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Acoustooptic processing: real-time ambiguity function processorWAXIN, G; GAZALET, M. G; ROUVAEN, J. M et al.Applied optics. 1985, Vol 24, Num 10, pp 1454-1458, issn 0003-6935Article

Propagation des ondes ultrasonores dans les milieux hétérogènes: limitation à l'utilisation des techniques ultrasonores en contrôle non destructif = Ultrasound propagation in heterogeneous media: limitation to utilization of ultrasonic methods in non destructive testingFROHLY, J; PERDIGAO, J. M; LEFEBVRE, J. E et al.Spectra 2000. 1984, Num 94, pp 31-35, issn 0399-1172Article

Free-ultrasonic waves in multilayered piezoelectric plates: An improvement of the Legendre polynomial approach for multilayered structures with very dissimilar materialsJIANGONG YU; LEFEBVRE, J. E; GUO, Y. Q et al.Composites. Part B, Engineering. 2013, Vol 51, pp 260-269, issn 1359-8368, 10 p.Article

Contribution to optimization of GaAs/Ga1-xAlxAs multiquantum-wells acousto-electrooptic modulatorBAHLAK, S; GAZALET, J; LEFEBVRE, J. E et al.Journal of lightwave technology. 1999, Vol 17, Num 8, pp 1455-1460, issn 0733-8724Article

Remote ultrasonic measurement of the thickness of thin filmsLEFEBVRE, J. E; BRUNEEL, C; DELEBARRE, C et al.The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 1988, Vol 84, Num 3, pp 1094-1096, issn 0001-4966Article

A polynomial approach to the analysis of guided waves in anisotropic cylinders of infinite lengthELMAIMOUNI, L; LEFEBVRE, J. E; ZHANG, V et al.Wave motion. 2005, Vol 42, Num 2, pp 177-189, issn 0165-2125, 13 p.Article

Optimisation of MQW structures for acousto-optic absorption modulatorsGRYBA, T; LEFEBVRE, J. E.IEE proceedings. Optoelectronics. 1994, Vol 141, Num 1, pp 62-64, issn 1350-2433Article

Criteria for the ultrasonic measurement of thicknesses by interferometric methodsHOUZE, M; NONGAILLARD, B; ROUVAEN, J. M et al.Journal of applied physics. 1984, Vol 56, Num 3, pp 732-736, issn 0021-8979Article

Guided waves in functionally graded viscoelastic platesYU, J. G; RATOLOJANAHARY, F. E; LEFEBVRE, J. E et al.Composite structures. 2011, Vol 93, Num 11, pp 2671-2677, issn 0263-8223, 7 p.Article

Acoustical Guided Waves in Inhomogeneous Cylindrical MaterialsELMAIMOUNI, L; LEFEBVRE, J. E; RAHERISON, A et al.Ferroelectrics (Print). 2008, Vol 372, pp 115-123, issn 0015-0193, 9 p.Conference Paper

Modulateurs acousto-optiques à puits quantiques multiples = Multiple quantum well Optoacoustic modulatorsGRYBA, T; LEFEBVRE, J. E.Journal de physique IV. Colloque. 1992, Vol 2, Num 1, pp C1.1133-C1.1136Conference Paper

Theoretical study of surface acoustic waves in (n11) GaAs-cutsZHANG, V; LEFEBVRE, J.-E; GRYBA, T et al.IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control. 1997, Vol 44, Num 2, pp 406-416, issn 0885-3010Article

Analyse cepstrale en contrôle non destructif des milieux hétérogènesDELEBARRE, C; BRUNEEL, C; LEFEBVRE, J.-E et al.T.S. Traitement du signal. 1987, Vol 4, Num 4, pp 311-317Article

Acoustooptic modulator using the Stark effect and stress-induced bandgap changesGRYBA, T; GAZALET, J; LEFEBVRE, J.-E et al.IEEE journal of quantum electronics. 1999, Vol 35, Num 2, pp 153-161, issn 0018-9197Article

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