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Peak capacity in gradient ultra performance liquid chromatography (UPLC)WREN, Stephen A. C.Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. 2005, Vol 38, Num 2, pp 337-343, issn 0731-7085, 7 p.Article

Chromatographic benefits of elevated temperature for the proteomic analysis of membrane proteinsBLACKLER, Adele R; SPEERS, Anna E; WU, Christine C et al.Proteomics (Weinheim. Print). 2008, Vol 8, Num 19, pp 3956-3964, issn 1615-9853, 9 p.Article

Are analysts doing method validation in liquid chromatography?RUIZ-ANGEL, M. J; GARCIA-ALVAREZ-COQUE, M. C; BERTHOD, A et al.Journal of chromatography. 2014, Vol 1353, pp 2-9, issn 0021-9673, 8 p.Article

The contributions of Csaba Horváth to liquid chromatographyGREIBROKK, Tyge.Journal of separation science. 2004, Vol 27, Num 15-16, pp 1249-1254, issn 1615-9306, 6 p.Article

Internal calibrants allow high accuracy peptide matching between MALDI imaging MS and LC-MS/MSGUSTAFSSON, Johan O. R; EDDES, James S; MEDING, Stephan et al.Journal of proteomics (Print). 2012, Vol 75, Num 16, pp 5093-5105, issn 1874-3919, 13 p.Article

Analysis of Daphnane Orthoesters in Poisonous Australian Pimelea Species by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass SpectrometryCHOW, Sharon; FLETCHER, Mary T; MCKENZIE, Ross A et al.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry (Print). 2010, Vol 58, Num 12, pp 7482-7487, issn 0021-8561, 6 p.Article

Evaluation of LC-MS for the analysis of cleaning verification samplesSIMMONDS, Emma L; LOUGH, W. John; GRAY, Martin R et al.Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. 2006, Vol 40, Num 3, pp 631-638, issn 0731-7085, 8 p.Article

Application of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry to the investigation of poisoning by Oenanthe crocataKITE, Geoffrey C; STONEHAM, Charlotte A; VEITCH, Nigel C et al.Journal of chromatography. B. 2006, Vol 838, Num 1, pp 63-70, issn 1570-0232, 8 p.Article

Optimization of the separation of some psychotropic drugs and their respective metabolites by liquid chromatographyCUTRONEO, P; BELJEAN, M; PHAN TAN LUU, R et al.Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. 2006, Vol 41, Num 2, pp 333-340, issn 0731-7085, 8 p.Article

Fast determination of capsaicinoids from peppers by high-performance liquid chromatography using a reversed phase monolithic columnBARBERO, G. F; LIAZID, A; PALMA, M et al.Food chemistry. 2008, Vol 107, Num 3, pp 1276-1282, issn 0308-8146, 7 p.Article

Liquid chromatographic analysis of pentazocine and tripelennamine in combinationNOGGLE, F. T. JR.Journal of liquid chromatography. 1983, Vol 6, Num 11, pp 2005-2017, issn 0148-3919Article

HPLC in the analytical service laboratory = La CLHP dans les laboratoires d'analysesFARRELL, F. J.Food technology (Chicago). 1984, Vol 38, Num 4, pp 81-83, issn 0015-6639Article

Liquid chromatographic assay for dalapon grasskiller products: collaborative studySTEVENS, T. S; WEDELSTAEDT, C.1983, Vol 66, Num 6, pp 1390-1394Article

Recherche des grandes efficacités de séparation en chromatographie en phase liquide : micro-colonnes ou colonnes capillaires ?BERTHOU, F.Analusis (Imprimé). 1984, Vol 12, Num 1, pp 3-11, issn 0365-4877Article

Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of Vaccinium myrtillus anthocyanins by high-resolution gas chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography = Evaluation qualitative et quantitative, par chromatographie gazeuse à haute résolution et chromatographie liquide haute performance, des anthocyanines de Vaccinium myrtillusBAJ, A; BOMBARDELLI, E; GABETTA, B et al.Journal of chromatography. 1983, Vol 279, pp 365-372, issn 0021-9673Article

Chromatographic determination of phenylurea herbicides and their corresponding aniline degradation products in environmental samples. I = Dosage, par chromatographie, des herbicides phénylurée et de leurs produits de dégradation type aniline dans des échantillons prélevés dans l'environnement. IDE KOK, A; VOS, Y. J; VAN GARDEREN, C et al.Journal of chromatography. 1984, Vol 288, Num 1, pp 71-89, issn 0021-9673Article

Evaluation of the multivariate selectivity of multi-way liquid chromatography methodsCANTWELL, Marc T; PORTER, Sarah E. G; RUTAN, Sarah C et al.Journal of chemometrics. 2007, Vol 21, Num 7-9, pp 335-345, issn 0886-9383, 11 p.Article

Liquid chromatographic determination of maleic hydrazide in technical and formulated products : Collaborative studyMERTZ, James L; LAU, Dora Y; BORTH, David M et al.Journal of AOAC International. 2006, Vol 89, Num 4, pp 929-936, issn 1060-3271, 8 p.Article

Retention mechanism of nucleotides, nucleosides and their bases on polyvinyl alcoholWADA, H.Journal of chromatography. 1985, Vol 332, pp 255-263, issn 0021-9673Article

High-performance liquid chromatography in the analysis of the products of phospholipase A hydrolysis of phosphatidylcholine = La chromatographie liquide haute performance pour l'analyse des produits de l'hydrolyse de la phosphatidylcholine par la phospholipase ACHRISTIE, W. W; HUNTER, M. L.Journal of chromatography. 1984, Vol 294, pp 489-493, issn 0021-9673Article

Use of high-performance liquid chromatography in the separation of flavonol glycosides and flavonol sulphates = Utilisation de la chromatographie liquide haute performance pour la séparation des glycosides et des sulfates de flavonolHARBORNE, J. B; BOARDLEY, M.Journal of chromatography. 1984, Vol 299, Num 2, pp 377-385, issn 0021-9673Article

Electrochemical detectors for liquid chromatographyKRSTULOVIC, A. M; COLIN, H; GUIOCHON, G. A et al.Advances in chromatography (New York, NY). 1984, Vol 24, pp 83-124, issn 0065-2415Article

Determination of fluorescent pesticides and metabolites by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography = Dosage, par chromatographie liquide haute performance à phase inverse, des pesticides fluorescents et de leurs métabolitesKRAUSE, R. T.Journal of chromatography. 1983, Vol 255, pp 497-510, issn 0021-9673Article

Pressure dependence of diffusion coefficient and effect on plate height in liquid chromatographyMARTIN, M; GUIOCHON, G.Analytical chemistry (Washington, DC). 1983, Vol 55, Num 14, pp 2302-2309, issn 0003-2700Article

Simultaneous very fast liquid-chromatographic analysis of ethosuximide, primidone, phenobarbital, phenytoin, and carbamazepine in serumKABRA, P. M; NELSON, M. A; MARTON, L. J et al.Clinical chemistry (Baltimore, Md.). 1983, Vol 29, Num 3, pp 473-476, issn 0009-9147Article

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