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The export of particulate matter, particulate phosphorus and dissolved phosphorus from two agricultural river basins : implications on estimating the non-point phosphorus loadKRONVANG, B.Water research (Oxford). 1992, Vol 26, Num 10, pp 1347-1358, issn 0043-1354Article

Sediment-associated phosphorus transport from two intensively farmed catchment areas = Transport de phosphore associé aux sédiments dans deux bassins versants en culture intensiveKRONVANG, B.Annual conference of the IBG, workshop on soil erosion on agricultural land. 1990, pp 313-330, 18 p.Conference Paper

Choice of sampling strategy and estimation method for calculating nitrogen and phosphorus transport in small lowland streamsKRONVANG, B; BRUHN, A. J.Hydrological processes. 1996, Vol 10, Num 11, pp 1483-1501, issn 0885-6087Article

Suspended sediment and particulate phosphorus transport and delivery pathways in an arable catchment, Gelbæk Stream, DenmarkKRONVANG, B; LAUBEL, A; GRANT, R et al.Hydrological processes. 1997, Vol 11, Num 6, pp 627-642, issn 0885-6087Article

10 years after the largest river restoration project in Northern Europe: Hydromorphological changes on multiple scales in River SkjernKRISTENSEN, E. A; KRONVANG, B; WIBERG-LARSEN, P et al.Ecological engineering. 2014, Vol 66, pp 141-149, issn 0925-8574, 9 p.Conference Paper

Bank erosion in a Danish lowland stream systemLAUBEL, A; SVENDSEN, L. M; KRONVANG, B et al.Hydrobiologia (The Hague). 1999, Vol 410, pp 279-285, issn 0018-8158Conference Paper

Development, validation and application of Danish empirical phosphorus modelsANDERSEN, H. E; KRONVANG, B; LARSEN, S. E et al.Journal of hydrology (Amsterdam). 2005, Vol 304, Num 1-4, pp 355-365, issn 0022-1694, 11 p.Article

Bank erosion as a source of sediment and phosphorus delivery to small Danish streamsLAUBEL, A. R; KRONVANG, B; LARSEN, S. E et al.IAHS-AISH publication. 2000, pp 75-82, issn 0144-7815, isbn 1-901502-26-0Conference Paper

Nationwide monitoring of nutrients and their ecological effects : State of the danish aquatic environmentKRONVANG, B; AERTEBJERG, G; GRANT, R et al.Ambio. 1993, Vol 22, Num 4, pp 176-187, issn 0044-7447Article

Retention of nitrogen and phosphorus in a Danish lowland river system : implications for the export from the watershedSVENDSEN, L. M; KRONVANG, B.Hydrobiologia (The Hague). 1993, Vol 251, Num 1-3, pp 123-135, issn 0018-8158Conference Paper

Phosphorus losses at the catchment scale within Europe : an overviewKRONVANG, B; VAGSTAD, N; BEHRENDT, H et al.Soil use and management. 2007, Vol 23, pp 104-116, issn 0266-0032, 13 p., SUP1Article

Scenario analysis of nutrient management at the river basin scaleKRONVANG, B; SVENDSEN, L. M; JENSEN, J. P et al.Hydrobiologia (The Hague). 1999, Vol 410, pp 207-212, issn 0018-8158Conference Paper

Sediment and phosphorus export from A lowland catchment : Quantification of sourcesKRONVANG, B; GRANT, R; LAUBEL, A. L et al.Water, air and soil pollution. 1997, Vol 99, Num 1-4, pp 465-476, issn 0049-6979Conference Paper

Mitigation options to reduce phosphorus losses from the agricultural sector and improve surface water quality: A review : Mitigating diffuse water pollution from agriculture: international approaches and experienceSCHOUMANS, O. F; CHARDON, W. J; BECHMANN, M. E et al.Science of the total environment. 2014, Vol 468-69, pp 1255-1266, issn 0048-9697, 12 p.Article

Phosphorus losses from agricultural areas in river basins : Effects and uncertainties of targeted mitigation measures : Critical evaluation of options for reducing phosphorus loss from agricultureKRONVANG, B; BECHMANN, M; LUNDEKVAM, H et al.Journal of environmental quality. 2005, Vol 34, Num 6, pp 2129-2144, issn 0047-2425, 16 p.Conference Paper

Model system for the management of nitrogen leaching at the scale of river basins and regionsWENDLAND, F; KUNKEL, R; GRIMVALL, A et al.Water science and technology. 2001, pp 215-222, issn 0273-1223, isbn 1-900222-57-4Conference Paper

Analysis of the hydrology and flow of nitrogen in 17 Danish catchmentsANDERSEN, H. E; PEDERSEN, M. L; JØRGENSEN, O et al.Water science and technology. 2001, pp 63-68, issn 0273-1223, isbn 1-84339-400-6Conference Paper

Subsurface drainage loss of particles and phosphorus from field plot experiments and a tile-drained catchmentLAUBEL, A; JACOBSEN, O. H; KRONVANG, B et al.Journal of environmental quality. 1999, Vol 28, Num 2, pp 576-584, issn 0047-2425Conference Paper

Loss of dissolved and particulate phosphorus from arable catchments by subsurface drainageGRANT, R; LAUREL, A; KRONVANG, B et al.Water research (Oxford). 1996, Vol 30, Num 11, pp 2633-2642, issn 0043-1354Article

Hydromorphological and biological factors influencing sediment and phosphorus loss via bank erosion in small lowland rural streams in DenmarkLAUBEL, A; KRONVANG, B; HALD, A. B et al.Hydrological processes. 2003, Vol 17, Num 17, pp 3443-3463, issn 0885-6087, 21 p.Article

The SOIL-N/WEKU model system: a GIS-supported tool for the assessment and management of diffuse nitrogen leaching at the scale of river basinsWENDLAND, F; KUNKEL, R; GRIMVALL, A et al.Water science and technology. 2002, pp 285-292, issn 0273-1223, isbn 1-84339-415-4Conference Paper

Soil erosion and sediment delivery through buffer zones in Danish slope unitsKRONVANG, B; LAUBEL, A. R; LARSEN, S. E et al.IAHS-AISH publication. 2000, pp 67-73, issn 0144-7815, isbn 1-901502-26-0Conference Paper

Dynamics of phosphorus compounds in a lowland river system: importance of retention and non-point sourcesSVENDSEN, L. M; KRONVANG, B; KRISTENSEN, P et al.Hydrological processes. 1995, Vol 9, Num 2, pp 119-142, issn 0885-6087Article

The River Gelså restoration revisited: Habitat specific assemblages and persistence of the macroinvertebrate community over an 11-year periodFRIBERG, N; BAATTRUP-PEDERSEN, A; KRISTENSEN, E. A et al.Ecological engineering. 2014, Vol 66, pp 150-157, issn 0925-8574, 8 p.Conference Paper

Pesticides and heavy metals in Danish streambed sedimentKRONVANG, B; LAUBEL, A; LARSEN, S. E et al.Hydrobiologia (The Hague). 2003, Vol 494, pp 93-101, issn 0018-8158, 9 p.Conference Paper

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