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Organization and expression of the polynucleotide phosphorylase gene (pnp) of streptomyces: Processing of pnp transcripts in Streptomyces antibioticusBRALLEY, Patricia; JONES, George H.Journal of bacteriology. 2004, Vol 186, Num 10, pp 3160-3172, issn 0021-9193, 13 p.Article

Overexpression of the polynucleotide phosphorylase gene (pnp) of Streptomyces antibioticus affects mRNA stability and poly(A) tail length but not ppGpp levelsBRALLEY, Patricia; JONES, George H.Microbiology (Reading). 2003, Vol 149, pp 2173-2182, issn 1350-0872, 10 p., p.8Article

cDNA cloning confirms the polyadenylation of RNA decay intermediates in Streptomyces coelicolorBRALLEY, Patricia; JONES, George H.Microbiology (Reading). 2002, Vol 148, pp 1421-1425, issn 1350-0872, 5Article

(p)ppGpp Inhibits Polynucleotide Phosphorylase from Streptomyces but Not from Escherichia coli and Increases the Stability of Bulk mRNA in Streptomyces coelicolorGATEWOOD, Marcha L; JONES, George H.Journal of bacteriology. 2010, Vol 192, Num 17, pp 4275-4280, issn 0021-9193, 6 p.Article

RNA-Seq and RNA Immunoprecipitation Analyses of the Transcriptome of Streptomyces coelicolor Identify Substrates for RNase IIIGATEWOOD, Marcha L; BRALLEY, Patricia; RYAN WEIL, M et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2012, Vol 194, Num 9, pp 2228-2237, issn 0021-9193, 10 p.Article

Geobacter sulfurreducens Contains Separate C-and A-Adding tRNA Nucleotidyltransferases and a Poly(A) PolymeraseBRALLEY, Patricia; COZAD, Madeline; JONES, George H et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2009, Vol 191, Num 1, pp 109-114, issn 0021-9193, 6 p.Article

Expression of a polycistronic messenger RNA involved in antibiotic production in an rnc mutant of Streptomyces coelicolorGATEWOOD, Marcha L; JONES, George H.Archives of microbiology. 2012, Vol 194, Num 3, pp 147-155, issn 0302-8933, 9 p.Article

RNase III-Dependent Expression of the rpsO-pnp Operon of Streptomyces coelicolorGATEWOOD, Marcha L; BRALLEY, Patricia; JONES, George H et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2011, Vol 193, Num 17, pp 4371-4379, issn 0021-9193, 9 p.Article

The endonuclease activity of RNase III is required for the regulation of antibiotic production by Streptomyces coelicolorGRAVENBEEK, Marcha L; JONES, George H.Microbiology (Reading). 2008, Vol 154, pp 3547-3555, issn 1350-0872, 9 p., 11Article

RNase III Is Required for Actinomycin Production in Streptomyces antibioticusLEE, Jung-Hoon; GATEWOOD, Marcha L; JONES, George H et al.Applied and environmental microbiology (Print). 2013, Vol 79, Num 20, pp 6447-6451, issn 0099-2240, 5 p.Article

Kinetics of Polynucleotide Phosphorylase : Comparison of Enzymes from Streptomyces and Escherichia coli and Effects of Nucleoside DiphosphatesCHANG, Samantha A; COZAD, Madeline; MACKIE, George A et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2008, Vol 190, Num 1, pp 98-106, issn 0021-9193, 9 p.Article

RNA 3'-tail synthesis in Streptomyces : in vitro and in vivo activities of RNase PH, the SCO3896 gene product and polynucleotide phosphorylaseBRALLEY, Patricia; GUST, Bertolt; CHANG, Samantha et al.Microbiology (Reading). 2006, Vol 152, pp 627-636, issn 1350-0872, 10 p., 3Article

Characterization of tRNACys processing in a conditional Bacillus subtilis CCase mutant reveals the participation of RNase R in its quality controlCAMPOS-GUILLEN, Juan; ARVIZU-GOMEZ, Jackeline Lizzeta; JONES, George H et al.Microbiology (Reading). 2010, Vol 156, pp 2102-2111, issn 1350-0872, 10 p., 7Article

A phylogeny of bacterial RNA nucleotidyltransferases : Bacillus halodurans contains two tRNA nucleotidyltransferasesBRALLEY, Patricia; CHANG, Samantha A; JONES, George H et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2005, Vol 187, Num 17, pp 5927-5936, issn 0021-9193, 10 p.Article

Addition of poly(A) and heteropolymeric 3' ends in Bacillus subtilis wild-type and polynucleotide phosphorylase-deficient strainsCAMPOS-GUILLEN, Juan; BRALLEY, Patricia; JONES, George H et al.Journal of bacteriology. 2005, Vol 187, Num 14, pp 4698-4706, issn 0021-9193, 9 p.Article

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