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Differences in optimal pH and temperature for cell growth and antibody production between two chinese hamster ovary clones derived from the same parental cloneKIM SUNG HYUN; GYUN MIN LEE.Journal of microbiology and biotechnology. 2007, Vol 17, Num 5, pp 712-720, issn 1017-7825, 9 p.Article

A study on crystallization kinetics of pentaerythritol in a batch cooling crystallizerCHEON, Yang-Ho; KIM, Kwang-Joo; KIM, Sung-Hyun et al.Chemical engineering science. 2005, Vol 60, Num 17, pp 4791-4802, issn 0009-2509, 12 p.Article

A study on dielectric characteristics of fluorinated polyimide thin filmPARK, Soo-Jin; CHO, Ki-Sook; KIM, Sung-Hyun et al.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2004, Vol 272, Num 2, pp 384-390, issn 0021-9797, 7 p.Article

Effects of microporosity on the specific capacitance of polyacrylonitrile-based activated carbon fiberLEE, Jong-Gyu; KIM, Je-Young; KIM, Sung-Hyun et al.Journal of power sources. 2006, Vol 160, Num 2, pp 1495-1500, issn 0378-7753, 6 p.Article

Synthesis and characterization of novel crosslinkable polymers with a nonlinear optical chromophore as a pendant groupJIN, Sung-Ho; KIM, Sung-Hyun; GAL, Yeong-Soon et al.Journal of polymer science. Part A. Polymer chemistry. 2001, Vol 39, Num 22, pp 4025-4034, issn 0887-624XArticle

Study on the characteristics of the ion exchange of zeolite 4A in a molten LiCl systemSEC, Chung Seok; PARK, Byung Heung; PARK, Sung Bin et al.Journal of chemical engineering of Japan. 2006, Vol 39, Num 1, pp 27-33, issn 0021-9592, 7 p.Article

Mathematical modeling and simulation for Marangoni convection by surfactants in liquid falling filmLEE, Chan Ho; HA, Jong Joo; CHUN, Byung-Hee et al.Journal of chemical engineering of Japan. 2003, Vol 36, Num 3, pp 259-264, issn 0021-9592, 6 p.Article

Numerical and experimental study for falling film in ammonia absorption refrigeration systemsLEE, Chan Ho; KANG, Yong Tae; KANG, Hyun Uk et al.Journal of chemical engineering of Japan. 2005, Vol 38, Num 7, pp 520-527, issn 0021-9592, 8 p.Article

Solid-liquid phase equilibria of binary and ternary mixtures for 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene and 2,7-dimethylnaphthalene with ethanol or methanolCHEON, Yang-Ho; KIM, Kwang-Joo; KIM, Jung-Woo et al.Journal of chemical and engineering data (Print). 2005, Vol 50, Num 2, pp 683-687, issn 0021-9568, 5 p.Article

High pressure phase behavior for the binary mixture of valeronitrile, capronitrile and lauronitrile in supercritical carbon dioxide at temperatures from 313.2 to 393.2 K and pressures from 3.9 to 25.7 MPaKIM, Sung-Hyun; JANG, Yoon-Seok; YOON, Soon-Do et al.Fluid phase equilibria. 2011, Vol 312, pp 93-100, issn 0378-3812, 8 p.Article

Adsorption equilibria of toluene on polymeric adsorbentsCHOUNG, Jae-Hoon; LEE, Young-Whan; CHOI, Dae-Ki et al.Journal of chemical and engineering data (Print). 2001, Vol 46, Num 4, pp 954-958, issn 0021-9568Article

A CRT-based RSA countermeasure against physical cryptanalysisKIM, Changkyun; HA, Jaecheol; MOON, Sangjae et al.Lecture notes in computer science. 2005, pp 549-554, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-29031-1, 1Vol, 6 p.Conference Paper

Effect of magnesium on preferential oxidation of carbon monoxide on platinum catalyst in hydrogen-rich streamCHO, Sung-Ho; PARK, Jong-Soo; CHOI, Seung-Hoon et al.Journal of power sources. 2006, Vol 156, Num 2, pp 260-266, issn 0378-7753, 7 p.Article

