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Using an adapted form of the Picture Exchange Communication System to increase independent requesting in deafblind adults with learning disabilitiesBRACKEN, Maeve; ROHRER, Nicole.Research in developmental disabilities (Print). 2014, Vol 35, Num 2, pp 269-277, issn 0891-4222, 9 p.Article

How to get the most from a consultation with a person who has a learning disabilityBRADLEY, Paul; BYRNE, Katie; RING, Howard A et al.Practical neurology (Print). 2012, Vol 12, Num 1, pp 44-48, issn 1474-7758, 5 p.Article

Consequences, Characteristics, and Causes of Mathematical Learning Disabilities and Persistent Low Achievement in MathematicsGEARY, David C.Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics. 2011, Vol 32, Num 3, pp 250-263, issn 0196-206X, 14 p.Article

Legal and Definitional Issues Affecting the Identification and Education of Adults With Specific Learning Disabilities in Adult Education Programs : Adults With Learning Disabilities in Adult EducationTAYMANS, Juliana M.Journal of learning disabilities. 2012, Vol 45, Num 1, pp 5-16, issn 0022-2194, 12 p.Article

Demographic characteristics and mean profiles of learning disability index subsets of the standardization sample of the Wechsler intelligence scale for children-revisedCLAMPIT, M. K; SILVER, S. J.Journal of learning disabilities. 1990, Vol 23, Num 4, pp 263-264, issn 0022-2194, 2 p.Article

An analysis of the criteria used to diagnose children with Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD)MAMMARELLA, Irene C; CORNOLDI, Cesare.Neuropsychology, development, and cognition. Section C, Child neuropsychology. 2014, Vol 20, Num 3-4, pp 255-280, issn 0929-7049, 26 p.Article

Summary of the survey of fundamental concerns confronting the LD fieldADELMAN, H. S; TAYLOR, L.Journal of learning disabilities. 1986, Vol 19, Num 7, pp 391-393, issn 0022-2194Article

Op zoek naar de kern van leeszwakte: analyse van het leesproces van dyslectische kinderen = Au cœur des troubles de lecture: analyse de processus de lecture chez l'enfant dyslexique = The core of reading disturbances: analysis of the reading process in dyslectic childrenBOUMA, H; LEGEIN, C. P.Nederlands tijddschrift voor de psychologie en haar grensgebieden. 1983, Vol 38, Num 6, pp 358-369, issn 0028-2235Article

Early Exposure to Anesthesia and Learning Disabilities in a Population-based Birth CohortWILDER, Robert T; FLICK, Randall P; SPRUNG, Juraj et al.Anesthesiology (Philadelphia). 2009, Vol 110, Num 4, pp 796-804, issn 0003-3022, 9 p.Article

The educational effectiveness of problem-based Learning discussions as evaluated by learner-assessed satisfaction and practice changeROSENBLATT, Meg A.Journal of clinical anesthesia. 2004, Vol 16, Num 8, pp 596-601, issn 0952-8180, 6 p.Article

Problem-based learning : a dissemination success story?SANSON-FISHER, Robert W; LYNAGH, Marita C.Medical journal of Australia. 2005, Vol 183, Num 5, pp 258-260, issn 0025-729X, 3 p.Article

Trouver la dyscalculie ou découvrir le sujetBARREIRO, José-Antonio.La Nouvelle revue de l'adaptation et de la scolarisation. 2005, Num 30, pp 175-180, issn 1957-0341, 6 p.Article

Entwicklungsverzögerungen bei Schulanfängern mit den daraus resultierenden TeilleistungsstörungenWOHLFEIL, A.Das Offentliche Gesundheitswesen. 1991, Vol 53, Num 4, pp 175-180, issn 0029-8573Article

The future of the LD field: a series of analyses and commentariesADELMAN, H. S; TAYLOR, L.Journal of learning disabilities. 1986, Vol 19, Num 7, issn 0022-2194, 390Article

Learning disabilities theory: its current state and future prospectsTORGESEN, J. K.Journal of learning disabilities. 1986, Vol 19, Num 7, pp 399-407, issn 0022-2194Article

The future of the LD field: screening and diagnosisALGOZZINE, B; YSSELDYKE, J. E.Journal of learning disabilities. 1986, Vol 19, Num 7, pp 394-398, issn 0022-2194Article

A visually related learning disability caseHOFFMAN, L.Journal of the American Optometric Association. 1983, Vol 54, Num 7, pp 649-652, issn 0003-0244Article

When asperger's syndrome and a nonverbal learning disability look alikeSTEIN, Martin T; KLIN, Ami; MILLER, Karen et al.Pediatrics (Evanston). 2004, Vol 114, Num 5, pp 1458-1463, issn 0031-4005, 6 p., 3Article

(S)excerpts from a Life Told: Sex, Gender and Learning DisabilityROGERS, Chrissie.Sexualities (London). 2009, Vol 12, Num 3, pp 270-288, issn 1363-4607, 19 p.Article

Pierpont Syndrome: A Collaborative StudyBURKITT WRIGHT, Emma M. M; SURI, Mohnish; KIRK, Edwin P et al.American journal of medical genetics. Part A. 2011, Vol 155, Num 9, pp 2203-2211, issn 1552-4825, 9 p.Article

'It's got so politically correct now': parents' talk about empowering individuals with learning disabilitiesJINGREE, Treena; FINLAY, W. M. L.Sociology of health & illness (Print). 2012, Vol 34, Num 3, pp 412-428, issn 0141-9889, 17 p.Article

Qualitative Differences in Learning Disabilities Across Postsecondary InstitutionsWEIS, Robert; SYKES, Lauryn; UNADKAT, Devanshi et al.Journal of learning disabilities. 2012, Vol 45, Num 6, pp 491-502, issn 0022-2194, 12 p.Article

On the relationship between speech- and nonspeech-evoked auditory brainstem responsesSONG, J. H; BANAI, K; RUSSO, N. M et al.Audiology & neuro-otology. 2006, Vol 11, Num 4, pp 233-241, issn 1420-3030, 9 p.Article

Topological properties of large-scale structural brain networks in children with familial risk for reading difficultiesHADI HOSSEINI, S. M; BLACK, Jessica M; SORIANO, Teresa et al.NeuroImage (Orlando, Fla.). 2013, Vol 71, pp 260-274, issn 1053-8119, 15 p.Article

How do people with learning disability experience the city centre? A Sheffield case studyMCCLIMENS, Alex; PARTRIDGE, Nick; SEXTON, Ed et al.Health and place. 2014, Vol 28, pp 14-21, issn 1353-8292, 8 p.Article

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