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Une nouvelle famille en phytopharmacie: les pipéridines = A new family in phytopharmacology: piperidinesLEPRINCE, X.1988, Num 401, 22Article

A new housing for the battery-operated aerosol droplet sampler model 312FRITZ, D. K; BOOBAR, L. R.Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association. 1990, Vol 6, Num 3, pp 477-481, issn 8756-971XArticle

New targets for insect management in crop protection. II: Development of improved insecticidal agents and environmental aspects of pesticide utilizationALTSTEIN, Miriam; AHARONSON, Nadav; MENN, Julius J et al.Archives of insect biochemistry and physiology. 1993, Vol 22, Num 3-4, issn 0739-4462, 216 p.Conference Proceedings

Acetic acid : a selective nematicidal metabolite from culture filtrates of Paecilomyces lilacinus (Thom) Samson and Trichoderma longibrachiatum RifaiDJIAN, C; PIJAROWSKI, L; PONCHET, M et al.Nematologica (Leiden). 1991, Vol 37, Num 1, pp 101-112, issn 0028-2596Article

The attack of the charged brigadeMATTHEWS, G.New scientist (1971). 1988, Vol 119, Num 1621, pp 55-57, issn 0262-4079Article

La grande famiglia dei fungicidi triazolici = An big family of triazole fungicides = La grande famille des fongicides à triazoleBRUNELLI, A.Informatore fitopatologico. 1986, Vol 36, Num 11, pp 23-28, issn 0020-0735Article

Désherbage: quoi de neuf à l'horizon 85? = Weed control: what is new in 1985?MORIN, C.1985, Num 368, pp 28-30, 2 p.Article

Befran (Iminoctadine), a new fungicideMASUI, M.1986, Num 49, pp 7-9Article

Les traitements phytosanitaires à volume réduit par voie terrestre = Sanitary treatments by reduced volume-earth wayPhytoma (Paris). 1986, Num 380, pp 33-41, issn 0048-4091, 8 p.Article

Cultural and chemical control of ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea)KOHLER, Eric A; THROSSELL, Clark S; REICHER, Zachary J et al.HortScience. 2004, Vol 39, Num 5, pp 1148-1152, issn 0018-5345, 5 p.Article

Clean cutsSMITH, D.Dairy industries international. 1994, Vol 59, Num 1, pp 25-27, issn 0308-8197, 2 p.Article

Attractants for mosquito surveillance and control. SymposiumJournal of the American Mosquito Control Association. 1994, Vol 10, Num 2, issn 8756-971X, 2Conference Proceedings

Storia dei diserbanti: la lotta alle malerbe nei secoli = Histoire des herbicides: lutte contre les mauvaises herbes pendant des siècles = Story of herbicides: control of weeds during all timeBERTUCCI, B. M.Informatore fitopatologico. 1988, Vol 38, Num 10, pp 11-16, issn 0020-0735Article

Il phosethyl-Al nel controllo dei funghi peronosporali: acquisizioni attuali e prospettive di sviluppo = Al-phosethyl dans la lutte contre les péronosporales: résultats actuels, perspectives et développement = Phosethyl-Al for the chemical control peronosporeae jungi: actual results, perspectives and developmentMIGLIO, G.Informatore fitopatologico. 1989, Vol 39, Num 7-8, pp 5-9, issn 0020-0735Article

Suppression of leaf scald symptom in plum by oxytetracycline injectionCHANG, C. J; YONCE, C. E; GARDNER, D et al.Nippon Shokubutsu Byori Gakkaiho. 1987, Vol 53, Num 3, pp 354-359, issn 0031-9473Article

La resistenza ai fungicidi = La résistance aux fongicides = Fongicides resistanceGULLINO, M. L.Informatore fitopatologico. 1987, Vol 37, Num 11, pp 9-14, issn 0020-0735Article

The bare minimum: demanning and human reliability assurance in chemical control roomsLUCAS, Deborah; MULLINS, Peter; WILKINSON, John et al.IEE conference publication. 2001, issn 0537-9989, isbn 0-85296-742-X, p. 164Conference Paper

Chlozolinate: fungicida per la lotta contro i marciumi = Chlozolinate: fongicide pour la lutte contre les champignons = Chlozolinate. fungicide for the control against fungiPARDUCCI, S.Informatore fitopatologico. 1990, Vol 40, Num 3, pp 11-15, issn 0020-0735Article

Les oxadiazoles: une famille chimique originale de la recherche Rhône-Poulenc = Oxadiazoles: new chemicals in the research programme of Rhone-Poulenc SocietyAMBROSI, D; RICHARD, R.1985, Vol 39, Num 231, pp 19-22Article

Insecticide formulations ― types and uses: a reviewRATHBURN, C. B. JR.Mosquito news. 1985, Vol 1, Num 1, pp 80-84, issn 0027-142XArticle

La naissance de la bouillie bordelaise = Birth of Bordeaux mixtureVIENNOT-BOURGIN, G.1985, Num 371, pp 22-23Article

La réduction des volumes = Reduction of volumesBOUCHET, C.1984, Num 363, pp 42-44Article

Insecticidal control of some pests of culinary herbsWIGHTMAN, J. A; WHITFORD, D. N. J.New Zealand journal of experimental agriculture. 1984, Vol 12, Num 1, pp 59-62, issn 0301-5521Article

LONPAR: pour la lutte contre les vivaces et autres dicotylédones tardives dans les céréales = LONPAR: for the controle of persistent and dicotyledonous weeds in cerealsLOUESDON, A.-M; MAIGROT, P.Défense des végétaux (Paris). 1985, Vol 39, Num 232, pp 18-22, issn 0011-7579Article

Improving chemical systems of weed controlZIMDAHL, R. L.1984, Vol 32, Num 3, pp 105-109Article

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