Investigation of entrapped pore in the pastilles by a mercury porosimetery techniqueKIM, Jung-Woo; CHEON, Yang-Ho; DONCHEV, Danail et al.International journal of pharmaceutics. 2005, Vol 288, Num 2, pp 305-314, issn 0378-5173, 10 p.Article

Synthesis of hydrophilic coating solution for polymer substrate using glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilaneSONG, Ki-Chang; PARK, Jung-Kook; KANG, Hyun-Uk et al.Journal of sol-gel science and technology. 2003, Vol 27, Num 1, pp 53-59, issn 0928-0707, 7 p.Article

Electrochemical study on the reduction mechanism of uranium oxide in a LiCl-Li2O molten saltSEO, Chung Seok; PARK, Sung Bin; PARK, Byung Heung et al.Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology. 2006, Vol 43, Num 5, pp 587-595, issn 0022-3131, 9 p.Article

Preparation of tantalum powder from Ta2O5 by an electrochemical reduction in an LiCl-Li2O molten salt systemSEC, Chung-Seok; JEONG, Sang Mun; PARK, Sung-Bin et al.Journal of chemical engineering of Japan. 2006, Vol 39, Num 1, pp 77-82, issn 0021-9592, 6 p.Article

Effect of fabrication parameters on coating properties of tubular solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte prepared by vacuum slurry coatingSON, Hui-Jeong; SONG, Rak-Hyun; LIM, Tak-Hyoung et al.Journal of power sources (Print). 2010, Vol 195, Num 7, pp 1779-1785, issn 0378-7753, 7 p.Article

Isolation of cold stress-responsive genes in the reproductive organs, and characterization of the OsLti6b gene from rice (Oryza sativa L.)KIM, Sung-Hyun; KIM, Ji-Youn; KIM, Soo-Jin et al.Plant cell reports (Print). 2007, Vol 26, Num 7, pp 1097-1110, issn 0721-7714, 14 p.Article

Adsorption equilibria of methane, ethane, ethylene, nitrogen, and hydrogen onto activated carbonCHOI, Byoung-Uk; CHOI, Dae-Ki; LEE, Young-Whan et al.Journal of chemical and engineering data (Print). 2003, Vol 48, Num 3, pp 603-607, issn 0021-9568, 5 p.Article

The study of a new porous nickel support for palladium-based alloy membraneRYI, Shin-Kun; PARK, Jong-Soo; KIM, Sung-Hyun et al.Desalination (Amsterdam). 2006, Vol 200, Num 1-3, pp 216-218, issn 0011-9164, 3 p.Conference Paper

Combination of preferential CO oxidation and methanation in hybrid MCR (micro-channel reactor) for CO clean-upLEE, Chun-Boo; CHO, Sung-Ho; LEE, Dong-Wook et al.Energy (Oxford). 2014, Vol 78, pp 421-425, issn 0360-5442, 5 p.Article

Characterization of Pd-Cu-Ni ternary alloy membrane prepared by magnetron sputtering and Cu-reflow on porous nickel support for hydrogen separationRYI, Shin-Kun; PARK, Jong-Soo; KIM, Sung-Hyun et al.Separation and purification technology. 2006, Vol 50, Num 1, pp 82-91, issn 1383-5866, 10 p.Article

Palladium-catalyzed direct synthesis, photophysical properties, and tunable electroluminescence of novel silicon-based alternating copolymersJUNG, Sung-Hyun; HWAN KYU KIM; KIM, Sung-Hyun et al.Macromolecules. 2000, Vol 33, Num 25, pp 9277-9288, issn 0024-9297Article

Phase behavior measurement for the binary mixture of CO2 + neopentyl glycol diacrylate and C02 + neopentyl glycol dimethacrylate systems at high pressureJANG, Yoon-Seok; KIM, Sung-Hyun; YOO, Ki-Pung et al.Fluid phase equilibria. 2011, Vol 302, Num 1-2, pp 234-240, issn 0378-3812, 7 p.Conference Paper

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