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Neuropeptides associated with the frontal ganglion of larval LepidopteraAUDSLEY, Neil; MATTHEWS, June; WEAVER, Robert J et al.Peptides (New York, NY. 1980). 2005, Vol 26, Num 1, pp 11-21, issn 0196-9781, 11 p.Conference Paper

What's eating you? Saddleback caterpillar (Acharia stimulea)ELSTON, Dirk M.Cutis (New York, NY). 2007, Vol 80, Num 2, pp 110-112, issn 0011-4162, 3 p.Article

Geographically partitioned spatial synchrony among cyclic moth populationsKLEMOLA, Tero; HUITU, Otso; RUOHOMÄKI, Kai et al.Oikos. 2006, Vol 114, Num 2, pp 349-359, issn 0030-1299, 11 p.Article

Can parasitoids explain density patterns of Eriocrania (Lepidoptera: Eriocraniidae) miners in a polluted area?KORICHEVA, J.Acta oecologica (Montrouge). 1994, Vol 15, Num 3, pp 365-378, issn 1146-609XArticle

Papilio alexanor Esper (Lepidoptère, Papilionidae) = Papilio alexanorVESCO, J.-P.1987, Vol 28, pp 9-14Article

An der Kreideküste Rügens fliegt noch Photedes morrisii (Dale, 1837) (Lep., Noctuidae) = Photedes morrisii (Dale, 1837) vole encore sur la côte crayeuse de Rugens = Photedes morrisii (Dale, 1837) is flying at the chalk coast of the Rügen island yet (Lep., Noctuidae)TABBERT, H.Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte. 1989, Vol 33, Num 1, pp 35-36, issn 0232-5535Article

A comprehensive bibliography of the genus Argyresthia Hübner, 1825-Argyresthiidae; LepidopteraMUHAMMAD AHMAD KHAN; PLATE, H.-P; KOLLNER, V et al.Mitteilungen aus der Biologischen Bundesanstalt für Land- und Forstwirtschaft. 1989, Num 256, issn 0067-5849, 41 p.Serial Issue

Observation sur la reproduction du lépidoptère Hepialus yulongensis LiangZHAO WAN-YUEN; YANG DA-RONG; SHEN FA-RONG et al.Kūnchóngxué bào. 1989, Vol 32, Num 3, pp 382-384, issn 0454-6296Article

Reclassement naturel des espèces du genre Amastus Walker 1855, avec répartition en sept groupes (Lepidoptera Arctiidae, Arctiinae Phaegopterini) (27e note) = Natural classification of Amastus species and repartition in seven groupsDE TOULGOET, H.Miscellanea entomologica. 1988, Vol 51, Num 3, pp 69-78, issn 0750-7933Article

Spermatogenesis during ontogeny in the black-headed caterpillar Opisina arenosella Walker (Lepidoptera: Xylorytinae)SANTHOSH BABU, P. B; PRABHU, V. K. K.Current science (Bangalore). 1989, Vol 58, Num 11, pp 645-646, issn 0011-3891Article

Phylogenetic position of Arotis (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae)SHUEY, J. A.Annals of the Entomological Society of America. 1987, Vol 80, Num 5, pp 584-589, issn 0013-8746Article

Un élevage peu encombrant de Selenia lunularia Hübner (Lepidoptère, Geometridae) = Rearing of Selenia lunulariaBONIN, G.1987, Num 28, pp 1-8Article

Is the matrix important to butterflies in fragmented landscapes?SWEANEY, Nici; LINDENMAYER, David B; DRISCOLL, Don A et al.Journal of insect conservation. 2014, Vol 18, Num 3, pp 283-294, issn 1366-638X, 12 p.Article

Phylogenetic utility of Tektin, a novel region for inferring systematic relationships among lepidopteraWHINNETT, Alaine; BROWER, Andrew V. Z; LEE, Ming-Min et al.Annals of the Entomological Society of America. 2005, Vol 98, Num 6, pp 873-886, issn 0013-8746, 14 p.Article

Neue Depressarien (Lep. Oecophoridae) = Nouvelles espèces de la tribu Depressariini (Lep. Oecophoridae) = New species of the tribe Depressariini (Lep., Oecophoridae)HANNEMANN, H. J.Deutsche entomologische Zeitschrift. 1990, Vol 37, Num 1-3, pp 137-144, issn 0012-0073Article

The identity of a «lost species»: Cerma galva Strecker, 1898 (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)ADAMS, M. S; MCCABE, T. L.Journal of the New York Entomological Society. 1990, Vol 98, Num 1, pp 32-34, issn 0028-7199Article

Systematics of moths in the genus Catocala (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). II: Type material at the museum of comparative zoology, Harward university, with lectotype designationsGALL, L. F.Psyche (Cambridge). 1990, Vol 97, Num 1-2, pp 121-129, issn 0033-2615, 9 p.Article

Sex association in the double cocoons of muga silkworm, Antheraea assama WwBARAH, A; GOSWAMI, M; SAMSON, M. V et al.Current science (Bangalore). 1988, Vol 57, Num 11, pp 623-624, issn 0011-3891Article

Oranjetip op torenkruid (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) = Anthocharis cardamines sur Arabis glabra = Anthocharis cardamines on Arabis glabra (Lepidoptera: Pieridae)KUIJKEN, W.Entomologische berichten. 1987, Vol 47, Num 11, pp 157-158, issn 0013-8827Article

A study on esterase isozyme of silkworm (Bombyx mori) embryoXU JING FEI; SONG HONG SHENG.Séricologia. 1987, Vol 27, Num 2, pp 309-314, issn 0250-3980Conference Paper

K problematice preparace motýlů = Sur le problème de la préparation des papillons = To the problem of butterflies-preparationMASLOWSKI, O.Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Facultas Rerum Naturalium. Mathematica. 1989, Vol 96, pp 223-230, issn 0231-9721Article

Bemerkungen zur Biologie von Maculinae alcon Schiff. (Lep., Lycaneidae) = Remarques sur la biologie de Maculinae alcon Schiff. (Lep., Lycaenidae) = Remarks to the biology of Maculinae alcon Schiff. (Lep., Lycaenidae)LIEBIG, W.-H.Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte. 1989, Vol 33, Num 3, pp 117-121, issn 0232-5535Article

Natural hybrid between two different karyotypes of Pieris napae in Japan (Lepidoptera: Pieridae)MAEKI, K; MIYAWAKI, R.Proceedings of the Japan Academy. Series B Physical and biological sciences. 1987, Vol 63, Num 10, pp 361-364, issn 0386-2208Article

The identity of Sphinx brunnus Cramer and the taxonomic position of Acharia Huebner (Lepidoptera: Limacodidae)BECKER, V. O; MILLER, S. E.Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera. 1987, Vol 26, Num 1-4, pp 219-224, issn 0022-4324Article

Notas sinonímicas de la Familia Geometridae (Lepidóptera) = Notes synonymiques sur la famille Geometridae (Lepidoptera) = Synonimical notes from Family Geometridae (Lepidoptera)BEUTELSPACHER B., C. R.Anales del Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Serie Zoología. 1987, Vol 58, Num 1, pp 475-476, issn 0185-2590Article

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