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Increasing deisobutaniser capacityMOSCA, Guiseppe; VAN HEMEL, Gitta; TOCCO, Roberto et al.Petroleum technology quarterly. 2006, issn 1362-363X, 27-33 [6 p.], NSArticle

Selective Synthesis of Isobutane from CO2-Containing Synthesis GasCONGMING LI; FUJIMOTO, Kaoru.Energy & fuels. 2014, Vol 28, Num 1-2, pp 1331-1337, issn 0887-0624, 7 p.Article

Alkylating isobutylene with isobutaneVOGT, Todd.Petroleum technology quarterly. 2007, Vol 12, Num 3, pp 45-50, issn 1362-363X, 6 p.Article

Direct oxidation of isobutane to methacrolein over V-MCM-41 catalystsJIA, M. J; VALENZUELA, R. X; AMOROS, P et al.Catalysis today. 2004, Vol 91-92, pp 43-47, issn 0920-5861, 5 p.Conference Paper

Oxidative dehydrogenation of isobutane over Co-MCM-41 catalystsCORTES CORBERAN, V; JIA, M. J; EL-HASKOURI, J et al.Catalysis today. 2004, Vol 91-92, pp 127-130, issn 0920-5861, 4 p.Conference Paper

Critical parameters for 2-methylpropane (R600a)HIGASHI, Yukihiro.Journal of chemical and engineering data (Print). 2006, Vol 51, Num 2, pp 406-408, issn 0021-9568, 3 p.Article

Chemical kinetic data base for combustion chemistry. IV, IsobutaneTSANG, W.Journal of physical and chemical reference data. 1990, Vol 19, Num 1, pp 1-68, issn 0047-2689Article

Brennbare Kältemittel : eine Gefahr? = Flammable refrigerant : a danger?SCHNEPF, P; SCHREMPF, B.Die Kälte und Klimatechnik. 1999, Vol 52, Num 8, pp 12-14, issn 0343-2246Article

Additive effect of zinc oxide on supported platinum catalyst in dehydrogenation of isobutaneSATOH, H; TAGUCHI, H; MIURA, H et al.Sekiyu Gakkai Shi. 1995, Vol 38, Num 1, pp 34-39, issn 0582-4664Article

Amélioration du processus industriel d'alkylation sulfurique de l'isobutane par des butènesMAKHMUTOV, A. KH; VALITOV, R. B; TELYASHEV, G. G et al.Neftepererabotka i Neftehimija (Moskva). 1987, Num 1, pp 30-32, issn 0028-1190Article

Vapour pressures of isobutane at T = (310 to 407) KMIYAMOTO, H; TAKEMURA, J; UEMATSU, M et al.Journal of chemical thermodynamics. 2004, Vol 36, Num 10, pp 919-923, issn 0021-9614, 5 p.Article

Transport properties of isobutaneNIEUWOUDT, J. C; LE NEINDRE, B; TUFEU, R et al.Journal of chemical and engineering data (Print). 1987, Vol 32, Num 1, pp 1-8, issn 0021-9568Article

Production of isobutene from n-butane over Pd modified SAPOs and MeAPOsYINGXU WEI; GONGWEI WANG; ZHONGMIN LIU et al.Studies in surface science and catalysis. 2004, pp 721-726, issn 0167-2991, isbn 0-444-51599-2, 6 p.Conference Paper

Certain ways of lengthening the operating time of zeolite alkylation catalystsKASHKOVSKII, V. I; GALICH, P. N.Petroleum chemistry (1991). 1997, Vol 37, Num 5, pp 438-446, issn 0965-5441Article

Alkylation de l'isobutane par les butènes catalysée par les alumines chlorées = Alkylation of isobutane with butenes catalyzed by chlorinated aluminasClet, Guillaume; Cornet, Daniel.1997, 189 p.Thesis

Analysis of alky unit DIB exposes design, operating considerationsSCHNEIDER, D.F; MUSUMECI, J; CHAVEZ, R et al.Oil & gas journal. 1996, Vol 94, Num 40, pp 41-44, issn 0030-1388Article

Untersuchungen zu einem alternativen Syntheseweg für MTBE = Study of alternative method of MTBE synthesisBREJC, S; HOFMANN, H; GOTTLIEB, K et al.Erdöl und Kohle, Erdgas, Petrochemie vereinigt mit Brennstoff-Chemie. 1994, Vol 47, Num 2, pp 51-55, issn 0367-0716Article

Isobutane and ammonia chemical ionization mass spectrometry of sesquiterpene hydrocarbonsSCHULTZE, W; LANGE, G; SCHMAUS, G et al.Flavour and fragrance journal. 1992, Vol 7, Num 2, pp 55-64, issn 0882-5734Article

Common mechanistic aspects of liquid and solid acid catalyzed alkylation of isobutane with n-buteneFELLER, Andreas; ZUAZO, Iker; GUZMAN, Alexander et al.Journal of catalysis (Print). 2003, Vol 216, Num 1-2, pp 313-323, issn 0021-9517, 11 p.Article

Surface tension measurements of propane (R-290) and isobutane (R-600a) from (253 to 333) KHONG LIN; DUAN, Yuan-Yuan.Journal of chemical and engineering data (Print). 2003, Vol 48, Num 5, pp 1360-1363, issn 0021-9568, 4 p.Article

Activity and regenerability of sulfated zirconia superacid catalysts in isobutane/1-butene alkylationDAS, D; CHAKRABARTY, D. K.Energy & fuels. 1998, Vol 12, Num 1, pp 109-114, issn 0887-0624Article

Commercial refrigerators and freezers with isobutane. DiscussionPEDERSEN, P. H; POULSEN, C. S; GUNDTOFT, S et al.Science et technique du froid. 1998, pp 627-635, issn 0151-1637, isbn 2-903633-97-5Conference Paper

Alkylation of isobutane by butylenes over a new solid superacid catalystDUPLYAKIN, V. K; URZHUNTSEV, G. A; OSTORVSKII, N. M et al.Preprints - American Chemical Society. Division of Petroleum Chemistry. 1996, Vol 41, Num 4, pp 673-677, issn 0569-3799Conference Paper

Réglementation très stricte pour les hydrocarbures en froid : Fluides = A very tight regulation for hydrocarbons in refrigerationSARTRE, A.Revue pratique du froid et du conditionnement d'air. 1995, Num 830, pp 36-39, issn 0370-6699Article

Measurements of (p, p, T) properties for isobutane in the temperature range from 280 K to 440 K at pressures up to 200 MPaMIYAMOTO, H; UEMATSU, M.Journal of chemical thermodynamics. 2006, Vol 38, Num 4, pp 360-366, issn 0021-9614, 7 p.Article

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