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Effects of chemically dispersed oil on the brain coral, Diploria strigosaKNAP, A. H.Marine pollution bulletin. 1987, Vol 18, Num 3, pp 119-122, issn 0025-326XArticle

The Bahia las Minas oil spill: hydrocarbon uptake by reef building coralsBURNS, K. A; KNAP, A. H.Marine pollution bulletin. 1989, Vol 20, Num 8, pp 391-398, issn 0025-326XArticle

Hydrostation «S» off Bermuda in 1983WRIGHT, W. R; KNAP, A. H.Commission océanographique intergouvernementale. Série technique. 1984, Vol 2, Num 30, pp 39-41, issn 0253-4460Article

The impact of leaded to unleaded gasoline conversion on the oceanic island of BermudaSIMMONS, J. A. K; KNAP, A. H.Atmospheric environment. Part A, General topics. 1993, Vol 27, Num 11, pp 1729-1733, issn 0960-1686Article

Effects of crude oil and chemical dispersant on photosynthesis in the brain coral Diploria strigosaCOOK, C. B; KNAP, A. H.Marine biology (Berlin). 1983, Vol 78, Num 1, pp 21-27, issn 0025-3162Article

Disposition of phenanthrene and octachlorostyrene in spiny lobsters, Panulirus argus, after intragastric administrationSOLBAKKEN, J. E; KNAP, A. H.Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology. 1986, Vol 37, Num 5, pp 747-751, issn 0007-4861Article

Significant decrease in the amount of tar stranding on BermudaSMITH, S. R; KNAP, A. H.Marine pollution bulletin. 1985, Vol 16, Num 1, pp 19-21, issn 0025-326XArticle

The distribution and geochemistry of some trace metals in the Bermuda coastal environment = Répartition et géochimie de quelques métaux en traces du milieu côtier des BermudesJICKELLS, T. D; KNAP, A. H.Estuarine, coastal and shelf science (Print). 1984, Vol 18, Num 3, pp 245-262, issn 0272-7714Article

La station hydrologique S au large des Bermudes en 1982 = The hydrological station S off Bermuda, in 1982WRIGHT, W. R; KNAP, A. H.Commission océanographique intergouvernementale. Série technique. 1983, Vol 1, Num 24, pp 43-45, issn 0253-4460Article

Estimates of ground level TSP, SO2 and HCl for a municipal waste incinerator to be located at Tynes Bay-BermudaKENT SIMMONS, J. A; KNAP, A. H.Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association. 1991, Vol 41, Num 4, pp 429-432, issn 1047-3289, 4 p.Article

Influence of mesoscale eddies on new production in the Sargasso SeaMCGILLICUDDY, D. J; ROBINSON, A. R; SIEGEL, D. A et al.Nature (London). 1998, Vol 394, Num 6690, pp 263-266, issn 0028-0836Article

Episodic inputs of atmospheric nitrogen to the Sargasso sea: contributions to new production and phytoplankton bloomsMICHAELS, A. F; SIEGEL, D. A; JOHNSON, R. J et al.Global biogeochemical cycles. 1993, Vol 7, Num 2, pp 339-351, issn 0886-6236Article

Dissolved/dispersed hydrocarbons, tarballs and the surface microlayer: experiences form an 10C/UNZP workshop in Bermuda, december, 1984KNAP, A. H; BURNS, K. A; DAWSON, R et al.Marine pollution bulletin. 1986, Vol 17, Num 7, pp 313-319, issn 0025-326XArticle

The effects of oil and oil dispersants on the skeletal growth of the hermatypic coral Diploria strigosaDODGE, R. E; WYERS, S. C; FRITH, H. R et al.Coral reefs (Print). 1984, Vol 3, Num 4, pp 191-198, issn 0722-4028Article

The composition of Western Atlantic precipitation using shipboard collectorsGALLOWAY, J. N; KNAP, A. H; CHURCH, T. M et al.Journal of geophysical research. 1983, Vol 88, Num C15, pp 10859-10864, issn 0022-1406Article

Variability of pCO2 on diel to seasonal timescales in the Sargasso Sea near BermudaBATES, N. R; TAKAHASHI, T; CHIPMAN, D. W et al.Journal of geophysical research. 1998, Vol 103, Num C8, pp 15567-15585, issn 0148-0227Conference Paper

Overview of the U.S. JGOFS Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study and the hydrostation S programMICHAELS, A. F; KNAP, A. H.Deep-sea research. Part 2. Topical studies in oceanography. 1996, Vol 43, Num 2-3, pp 157-198, issn 0967-0645Article

Synthetic organic chemicals in the deep Sargasso Sea = Matières organiques synthétiques dans la Mer des Sargasses profondeKNAP, A. H; BINKLEY, K. S; DEUSER, W. G et al.Nature (London). 1986, Vol 319, Num 6054, pp 572-574, issn 0028-0836Article

Trace metal and nutrient fluxes through the Bermuda inshore waters = Flux des métaux en traces et des éléments nutritifs dans les eaux intérieures des BermudesJICKELLS, T. D; KNAP, A. H; SMITH, S. R et al.Symposium sur les flux de contaminants en zone côtière. 1984, 20 p.Conference Paper

Oil spill contingency planning and scientific support coordination in Bermuda: a successful modelSLEETER, T. D; KNAP, A. H; HUGHES, I. W et al.Oil spill conference. 1983, pp 149-153Conference Paper

Contribution of hurricanes to local and global estimates of air-sea exchange of CO2BATES, N. R; KNAP, A. H; MICHAELS, A. F et al.Nature (London). 1998, Vol 395, Num 6697, pp 58-61, issn 0028-0836Article

The occurrence and distribution of trace organic compounds in Bermuda precipitationKNAP, A. H; BINKLEY, K. S; ARTZ, R. S et al.Atmospheric environment. 1988, Vol 22, Num 7, pp 1411-1423, issn 0004-6981Article

Trace metal and nutrient fluxes through the Bermuda inshore watersJICKELLS, T. D; KNAP, A. H; SMITH, S. R et al.Rapports et procès-verbaux des réunions - Conseil international pour l'exploration de la mer. 1986, Vol 186, pp 251-262, issn 0074-4336Conference Paper

Uptake and elimination of lindane and a phthalate ester in tropical corals and musselsSOLBAKKEN, J. E; KNAP, A. H; ORR, P. L et al.Marine environmental research. 1985, Vol 16, Num 2, pp 103-113, issn 0141-1136Article

Pollutant concentrations upwind and downwind of BermudaWHELPDALE, D. M; KNAP, A. H; TOOM, D. L et al.Global biogeochemical cycles. 1990, Vol 4, Num 3, pp 335-346, issn 0886-6236Article

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