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Prescription pattern of oxybutynin ER in patients with overactive bladder in real life practice: a multicentre, open-label, prospective observational studyYOO, D.-S; HAN, J.-Y; LEE, K.-S et al.International journal of clinical practice (Esher). 2012, Vol 66, Num 2, pp 132-138, issn 1368-5031, 7 p.Article

Runx3 is required for the differentiation of lung epithelial cells and suppression of lung cancerLEE, K.-S; LEE, Y.-S; WEE, H et al.Oncogene (Basingstoke). 2010, Vol 29, Num 23, pp 3349-3361, issn 0950-9232, 13 p.Article

Comparison of SOHO UVCS and MLSO MK4 coronameter densitiesLEE, K.-S; MOON, Y.-J; KIM, K.-S et al.Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin. Print). 2008, Vol 486, Num 3, pp 1009-1013, issn 0004-6361, 5 p.Article

Prediction of stress-strain relationship for polyester polymer concrete using recycled polyethylene terephthalate under compressionJO, B.-W; PARK, S.-K; LEE, K.-S et al.Advances in cement research. 2008, Vol 20, Num 4, pp 151-159, issn 0951-7197, 9 p.Article

Photoresponsive Polymers IMARDER, S. R; LEE, K.-S.Advances in polymer science (Print). 2008, Vol 213, issn 0065-3195, 210 p.Serial Issue

Two-Photon Absorbing Materials and Two-Photon-Induced ChemistryRUMI, Mariacristina; BARLOW, Stephen; JING WANG et al.Advances in polymer science (Print). 2008, Vol 213, pp 1-95, issn 0065-3195, 95 p.Article

A single institutional experience ofthymic epithelial tumours over I I years : clinical features and outcome and implications for future managementLEE, H.-S; KIM, S. T; SHIM, Y. M et al.British journal of cancer. 2007, Vol 97, Num 1, pp 22-28, issn 0007-0920, 7 p.Article

Oligothiophene as photonic/electronic property modulatorKIM, O.-K; LEE, K.-S; HUANG, Z et al.Optical materials (Amsterdam). 2003, Vol 21, Num 1-3, pp 559-564, issn 0925-3467, 6 p.Conference Paper

Structural and optical properties of Zn1-xMnxTe epilayers as diluted magnetic II-VI semiconductorsYU, Y.-M; PARK, J. G; HYUN, M. H et al.Journal of crystal growth. 2002, Vol 237-39, pp 1589-1593, issn 0022-0248, 2Conference Paper

On the structural and electronic factors governing the magnetic properties of the hexagonal perovskite-type oxides AxBO3 (A = Ca, Sr, Ba; B = Co, Ni)WHANGBO, M.-H; KOO, H.-J; LEE, K.-S et al.Journal of solid state chemistry (Print). 2001, Vol 160, Num 1, pp 239-246, issn 0022-4596Article

Effect of spikelet position on rice anther culture efficiencyAFZA, R; MEI SHEN; ZAPATA-ARIAS, F. J et al.Plant science (Limerick). 2000, Vol 153, Num 2, pp 155-159, issn 0168-9452Article

Magneto-optical spectroscopy of modulation-doped GaAs/AlGaAs asymmetric coupled double quantum wellsJOO IN LEE; VISWANATH, A. K; YU, S et al.Solid state communications. 1999, Vol 110, Num 11, pp 633-638, issn 0038-1098Article

Synthesis and antibacterial activity of 1β-methylcarbapenem having a 1,3-diazabicyclo[3.3.0]octan-4-one moiety, Part IIOH, C.-H; SEUNG CHANG LEE; PARK, S.-J et al.Archiv der Pharmazie (Weinheim). 1999, Vol 332, Num 4, pp 111-114, issn 0365-6233Article

A korean syndrome of attachment disturbance mimicking symptoms of pervasive developmental disorderSHIN, Y.-J; LEE, K.-S; MIN, S.-K et al.Infant mental health journal. 1999, Vol 20, Num 1, pp 60-76, issn 0163-9641Article

A new NLO polyurethane with a tricyanovinyl groupHAN YOUNG WOO; SHIM, H.-K; LEE, K.-S et al.Synthetic metals. 1999, Vol 101, Num 1-3, pp 136-137, issn 0379-6779Conference Paper

A comparison of underwater bubble continuous positive airway pressure with ventilator-derived continuous positive airway pressure in premature neonates ready for extubationLEE, K.-S; DUNN, M. S; FENWICK, M et al.Biology of the neonate. 1998, Vol 73, Num 2, pp 69-75, issn 0006-3126Article

SMC-based adaptive input-output linearising control of induction motorsPARK, T.-G; LEE, K.-S.IEE proceedings. Control theory and applications. 1998, Vol 145, Num 1, pp 55-62, issn 1350-2379Article

Influence of thin AlAs interface layers on exciton transitions in InGaAs/GaAs quantum wellsLEE, K.-S; LEE, E.-H; LEE, C.-D et al.Microelectronic engineering. 1998, Vol 43-44, pp 237-242, issn 0167-9317Conference Paper

Fetal death rate in the United States, 1979-1990 : Trend and racial disparityHSIEH, H.-L; LEE, K.-S; KHOSHNOOD, B et al.Obstetrics and gynecology (New York. 1953). 1997, Vol 89, Num 1, pp 33-39, issn 0029-7844Article

Quasibound states induced by AlAs monolayers in InxGa1-xAs/GaAs quantum wellsLEE, C. D; NOH, S. K; LEE, K.-S et al.Superlattices and microstructures. 1997, Vol 21, Num 1, pp 101-106, issn 0749-6036Article

A real-time implementation of the MPEG-2 audio encoderKIM, S.-Y; OH, H.-O; LEE, K.-S et al.IEEE transactions on consumer electronics. 1997, Vol 43, Num 3, pp 593-597, issn 0098-3063Article

False localization of rupture by computed tomography in bilateral internal carotid artery aneurysms. CommentaryLEE, K.-C; JOO, J.-Y; LEE, K.-S et al.Surgical neurology. 1996, Vol 45, Num 5, pp 435-441, issn 0090-3019Article

Electrical and microstructural degradation with decreasing thickness of (Ba, Sr)TiO3 thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputteringPAEK, S.-H; WON, J; LEE, K.-S et al.Japanese journal of applied physics. 1996, Vol 35, Num 11, pp 5757-5762, issn 0021-4922, 1Article

Electric subbands in an In0.65Ga0.35As quantum well between In0.52Al0.48As and In0.53Ga0.47As potential barriersKIM, T. W; LEE, J. I; KANG, K. N et al.Physical review. B, Condensed matter. 1991, Vol 44, Num 23, pp 12891-12893, issn 0163-1829Article

Metabolism of trans-cypermethrin by Heliothis armigera and H. virescensLEE, K.-S; WALKER, C. H; MCCAFFERY, A et al.Pesticide biochemistry and physiology (Print). 1989, Vol 34, Num 1, pp 49-57, issn 0048-3575Article

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