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Maladies des laxatifs : historique ou botanique ?ABITBOL, V.La Lettre de l'hépato-gastroentérologue. 2008, Vol 11, Num 5, pp 201-201, issn 1286-580X, 1 p.Article

Experiment assessment of the allergenicity of a psyllium containing laxativeGAUSS, W. F; ALARIE, J. P; KAROL, M. H et al.Allergy (Copenhagen). 1985, Vol 40, Num 7, pp 535-539, issn 0105-4538Article

Drug eruption due to sodium picosulfateISHIKAWA, Asuka; SUGIURA, Kazumitsu; SATO, Akihiro et al.EJD. European journal of dermatology. 2012, Vol 22, Num 3, pp 410-411, issn 1167-1122, 2 p.Article

Senna-Containing Laxative Inducing Blistering Dermatitis in ToddlersSMITH, Wallace A; TAINTOR, Adam R; KOS, Liborka et al.Archives of dermatology (1960). 2012, Vol 148, Num 3, pp 402-404, issn 0003-987X, 3 p.Article

The detection of laxative abuseMORTON, J.Annals of clinical biochemistry. 1987, Vol 24, Num 1, pp 107-108, issn 0004-5632Article

Effects of withdrawal of co-danthramer on use of laxatives in a district general hospitalUPTON, D. R; TAYLOR, J. K; HOLMES, G. K. T et al.British medical journal (1857). 1988, Vol 297, Num 6661, pp 1446-1447, issn 0007-1447Article

Effect of oral dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate on intake-output studies of human small and large intestineCHAPMAN, R. W; SILLERY, J; FONTANA, D. D et al.Gastroenterology (New York, NY. 1943). 1985, Vol 89, Num 3, pp 489-493, issn 0016-5085Article

Nebenwirkungen von Laxantien = Side effects of laxativesMÜLLER-LISSNER, S.Zeitschrift für Gastroenterologie. 1992, Vol 30, Num 6, pp 418-427, issn 0044-2771Article

Bulk laxatives: their dietary fibre composition, degradation, and faecal bulking capacity in the ratNYMAN, M; ASP, N.-G.Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology. 1985, Vol 20, Num 7, pp 887-895, issn 0036-5521Article

Comparative physiological disposition of some anthraquinone glycosides and aglyconesMOREAU, J. P; MOREAU, S; SKINNER, S et al.Biopharmaceutics & drug disposition. 1985, Vol 6, Num 3, pp 325-334, issn 0142-2782Article

Electrodelivery of Drugs into Cancer Cells in the Presence of Poloxamer 188TSONEVA, Iana; IORDANOV, Iordan; BERGER, Annette J et al.Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology (Print). 2010, Vol 2010, issn 1110-7243, 314213.1-314213.11, 3Article

La constipation : presque toujours une affaire d'éducationPELLETIER-HOULBEC, C.La Santé de l'homme. 1987, Num 267, pp 12-14, issn 0151-1998Article

Peptide mapping by capillary electrophoresis with Pluronic F127MIKSIK, Ivan; CHARVATOVA, Jana; ECKHARDT, Adam et al.Journal of chromatography. B. 2004, Vol 800, Num 1-2, pp 155-160, issn 1570-0232, 6 p.Conference Paper

Stroma-free mass production of clinical-grade red blood cells (RBCs) by using poloxamer 188 as an RBC survival enhancerEUN JUNG BAEK; KIM, Han-Soo; KIM, Ju-Hye et al.Transfusion (Philadelphia, PA). 2009, Vol 49, Num 11, pp 2285-2295, issn 0041-1132, 11 p., 1Article

Methylcellulose, a healing inhibitor factor in an animal model of trabeculectomySHOUMAN, Ayman A. M; HELAL, Ahmed; MARZOUK, Mohamed A et al.Investigative ophthalmology & visual science. 2006, Vol 47, Num 6, pp 2515-2519, issn 0146-0404, 5 p.Article

Effect of lactose, lactulose and bisacodyl on gastrointestinal transit studied by metal detectorEWE, K; UEBERSCHAER, B; PRESS, A. G et al.Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics. 1995, Vol 9, Num 1, pp 69-73, issn 0269-2813Article

Pharmacology of dietary fibreSPILLER, R. C.Pharmacology & therapeutics (Oxford). 1994, Vol 62, Num 3, pp 407-427, issn 0163-7258Article

Action of glucomannans on complaints in patients affected with chronic constipation : a multicentric clinical evaluationPASSARETTI, S; FRANZONI, M; TITTOBELLO, A et al.The Italian journal of gastroenterology. 1991, Vol 23, Num 7, pp 421-425, issn 0392-0623Article

Randomised trial of laxatives in treatment of childhood encopresisNOLAN, T; DEBELLE, G; OBERKLAID, F et al.Lancet (British edition). 1991, Vol 338, Num 8766, pp 523-527, issn 0140-6736Article

Principales classes de médicaments utilisées en hépato-gastro-entérologie, réunion, Toulouse, 26 juin 1987 = Important classes of drugs used in hepato-gastroenterology; Meeting, Toulouse June 26th 1987Médecine et chirurgie digestives (Paris). 1987, Vol 16, Num 8, pp 535-576, issn 0047-6412, 28 p.Conference Proceedings

Effects of laxative and nonlaxative hydrophilic polymers on canine small intestinal motor activityRUSSELL, J; BASS, P.Digestive diseases and sciences. 1986, Vol 31, Num 3, pp 281-288, issn 0163-2116Article

A 60-year-old woman with chronic diarrhea and weight lossMYRON FALCHUK, Z; BUTTERLY, L. F; STERN, T. A et al.The New England journal of medicine. 1985, Vol 313, Num 21, pp 1341-1346, issn 0028-4793Article

Fluorophotometry of barbaloin in AloeISHII, Y; TANIZAWA, H; TAKINO, Y et al.Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin. 1984, Vol 32, Num 12, pp 4946-4950, issn 0009-2363Article

Microemulsion electrokinetic chromatography for analysis of phthalates in soft drinksHSIEH, Sung-Yu; WANG, Chun-Chi; WU, Shou-Mei et al.Food chemistry. 2013, Vol 141, Num 4, pp 3486-3491, issn 0308-8146, 6 p.Article

Lactulose feeding lowers cecal densities of clostridia in pigletsKIEN, C. Lawrence; BLAUWIEKEL, Ruth; WILLIAMS, Carol H et al.JPEN. Journal of parenteral and enteral nutrition. 2007, Vol 31, Num 3, pp 194-198, issn 0148-6071, 5 p.Article

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