, Num 3, pp 154-156, issn 0013-5194, 3 p.Article

Design of ternary clock generatorLANG, Yan-Feng; SHEN, Ji-Zhong; LIANG GENG et al.Electronics letters. 2014, Vol 50, Num 15, pp 1052-1054, issn 0013-5194, 3 p.Article

FPGA-based high accuracy burst carrier frequency measurement methodPENG ZHANG; HOUJUN WANG; LI LI et al.Electronics letters. 2014, Vol 50, Num 14, pp 1026-1027, issn 0013-5194, 2 p.Article

Low-power programmable high-gain time difference amplifier with regeneration time controlMINUK HEO; DAEHYEON KWON; MINJAE LEE et al.Electronics letters. 2014, Vol 50, Num 16, pp 1129-1131, issn 0013-5194, 3 p.Article

A Cost-Effective Selective TMR for Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures Based on DFG-Level Vulnerability Analysis : Special Section on Solid-State Circuit Design-Architecture, Circuit, Device and Design MethodologyIMAGAWA, Takashi; TSUTSUI, Hiroshi; OCHI, Hiroyuki et al.IEICE transactions on electronics. 2013, Vol 96, Num 4, pp 454-462, issn 0916-8524, 9 p.Article

A fragmentation aware High-Level Synthesis flow for low power heterogenous datapathsDEL BARRIO, Alberto A; OGRENCI MEMIK, Seda; MOLINA, María C et al.Integration (Amsterdam). 2013, Vol 46, Num 2, pp 119-130, issn 0167-9260, 12 p.Article

Feasibility of coaxial through silicon via 3D integrationADAMSHICK, S; COOLBAUGH, D; LIEHR, M et al.Electronics letters. 2013, Vol 49, Num 16, pp 1028-1030, issn 0013-5194, 3 p.Article

Heuristic and Exact Resource Binding Algorithms for Storage Optimization Using Flip-Flops and LatchesINOUE, Keisuke; KANEKO, Mineo.IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics, communications and computer science. 2013, Vol 96, Num 8, pp 1712-1722, issn 0916-8508, 11 p.Article

Investigation of Charge Loss Mechanism of Thickness-Scalable Trapping Layer by Variable Temperature Kelvin Probe Force MicroscopyYULONG HAN; ZONGLIANG HUO; XINKAI LI et al.IEEE electron device letters. 2013, Vol 34, Num 7, pp 870-872, issn 0741-3106, 3 p.Article

Low-power high-speed full adder for portable electronic applicationsTUNG, C.-K; SHIEH, S.-H; CHENG, C.-H et al.Electronics letters. 2013, Vol 49, Num 17, pp 1063-1064, issn 0013-5194, 2 p.Article

Test Path Selection for Capturing Delay Failures Under Statistical Timing ModelZIJIAN HE; TAO LV; HUAWEI LI et al.IEEE transactions on very large scale integration (VLSI) systems. 2013, Vol 21, Num 7, pp 1210-1219, issn 1063-8210, 10 p.Article

Quantitative Intellectual Property Protection Using Physical-Level CharacterizationSHENG WEI; NAHAPETIAN, Ani; POTKONJAK, Miodrag et al.IEEE transactions on information forensics and security. 2013, Vol 8, Num 11-12, pp 1722-1730, issn 1556-6013, 9 p.Article

Semiconductor quantum dot qubits : MATERIALS ISSUES FOR QUANTUM COMPUTATIONERIKSSON, M. A; COPPERSMITH, S. N; LAGALLY, M. G et al.MRS bulletin. 2013, Vol 38, Num 10, pp 794-801, issn 0883-7694, 8 p.Article

SPECIAL ISSUE ON THE IEEE 2012 CUSTOM INTEGRATED CIRCUITS CONFERENCESUYAMA, Ken; LAKDAWALA, Hasnain.IEEE journal of solid-state circuits. 2013, Vol 48, Num 8, issn 0018-9200, 228 p.Conference Proceedings

Metal oxide memories based on thermochemical and valence change mechanisms : RESISTIVE SWITCHING PHENOMENA IN THIN FILMS: MATERIALS, DEVICES, AND APPLICATIONSJOSHUA YANG, J; INOUE, Isao H; MIKOLAJICK, Thomas et al.MRS bulletin. 2012, Vol 37, Num 2, pp 131-137, issn 0883-7694, 7 p.Article

1/f Noise in Advanced CMOSTransistorsNEMIROVSKY, Yael; CORCOS, Dan; BROUK, Igor et al.IEEE instrumentation & measurement magazine. 2011, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 14-22, issn 1094-6969, 9 p.Article

Quantitatively Analyzing the Performance of Integrated Circuits and Their ReliabilityWYRWAS, Edward J; BERNSTEIN, Joseph B.IEEE instrumentation & measurement magazine. 2011, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 24-31, issn 1094-6969, 8 p.Article

A Hybrid Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Nonslicing VLSI FloorplanningJIANLI CHEN; WENXING ZHU; ALI, M. M et al.IEEE transactions on systems, man and cybernetics. Part C, Applications and reviews. 2011, Vol 41, Num 4, pp 544-553, issn 1094-6977, 10 p.Article

A Real-Time Power Analysis Platform for Power-Aware Embedded System DevelopmentCHEN, Liang-Bi; CHEN, Yen-Ling; HUANG, Ing-Jer et al.Journal of information science and engineering. 2011, Vol 27, Num 3, pp 1165-1182, issn 1016-2364, 18 p.Article

Abstraction in Hardware System DesignNIKHIL, Rishiyur S.Communications of the ACM. 2011, Vol 54, Num 10, pp 36-44, issn 0001-0782, 9 p.Article

Computing with Novel Floating-Gate Devices : NANOSCALE ARCHITECTURESSCHINKE, Daniel; DI SPIGNA, Neil; SHIVESHWARKAR, Mihir et al.Computer (Long Beach, CA). 2011, Vol 44, Num 2, pp 29-36, issn 0018-9162, 8 p.Article

Diagnosis of fully differential circuits based on a fault dictionary implemented in the microcontroller systemsTOCZEK, Wojciech; CZAJA, Zbigniew.Microelectronics and reliability. 2011, Vol 51, Num 8, pp 1413-1421, issn 0026-2714, 9 p.Article

Effect of the oxygen vacancy gradient in titanium dioxide on the switching direction of bipolar resistive memorySUNG, Min-Gyu; KIM, Sookjoo; MOON SIG JOO et al.Solid-state electronics. 2011, Vol 63, Num 1, pp 115-118, issn 0038-1101, 4 p.Article

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