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On the possiblity of frequency-angle sounding of the atmosphereGALUSHKO, V. G.Radiophysics and quantum electronics. 1991, Vol 34, Num 7, pp 689-691, issn 0033-8443Article

Some measurements possibilities for the improvement of IRISERAFIMOV, K. B.Advances in space research. 1984, Vol 4, Num 1, pp 133-138, issn 0273-1177Article


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Advanced sounding. II: First results from an advanced chirp ionosondePOOLE, A. W. V; EVANS, G. P.Radio science. 1985, Vol 20, Num 6, pp 1617-1623, issn 0048-6604Article

International geophysical calendar for 1984Journal of atmospheric and terrestrial physics. 1984, Vol 46, Num 1, pp 93-95, issn 0021-9169Article

Oblique propagation studiesBRADLEY, P. A.Advances in space research. 1990, Vol 10, Num 8, pp 131-132, issn 0273-1177Conference Paper

Effet des facteurs géophysiques sur les caractéristiques d'un sondage oblique de l'ionosphèreBARANETS, A. N; BLAGOVESHCHENSKAYA, N. F; BORISOVA, T. D et al.Izvestiâ vysših učebnyh zavedenij. Radiofizika. 1988, Vol 31, Num 4, pp 401-408, issn 0021-3462Article

Ionosonde measurements at Marsh, King George Island: first resultsFOPPIANO, A. J.Memoirs of National Institute of Polar Research. Special issue. 1987, Num 48, pp 318-322, issn 0386-0744Conference Paper

Summary plots of ionospheric parameters obtained from Ionosphere Sounding Satellite-BSolar terrestrial environmental research in Japan. 1985, Vol 9, pp 25-29, issn 0386-5444Article

A test of the International Reference Ionosphere using single-frequency Al dataFERGUSON, B. G.Journal of atmospheric and terrestrial physics. 1984, Vol 46, Num 5, pp 403-409, issn 0021-9169Article

Effets de dispersion turbulente dans le cas de chauffage paramétrique du plasmaTRAKHTENGERTS, V. YU.Pis′ma v žurnal èksperimental′noj i teoretičeskoj fiziki. 1983, Vol 38, Num 7, pp 330-331, issn 0370-274XArticle

Synthesis of oblique ionograms from vertical ionograms using quasi-parabolic segment models of the ionosphereCHEN, J; BENNETT, J. A; DYSON, P. L et al.Journal of atmospheric and terrestrial physics. 1992, Vol 54, Num 3-4, pp 323-331, issn 0021-9169Article

A simple graphical method for dealiasing digital ionosonde echo location dataDUDENEY, J. R; JARVIS, M. J.Radio science. 1986, Vol 21, Num 1, pp 101-105, issn 0048-6604Article

Translucidité de l'ionosphère à la limite de la gamme de radiotransparenceDANILKIN, N. P.Radiotehnika (Moskva). 1985, Num 9, pp 3-12, issn 0033-8486Article

Symposium on beacon satellite studies of the Earth's environment, New Delhi, India, February 1983LEITINGER, R; KLOBUCHAR, J. A.Radio science. 1984, Vol 19, Num 3, pp 685-804, issn 0048-6604Conference Proceedings

Acquisition et dépouillement d'ionogrammes digitalisés. Amélioration des performances d'un sondeur numérique, et assistance informatique au dépouillement = Digital ionogramme data acquisition and analysis. Digital sounder improvement and computer aided analysisLE ROUX, Y; JOLIVET, J. P; ROUAULT, H et al.1983, 13 p.Report

Radiotomographic investigations of ionospheric structures at auroral and middle latitudesKUNITSYN, V. E; TERESHCHENKO, E. D; ANDREEVA, E. S et al.Annales geophysicae (1988). 1995, Vol 13, Num 12, pp 1242-1253, issn 0992-7689Conference Paper

Dispersion of chirp pulses by the ionosphereSALOUS, S.Journal of atmospheric and terrestrial physics. 1994, Vol 56, Num 8, pp 979-994, issn 0021-9169Article

Incoherent scatter radar probing of the 60-100 km atmospher and ionosphereMATHEWS, J. D.IEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensing. 1986, Vol 24, Num 5, pp 765-776, issn 0196-2892Article

The validity of George's (1971) method for reducing Al absorption dataFERGUSON, B. G.Journal of atmospheric and terrestrial physics. 1984, Vol 46, Num 5, pp 399-402, issn 0021-9169Article

Numerical separation of overlapping ordinary and extraordinary echoes in digital ionogramsPAUL, A. K.Radio science. 1983, Vol 18, Num 3, pp 416-420, issn 0048-6604Article

URSI international symposium on radio probing of the high-latitude ionosphere and atmosphere: new techniques and new results, Fairbanks, Alaska, August 9-13,1982HUNSUCKER, R. D; GREENWALD, R. A.Radio science. 1983, Vol 18, Num 6, pp 799-1194, issn 0048-6604Conference Proceedings

The frequency-agile radar : a multifunctional approach to remote sensing of the ionosphereTSUNODA, R. T; LIVINGSTON, R. C; BUONOCORE, J. J et al.Radio science. 1995, Vol 30, Num 5, pp 1623-1643, issn 0048-6604Article

Potentiel non-stationnaire d'un appareil cosmique émettant des électrons dans l'espaceBESSARABSKIJ, A. YU; SHUSTIN, E. G.Kosmičeskie issledovaniâ. 1988, Vol 26, Num 6, pp 953-956, issn 0023-4206Article

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