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Risk factors for secondary arrest of labor among women > 41 weeks' gestation with an unfavorable cervix undergoing membrane sweeping for cervical ripeningMAGANN, E. F; CHAUHAN, S. P; MOBLEY, J. A et al.International journal of gynaecology and obstetrics. 1999, Vol 65, Num 1, pp 1-5, issn 0020-7292Article

Low amniotic fluid volume is poorly identified in singleton and twin pregnancies using the 2 x 2 cm pocket technique of the biophysical profileMAGANN, E. F; NEVILS, B. G; CHAUHAN, S. P et al.Southern medical journal (Birmingham). 1999, Vol 92, Num 8, pp 802-805, issn 0038-4348Article

The accuracy of the summated amniotic fluid index in evaluating amniotic fluid volume in twin pregnanciesMAGANN, E. F; CHAUHAN, S. P; WHITWORTH, N. S et al.American journal of obstetrics and gynecology. 1997, Vol 177, Num 5, pp 1041-1045, issn 0002-9378Conference Paper

History and physical examination to estimate the risk of ectopic pregnancy : Validation of a clinical prediction modelBUCKLEY, R. G; KING, K. J; DISNEY, J. D et al.Annals of emergency medicine. 1999, Vol 34, Num 5, pp 589-594, issn 0196-0644Conference Paper

Serum progesterone testing to predict ectopic pregnancy in symptomatic first-trimester patientsBUCKLEY, R. G; KING, K. J; DISNEY, J. D et al.Annals of emergency medicine. 2000, Vol 36, Num 2, pp 95-100, issn 0196-0644Article

Accuracy of ultrasonography in evaluating amniotic fluid volume at less than 24 weeks' gestationMAGANN, E. F; WHITWORTH, N. S; KLAUSEN, J. H et al.Journal of ultrasound in medicine. 1995, Vol 14, Num 12, pp 895-897, issn 0278-4297Article

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