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Diffusion-Based and Long-Range Concentration Gradients of Multiple Chemicals for Bacterial Chemotaxis AssaysKIM, Minseok; KIM, Taesung.Analytical chemistry (Washington). 2010, Vol 82, Num 22, pp 9401-9409, issn 0003-2700, 9 p.Article

Nanofluidic Concentration of Selectively Extracted Biomolecule Analytes by MicrotubulesKIM, Taesung; MEYHÖFER, Edgar.Analytical chemistry (Washington, DC). 2008, Vol 80, Num 14, pp 5383-5390, issn 0003-2700, 8 p.Article

A novel optical aerosol detector utilizing an optic fiber with conductive polymer coatingQIN, Hongyi; KUTKARNI, Atul; HANG ZHANG et al.Journal of aerosol science. 2012, Vol 45, pp 19-25, issn 0021-8502, 7 p.Article

Microfluidic device for analyzing preferential chemotaxis and chemoreceptor sensitivity of bacterial cells toward carbon sourcesKIM, Minseok; SU HYUN KIM; SUNG KUK LEE et al.Analyst (London. 1877. Print). 2011, Vol 136, Num 16, pp 3238-3243, issn 0003-2654, 6 p.Article

Investigation on the control of silicon whisker generation during dichlorosilane-based WSi deposition processCHOI, Hoomi; OH, Myeonghun; KIM, Jinsung et al.Thin solid films. 2012, Vol 521, pp 201-205, issn 0040-6090, 5 p.Conference Paper

Microfabricated ratchet structures for concentrating and patterning motile bacterial cellsSANG YUB KIM; EUN SE LEE; HO JAE LEE et al.Journal of micromechanics and microengineering (Print). 2010, Vol 20, Num 9, issn 0960-1317, 095006.1-095006.6Article

Improvement of PCR amplification bias for community structure analysis of soil bacteria by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresisAHN, Jae-Hyung; KIM, Min-Cheol; SHIN, Hye-Chul et al.Journal of microbiology and biotechnology. 2006, Vol 16, Num 10, pp 1561-1569, issn 1017-7825, 9 p.Article

Quantitative improvement of 16S rDNA DGGE analysis for soil bacterial community using real-time PCRAHN, Jae-Hyung; KIM, Yoo-Jeong; KIM, Taesung et al.Journal of microbiological methods. 2009, Vol 78, Num 2, pp 216-222, issn 0167-7012, 7 p.Article

Molecular and ecological analyses of microbial community structures in biofilms of a full-scale aerated up-flow biobead processJU, Dong-Hun; CHOI, Min-Kyung; AHN, Jae-Hyung et al.Journal of microbiology and biotechnology. 2007, Vol 17, Num 2, pp 253-261, issn 1017-7825, 9 p.Article

Progress in photonic crystal vertical cavity lasersDANNER, Aaron J; RAFTERY, James J; KIM, Taesung et al.IEICE transactions on electronics. 2005, Vol 88, Num 5, pp 944-950, issn 0916-8524, 7 p.Conference Paper

Experimental Evaluation of the Effect of Pad Debris Size on Microscratches during CMP ProcessJI CHUL YANG; HOJOONG KIM; DONG WON OH et al.Journal of electronic materials. 2013, Vol 42, Num 1, pp 97-102, issn 0361-5235, 6 p.Article

Development of CO2 gas cluster cleaning method and its characterizationCHOI, Hoomi; KIM, Hojoong; YOON, Deokjoo et al.Microelectronic engineering. 2013, Vol 102, pp 87-90, issn 0167-9317, 4 p.Conference Paper

Detection of genetically modified microorganisms in soil using the most-probable-number method with multiplex PCR and DNA dot blotYEOM, Jinki; LEE, Yunho; PARK, Woojun et al.Research in microbiology (Paris). 2011, Vol 162, Num 8, pp 807-816, issn 0923-2508, 10 p.Article

Evaluation of an optical particle sensor to determine the effect of nozzle shape on counting efficiencyKIM, Younggil; KULKARNI, Atul; JEON, Kisoo et al.Journal of aerosol science. 2009, Vol 40, Num 5, pp 469-476, issn 0021-8502, 8 p.Article

Molecular and cultivation-based characterization of bacterial community structure in rice field soilKIM, Mi-Soon; AHN, Jae-Hyung; KIM, Taesan et al.Journal of microbiology and biotechnology. 2005, Vol 15, Num 5, pp 1087-1093, issn 1017-7825, 7 p.Article

Generation of Si:H nanoparticles by a combination of pulse plasma and hydrogen gas pulsesAHN, Chisung; KIM, Kwangsu; CHOI, Hoomi et al.Thin solid films. 2011, Vol 519, Num 20, pp 7086-7089, issn 0040-6090, 4 p.Conference Paper

Precise spring constant assignment in elastic network model for identification of vibration frequency and modeshapeMINGWEN HU; RAJ, Sharad; KIM, Byung et al.Journal of mechanical science and technology. 2010, Vol 24, Num 9, pp 1771-1780, issn 1738-494X, 10 p.Article

Step height removal mechanism of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) for sub-nano-surface finishJI CHUL YANG; DONG WON OH; GAE WON LEE et al.Wear. 2010, Vol 268, Num 3-4, pp 505-510, issn 0043-1648, 6 p.Article

Analysis of bacterial diversity and community structure in forest soils contaminated with fuel hydrocarbonAHN, Jae-Hyung; KIM, Mi-Soon; KIM, Min-Cheol et al.Journal of microbiology and biotechnology. 2006, Vol 16, Num 5, pp 704-715, issn 1017-7825, 12 p.Article

Analysis of plasmid pJP4 horizontal transfer and its impact on bacterial community structure in natural soilKIM, Taesung; KIM, Mi-Soon; JUNG, Mee-Kum et al.Journal of microbiology and biotechnology. 2005, Vol 15, Num 2, pp 376-383, issn 1017-7825, 8 p.Article

Graphene-Based Waveguides: Novel Method for Detecting Biological ActivityKIM, Jangah; KASTURE, Manasi; HWANG, Taihyun et al.Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 2012, Vol 167, Num 5, pp 1069-1075, issn 0273-2289, 7 p.Article

Micropatterning bacterial suspensions using aqueous two phase systemsYAGUCHI, Toshiyuki; LEE, Siseon; WOON SUN CHOI et al.Analyst (London. 1877. Print). 2010, Vol 135, Num 11, pp 2848-2852, issn 0003-2654, 5 p.Article

Numerical study on spatial distribution of silver nanoparticles inside whole-body type inhalation toxicity chamberJAE HO CHO; KULKAMI, Atul; KIM, Hojoong et al.Journal of mechanical science and technology. 2010, Vol 24, Num 11, pp 2215-2220, issn 1738-494X, 6 p.Article

Genetic and Phenotypic Diversity of Fenitrothion-Degrading Bacteria Isolated from SoilsKIM, Kyung-Duk; AHN, Jae-Hyung; KIM, Taesung et al.Journal of microbiology and biotechnology. 2009, Vol 19, Num 2, pp 113-120, issn 1017-7825, 8 p.Article

Generation of size and structure controlled Si nanoparticles using pulse plasma for energy devicesKIM, Kwangsu; PARK, Jin-Hwan; DOO, Seok-Gwang et al.Thin solid films. 2009, Vol 517, Num 14, pp 4184-4187, issn 0040-6090, 4 p.Conference Paper

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