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Carboxymethylierte Galaktomannan-Produkte als Galenische Hifsstoffe. III: Carboxymethyl-Galaktomannane als Matrixbildner für Retard-Zubereitungen = Les galactomannanes carboxyméthyles comme adjuvant galénique III: Les galactomannanes comme matrice pour les formulations de formes retard = Carboxymethylated galactomannan products as galenic inactive ingredientsNÜRNBERG, E; PRÜTTING, D.Pharmazeutische Industrie. 1984, Vol 46, Num 2, pp 184-186, issn 0031-711XArticle

Facilitation of transmitter release by neurotoxins from snake venomsHARVEY, A. L; ANDERSON, A. J; KARLSSON, E et al.Journal de physiologie (Paris). 1984, Vol 79, Num 4, pp 222-227, issn 0021-7948Article

Energy release in solar flaresSTURROCK, P. A; KAUFMAN, P; MOORE, R. L et al.Solar physics. 1984, Vol 94, Num 2, pp 341-357, issn 0038-0938Article

A new method for determining cooperativity in neurotransmitter releasePARNAS, H; PARNAS, I; SEGEL, L et al.Journal of theoretical biology. 1986, Vol 119, Num 4, pp 481-499, issn 0022-5193Article

Binding of a Glycera convoluta neurotoxin to cholinergic nerve terminals triggers A Ca-dependent acetylcholine releaseTHIEFFRY, M; MOREL, N; MANARANCHE, R et al.Journal de physiologie (Paris). 1984, Vol 79, Num 4, pp 269-274, issn 0021-7948Article

Liberation in a homogeneous two-phase oreMELOY, T. P; GOTOH, K.International journal of mineral processing. 1985, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 45-55, issn 0301-7516Article

The role of calcium and cyclic AMP in amylase release from isolated rat parotid acinar cells: effect of calcium ionophore A23187TAKEMURA, H.Research communications in chemical pathology and pharmacology. 1984, Vol 45, Num 2, pp 179-190, issn 0034-5164Article

Is there feedback control of transmitter release at the neuromuscular junction?BOWMAN, W. C; MARSHALL, I. G; GIBB, A. J et al.Seminars in anesthesia. 1984, Vol 3, Num 4, pp 275-283, issn 0277-0326Article

Platelet release in hemophiliaAL-MONDHIRY, H.Thrombosis and haemostasis. 1987, Vol 57, Num 3, pp 294-297, issn 0340-6245Article

Acetylcholinesterase release by the sexes of Trichostrongylus colubriformis (Nematoda)BONE, L. W; BOTTJER, K. P.Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington. 1986, Vol 53, Num 2, pp 248-250, issn 0018-0130Article

Drug glycosides: potential prodrugs for colon-specific drug deliveryFRIEND, D. R; CHANG, G. W.Journal of medicinal chemistry (Print). 1985, Vol 28, Num 1, pp 51-57, issn 0022-2623Article

Release of plasminogen activator by pentosan polysulphateKLÖCKING, H.-P; MARKWARDT, F.Thrombosis research. 1986, Vol 41, Num 5, pp 739-744, issn 0049-3848Article

Fibrinogen Seattle II: defective release of fibrinopeptide A in a slow clotting fibrinogenSCHREIBER, W. E; SCHMER, G.Thrombosis research. 1985, Vol 37, Num 1, pp 45-52, issn 0049-3848Article

Differential release of serotonin without comparable histamine under diverse conditions in the rat mast cellTHEOHARIDES, T. C; KRAEUTER KOPS, S; BONDY, P. K et al.Biochemical pharmacology. 1985, Vol 34, Num 9, pp 1389-1398, issn 0006-2952Article

Résonance paramétrique principale des vibrations de flexion de l'état viscoélastique d'une barre dans une formulation géométriquement non linéaireKOVALEV, V. V; ROZOVSKIJ, M. I.Prikladnaâ mehanika (Kiev). 1985, Vol 21, Num 1, pp 127-129, issn 0032-8243Article

Kainic acid evoked release of D-[3H]aspartate from rat striatum in vitro: characterization and pharmacological modulationNOTMAN, H; WHITNEY, R; JHAMANDAS, K et al.Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology. 1984, Vol 62, Num 9, pp 1070-1077, issn 0008-4212Article

The versatile synapsePITMAN, R. M.Journal of experimental biology. 1984, Vol 112, pp 199-224, issn 0022-0949Article

Forskolin inhibits histamine release by neurotensin in the rat perfused hind limbKEROUAC, R; ST-PIERRE, S; RIOUX, F et al.Research communications in chemical pathology and pharmacology. 1984, Vol 45, Num 2, pp 309-312, issn 0034-5164Article

Langerhans cell production of interleukin-1SAUDER, D. N; DINARELLO, C. A; MORHENN, V. B et al.Journal of investigative dermatology. 1984, Vol 82, Num 6, pp 605-607, issn 0022-202XArticle

Stimulus-induced release of endogenous catecholamines from human washed plateletsSMITH, C. C. T; WILSON, A. P; PRICHARD, B. N. C et al.Clinical science (1979). 1986, Vol 70, Num 5, pp 495-500, issn 0143-5221Article

Cytolytic activity released from TetrahymenaFLORIN-CHRISTENSEN, J; FLORIN-CHRISTENSEN, M; KNUDSEN, J et al.The Journal of protozoology. 1985, Vol 32, Num 4, pp 657-660, issn 0022-3921Article

Release of hydrocortisone and hydrocortisone acetate from topical vehicles in vitroTURAKKA, L; PIEPPONEN, T; KAHELA, P et al.Labo Pharma, problèmes et techniques. 1984, Vol 32, Num 344, pp 540-544, issn 0458-5747Article

Stimulation of renin release from rat renal cortical slices by cyclosporin ABAXTER, C. R; DUGGIN, G. G; HALL, B. M et al.Research communications in chemical pathology and pharmacology. 1984, Vol 43, Num 3, pp 417-423, issn 0034-5164Article

Adenosine release into venous plasma during free flow exerciseFUCHS, B. D; GORMAN, M. W; SPARKS, H. V et al.Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. 1986, Vol 181, Num 3, pp 364-370, issn 0037-9727Article

In situ tritium recovery experiment from lithium oxide under high neutron fluenceKURASAWA, T; YOSHIDA, H; TAKESHITA, H et al.Journal of nuclear materials. 1985, Vol 133-134, pp 196-200, issn 0022-3115Article

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