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RITA—Registry of Industrial Toxicology Animal data: The application of historical control data for Leydig cell tumors in ratsNOLTE, Thomas; RITTINGHAUSEN, Susanne; KELLNER, Rupert et al.Experimental and toxicologic pathology (Print). 2011, Vol 63, Num 7-8, pp 645-656, issn 0940-2993, 12 p.Article

Updating old ideas and recent advances regarding the Interstitial Cells of CajalGARCIA-LOPEZ, P; GARCIA-MARIN, V; MARTINEZ-MURILLO, R et al.Brain research reviews. 2009, Vol 61, Num 2, pp 154-169, issn 0165-0173, 16 p.Article

Extracellular matrix remodeling and organization in developing and diseased aortic valvesHINTON, Robert B; LINCOLN, Joy; DEUTSCH, Gail H et al.Circulation research. 2006, Vol 98, Num 11, pp 1431-1438, issn 0009-7330, 8 p.Article

Strain Transfer Through the Aortic ValveANSSARI-BENAM, Afshin; GUPTA, Himadri S; SCREEN, Hazel R. C et al.Journal of biomechanical engineering. 2012, Vol 134, Num 6, issn 0148-0731, 061003.1-061003.11Article

The clue of Interstitial Cell of Cajalopathy (ICCpathy) in human diabetic gastropathy The ultrastructural and electrical clues of ICCpathy in human diabetic gastropathyEUN RAN KIM; KYOUNG MEE KIM; JI YEON LEE et al.Experimental and toxicologic pathology (Print). 2012, Vol 64, Num 5, pp 521-526, issn 0940-2993, 6 p.Article

A new model of pacing in the mouse intestineDANIEL, E. E; BODDY, Geoffrey; BONG, Alicia et al.American journal of physiology. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology. 2004, Vol 49, Num 2, pp G253-G262, issn 0193-1857Article

Heart valve regenerationRABKIN-AIKAWA, Elena; MAYER, John E; SCHOEN, Frederick J et al.Advances in biochemical engineering, biotechnology. 2005, Vol 94, pp 141-179, issn 0724-6145, 39 p.Article

Interstitial cells of Cajal reduce in number in recto-sigmoid Hirschsprung's disease and total colonic aganglionosisHEFENG WANG; YUHUA ZHANG; WEI LIU et al.Neuroscience letters. 2009, Vol 451, Num 3, pp 208-211, issn 0304-3940, 4 p.Article

Deficiency of intramuscular ICC increases fundic muscle excitability but does not impede nitrergic innervationHUIZINGA, Jan D; LIU, Louis W. C; DIXIT, Devika et al.American journal of physiology. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology. 2008, Vol 57, Num 2, issn 0193-1857, G589-G594Article

Clickable, Photodegradable Hydrogels to Dynamically Modulate Valvular Interstitial Cell PhenotypeKIRSCHNER, Chelsea M; ALGE, Daniel L; GOULD, Sarah T et al.Advanced healthcare materials (Print). 2014, Vol 3, Num 5, pp 649-657, issn 2192-2640, 9 p.Article

Characterization of properties underlying rhythmicity in mouse portal veinSPENCER, Nick J; GREENWOOD, Iain A.Autonomic neuroscience : basic & clinical. 2003, Vol 104, Num 2, pp 73-82, issn 1566-0702, 10 p.Article

Region-specific distribution of the P2Y4 receptor in enteric glial cells and interstitial cells of Cajal within the guinea-pig gastrointestinal tractVAN NASSAUW, Luc; COSTAGLIOLA, Anna; VAN OP DEN BOSCH, Joeri et al.Autonomic neuroscience : basic & clinical. 2006, Vol 126-27, pp 299-306, issn 1566-0702, 8 p.Conference Paper

Interstitial Cells of Cajal and Intestinal Function in Trinidadian ChildrenANATOL, T; MOHAMMED, W; RAO, C et al.West indian medical journal. 2008, Vol 57, Num 4, pp 393-397, issn 0043-3144, 5 p.Article

Focus on Molecular markers expressed in cultured and freshly isolated interstitial cells of CajalGRIDER, J. R.American journal of physiology. Cell physiology. 2000, Vol 48, Num 2, pp 284-285, issn 0363-6143Article

The emerging role of valve interstitial cell phenotypes in regulating heart valve pathobiologyLIU, Amber C; JOAG, Vineet R; GOTLIEB, Avrum I et al.The American journal of pathology. 2007, Vol 171, Num 5, pp 1407-1418, issn 0002-9440, 12 p.Article

The mast cell in interstitial cystitis : Role in pathophysiology and pathogenesisSANT, Grannum R; KEMPURAJ, Duraisamy; MARCHAND, James E et al.Urology (Ridgewood, NJ). 2007, Vol 69, Num 4A, pp 34-40, issn 0090-4295, 7 p., SUPArticle

Les cellules interstitielles de Cajal : études histologique et physiopathologique. Ou l'histoire d'une cellule encore bien mystérieuse au 21e siècle = Interstitial cells of Cajal : histological and pathophysiological studies. The story of a still mysterious cell in the 21st centuryBERNEX, Florence.Bulletin de l'Académie vétérinaire de France. 2006, Vol 159, Num 3, pp 247-254, issn 0001-4192, 8 p.Article

Pacemaker activity in urethral interstitial cells is not dependent on capacitative calcium entryBRADLEY, Eamonn; HOLLYWOOD, Mark A; MCHALE, Noel G et al.American journal of physiology. Cell physiology. 2005, Vol 58, Num 3, pp C625-C632, issn 0363-6143Article

Interstitial cells of the bladder: the missing link?BLYWEERT, Wim; VAN DER AA, Frank; OST, Dieter et al.BJOG (Oxford. Print). 2004, Vol 111, pp 57-60, issn 1470-0328, 4 p., SUP1Conference Paper

Radiation induces osteogenesis in human aortic valve interstitial cellsNADLONEK, Nicole A; WEYANT, Michael J; YU, Jessica A et al.Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery (Print). 2012, Vol 144, Num 6, pp 1466-1470, issn 0022-5223, 5 p.Article

Heating patterns generated by phase modulation of a hexagonal array of interstitial antennasYANG ZHANG; JOINES, W. T; OLESON, J. R et al.IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering. 1991, Vol 38, Num 1, pp 92-97, issn 0018-9294Article

Fenfluramine Disrupts the Mitral Valve Interstitial Cell Response to SerotoninCONNOLLY, Jeanne M; BAKAY, Marina A; FULMER, James T et al.The American journal of pathology. 2009, Vol 175, Num 3, pp 988-997, issn 0002-9440, 10 p.Article

Number and distribution of interstitial cells lining the epidermis of normal human skin from different anatomical locationsLU, Dong Qing; SUEKI, Hirohiko; IIJIMA, Masafumi et al.EJD. European journal of dermatology. 2002, Vol 12, Num 2, pp 149-153, issn 1167-1122Article

Science Made Simple: Interstitial cells in the urinary tract, where are they and what do they do?FRY, Christopher H.BJU international (Papier). 2014, Vol 114, Num 3, pp 434-435, issn 1464-4096, 2 p.Article

Sphingosine-1-phosphate induces contraction of valvular interstitial cells from porcine aortic valvesWITT, Wolfgang; JANNASCH, Anett; BURKHARD, Daniela et al.Cardiovascular research. 2012, Vol 93, Num 3, pp 490-497, issn 0008-6363, 8 p.Article

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