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Extrapolation of Al2O3―water nanofluid viscosity for temperatures and volume concentrations beyond the range of validity of existing correlationsBETANCOURT MENA, Jesus; DE MORAES, Anderson Antonio Ubices; ROQUE BENITO, Yipsy et al.Applied thermal engineering. 2013, Vol 51, Num 1-2, pp 1092-1097, issn 1359-4311, 6 p.Article

Low carbon and low embodied energy materials in buildings: A reviewCABEZA, Luisa F; BARRENECHE, Camila; MIRO, Laia et al.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2013, Vol 23, pp 536-542, issn 1364-0321, 7 p.Article

Combined Effects of Physical Demands and Shift Working on Low Back Disorders Among Nursing PersonnelRAEISI, Saeed; NAMVAR, Mohamad; GOLABADI, Majid et al.International journal of occupational safety and ergonomics. 2014, Vol 20, Num 1, pp 159-166, issn 1080-3548, 8 p.Article

Estimated GFR and Circulating 24,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Concentration: A Participant-Level Analysis of 5 Cohort Studies and Clinical TrialsDE BOER, Ian H; SACHS, Michael C; SISCOVICK, David S et al.American journal of kidney diseases. 2014, Vol 64, Num 2, pp 187-197, issn 0272-6386, 11 p.Article

Histoscanning Has Low Sensitivity and Specificity for Seminal Vesicle InvasionSCHIFFMANN, Jonas; BEYER, Burkhard; FISCHER, Johannes et al.Urology (Ridgewood, NJ). 2014, Vol 84, Num 5, pp 1168-1171, issn 0090-4295, 4 p.Article

Increased mortality after transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) in patients with severe aortic stenosis and low ejection fraction: A meta-analysis of 6898 patientsSANNINO, Anna; GARGIULO, Giuseppe; CHIACCHIO, Elena et al.International journal of cardiology. 2014, Vol 176, Num 1, pp 32-39, issn 0167-5273, 8 p.Article

Low Titers of Serum Antibodies Inhibiting Hemagglutination Predict Fatal Fulminant Influenza A(H1N1) 2009 InfectionGUIHOT, Amélie; LUYT, Charles-Edouard; AGUT, Henri et al.American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine. 2014, Vol 189, Num 10, pp 1240-1249, issn 1073-449X, 10 p.Article

Low sputum MMP-9/TIMP ratio is associated with airway narrowing in smokers with asthmaCHAUDHURI, Rekha; MCSHARRY, Charles; MURCHISON, John T et al.The European respiratory journal. 2014, Vol 44, Num 4, pp 895-904, issn 0903-1936, 10 p.Article

Mini-Retroperitoneoscopic Clampless Partial Nephrectomy for Low-complexity Renal Tumours (PADUA Score ≤8)PORPIGLIA, Francesco; BERTOLO, Riccardo; AMPARORE, Daniele et al.European urology. 2014, Vol 66, Num 4, pp 778-783, issn 0302-2838, 6 p.Article

Parallel-Group 8-Week Study on Chlorthalidone Effects in Hypertensives With Low Kidney FunctionCIRILLO, Massimo; MARCARELLI, Fabiana; MELE, Alessandra A et al.Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. 1979). 2014, Vol 63, Num 4, pp 692-697, issn 0194-911X, 6 p.Article

Elevated airborne manganese and low executive function in school-aged children in Brazil : NEUROTOXICITY AND DEVELOPMENT: HUMAN, ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL IMPACTSCARVALHO, Chrissie F; MENEZES, José A; DE MATOS, Vitor P et al.Neurotoxicology (Park Forest South). 2014, Vol 45, pp 301-308, issn 0161-813X, 8 p.Article

Effects of home-based training with telemonitoring guidance in low to moderate risk patients entering cardiac rehabilitation: short-term results of the FIT@Home studyKRAAL, Jos J; PEEK, Niels; VAN DEN AKKER-VAN MARLE, M. Elske et al.European journal of preventive cardiology (Print). 2014, Vol 21, pp 26-31, issn 2047-4873, 6 p., SUP2Conference Paper

