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Fully developed turbulent flow and heat transfer at fiber-flocked surfacesLUND, Kurt O.International journal of heat and mass transfer. 2001, Vol 44, Num 20, pp 3799-3810, issn 0017-9310Article

The organization of plant communities: negative plant—soil feedbacks and semiarid grasslandsREINHART, Kurt O.Ecology (Durham). 2012, Vol 93, Num 11, pp 2377-2385, issn 0012-9658, 9 p.Article

Low Reynolds-number moment on asymmetric bodiesLUND, Kurt O; TREES, Dietmar.Experimental thermal and fluid science. 2001, Vol 24, Num 1-2, pp 61-66, issn 0894-1777Article

Quaternary chalcogenides of the IVa metals with layered structures: preparation and crystal structure of NaCuHf2Se5KOLB, Andreas; KLEPP, Kurt O.Solid state sciences. 2003, Vol 5, Num 7, pp 1027-1031, issn 1293-2558, 5 p.Article

Vanadium in converter slagsPRESSLINGER, Hubert; KLEPP, Kurt O.Steel research. 2002, Vol 73, Num 12, pp 522-525, issn 0177-4832, 4 p.Article

Effects of plant growth regulators on stem extension and yield components of linseed (Linum usitatissimum)LEITCH, M. H; KURT, O.Journal of Agricultural Science. 1999, Vol 132, pp 189-199, issn 0021-8596, 2Article

Effects of Acer platanoides invasion on understory plant communities and tree regeneration in the northern Rocky MountainsREINHART, Kurt O; GREENE, Erick; CALLAWAY, Ragan M et al.Ecography (Copenhagen). 2005, Vol 28, Num 5, pp 573-582, issn 0906-7590, 10 p.Article

Enhanced laminar-flow heat transfer at fiber-flocked surfacesLUND, Kurt O; KNOWLES, Timothy R.International journal of heat and mass transfer. 2001, Vol 44, Num 8, pp 1627-1636, issn 0017-9310Article

Effects of trees on their recruits in the southern Appalachians, USAREINHART, Kurt O; JOHNSON, Daniel; CLAY, Keith et al.Forest ecology and management. 2012, Vol 263, Num 1, pp 268-274, issn 0378-1127, 7 p.Article

Soil biota and invasive plantsREINHART, Kurt O; CALLAWAY, Ragan M.New phytologist. 2006, Vol 170, Num 3, pp 445-457, issn 0028-646X, 13 p.Article

In vitro antioxidant activity of Amaranthus lividus LOZSOY, N; YILMAZ, T; KURT, O et al.Food chemistry. 2009, Vol 116, Num 4, pp 867-872, issn 0308-8146, 6 p.Article

Elevated serum levels of endocan in patients with psoriasis vulgaris: correlations with cardiovascular risk and activity of diseaseBALTA, I; BALTA, S; DEMIRKOL, S et al.British journal of dermatology (1951). 2013, Vol 169, Num 5, pp 1066-1070, issn 0007-0963, 5 p.Article

A comparison of metronidazole and single-dose ornidazole for the treatment of dientamoebiasisKURT, O; GIRGINKARDESLER, N; BALCIOGLU, I. C et al.Clinical microbiology and infection. 2008, Vol 14, Num 6, pp 601-604, issn 1198-743X, 4 p.Article

Plastic detection comb better than visual screening for diagnosis of head louse infestationBALCIOGLU, C; BURGESS, I. F; LIMONCU, M. E et al.Epidemiology and infection. 2008, Vol 136, Num 10, pp 1425-1431, issn 0950-2688, 7 p.Article

Prevalence of depression as measured by the CBDI in a predominantly adolescent school population in TurkeyTOROS, Fevziye; BILGIN, N. Gamsiz; BUGDAYCI, R et al.European psychiatry. 2004, Vol 19, Num 5, pp 264-271, issn 0924-9338, 8 p.Article

Predicting plant responses to mycorrhizae: integrating evolutionary history and plant traitsREINHART, Kurt O; WILSON, Gail W. T; RINELLA, Matthew J et al.Ecology letters (Print). 2012, Vol 15, Num 7, pp 689-695, issn 1461-023X, 7 p.Article

Phylogenetic conservatism in plant-soil feedback and its implications for plant abundanceANACKER, Brian L; KLIRONOMOS, John N; MAHERALI, Hafiz et al.Ecology letters (Print). 2014, Vol 17, Num 12, pp 1613-1621, issn 1461-023X, 9 p.Article

Steel desulphurisation and sulphur bonding in solidified ladle slagsPOSCH, Wilhelm; PRESSLINGER, Hubert; MAYR, Michael et al.Steel research international. 2003, Vol 74, Num 2, pp 91-98, issn 1611-3683, 8 p.Article

Biogenically enhanced permeability: A petrographic analysis of Macaronichnus segregatus in the Lower Cretaceous Bluesky Formation, Alberta, CanadaGORDON, John B; PEMBERTON, S. George; GINGRAS, Murray K et al.AAPG bulletin. 2010, Vol 94, Num 11, pp 1779-1795, issn 0149-1423, 17 p.Article

Canopy gaps decrease microbial densities and disease risk for a shade-intolerant tree speciesREINHART, Kurt O; ROYO, Alejandro A; KAGEYAMA, Stacie A et al.Acta oecologica (Montrouge). 2010, Vol 36, Num 6, pp 530-536, issn 1146-609X, 7 p.Article

Microbial silicification in Iodine Pool, Waimangu geothermal area, North Island, New Zealand: implications for recognition and identification of ancient silicified microbesJONES, Brian; KONHAUSER, Kurt O; RENAUT, Robin W et al.Journal of the Geological Society (London). 2004, Vol 161, pp 983-993, issn 0016-7649, 11 p., 6Article

Effects of soil biota from different ranges on Robinia invasion: acquiring mutualists and escaping pathogensCALLAWAY, Ragan M; BEDMAR, Eulogio J; REINHART, Kurt O et al.Ecology (Durham). 2011, Vol 92, Num 5, pp 1027-1035, issn 0012-9658, 9 p.Article

Effects of epiphytic lichens on host preference of the vascular epiphyte Tillandsia usneoidesCALLAWAY, Ragan M; REINHART, Kurt O; TUCKER, Shirley C et al.Oikos. 2001, Vol 94, Num 3, pp 433-441, issn 0030-1299Article

Was there really an archean phosphate crisis?KONHAUSER, Kurt O; LALONDE, Stefan V; AMSKOLD, Larry et al.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2007, Vol 315, Num 5816, pp 1234-1234, issn 0036-8075, 1 p.Article

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