Dépistage du cancer bronchique = Lung cancer screeningNACKAERTS, K.Revue des maladies respiratoires actualités (Print). 2014, Vol 6, Num 4, pp 335-340, issn 1877-1203, 6 p.Conference Paper

Risk factors for age at onset of dementia due to Alzheimer's disease in a sample of patients with low mean schooling from São Paulo, BrazilDE OLIVEIRA, Fabricio Ferreira; FERREIRA BERTOLUCCI, Paulo Henrique; CHEN, Elizabeth Suchi et al.International journal of geriatric psychiatry. 2014, Vol 29, Num 10, pp 1033-1039, issn 0885-6230, 7 p.Article

Intoxication pédiatrique sévère avec une faible dose de clonidine: à propos d'un cas = Clonidine poisoning in a child: A case reportSCHMITT, C; KERVEGANT, M; AJALTOUNI, Z et al.Archives de pédiatrie (Paris). 2014, Vol 21, Num 11, pp 1213-1215, issn 0929-693X, 3 p.Article

Detection of acute aortic dissection by extremely high soluble lectin-like oxidized LDL receptor-1 (sLOX-1) and low troponin T levels in bloodKOBAYASHI, Nobuaki; HATA, Noritake; MIZUNO, Kyoichi et al.International journal of cardiology. 2013, Vol 165, Num 3, pp 557-559, issn 0167-5273, 3 p.Article

Functional and morphological vascular changes in subjects with familial combined hypolipidemia: An exploratory analysisMINICOCCI, Ilenia; CANTISANI, Vito; CECI, Fabrizio et al.International journal of cardiology. 2013, Vol 168, Num 4, pp 4375-4378, issn 0167-5273, 4 p.Article

Low-flow low-gradient aortic stenosis in patients with low ejection fraction: But is the flow truly low?BENOY NALIN SHAH; NAVTEJ SINGH CHAHAL; SENIOR, Roxy et al.International journal of cardiology. 2013, Vol 168, Num 5, pp 4999-5001, issn 0167-5273, 3 p.Article

Measles: the legacy of low vaccine coverageRAMSAY, Mary E.Archives of disease in childhood. 2013, Vol 98, Num 10, pp 752-754, issn 0003-9888, 3 p.Article

Angiotensin-(1―7)―Induced Renal Vasodilation in Hypertensive Humans Is Attenuated by Low Sodium Intake and Angiotensin II Co-InfusionVAN TWIST, Daan J. L; HOUBEN, Alfons J. H. M; DE HAAN, Michiel W et al.Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. 1979). 2013, Vol 62, Num 4, pp 789-793, issn 0194-911X, 5 p.Article

Carboplatin dose calculation in lung cancer patients with low serum creatinine concentrations using CKD-EPI and Cockcroft―Gault with different weight descriptorsKAAG, Dieter.Lung cancer. 2013, Vol 79, Num 1, pp 54-58, issn 0169-5002, 5 p.Article

Child restraint use in low socio-economic areas of urban Sydney during transition to new legislationKEAY, Lisa; HUNTER, Kate; BROWN, Julie et al.Accident analysis and prevention. 2013, Vol 50, pp 984-991, issn 0001-4575, 8 p.Article

Clampless laparoendoscopic single-site partial nephrectomy for renal cancer with low PADUA score: technique and surgical outcomesSPRINGER, Christopher; VENEZIANO, Domenico; WIMPISSINGER, Florian et al.BJU international (Papier). 2013, Vol 111, Num 7, pp 1091-1098, issn 1464-4096, 8 p.Article

Community-based dietary and physical activity interventions in low socioeconomic groups in the UK: A mixed methods systematic reviewEVERSON-HOCK, E. S; JOHNSON, M; JONES, R et al.Preventive medicine (1972). 2013, Vol 56, Num 5, pp 265-272, issn 0091-7435, 8 p.Article

Does transportation mode modify associations between distance to food store, fruit and vegetable consumption, and BMI in low-income neighborhoods?FULLER, Daniel; CUMMINS, Steven; MATTHEWS, Stephen A et al.The American journal of clinical nutrition. 2013, Vol 97, Num 1, pp 167-172, issn 0002-9165, 6 p.Article

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