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Repeated integral inequalitiesDIXON, J; MCKEE, S.IMA journal of numerical analysis. 1984, Vol 4, Num 1, pp 99-107, issn 0272-4979Article

A fictitious domain method for Navier-Stokes equationsGIRAULT, V; GLOWINSKI, R; LOPEZ, H et al.Computational science for the 21st century. Symposium. 1997, pp 149-159, isbn 0-471-97298-3Conference Paper

A general equivalence theorem in the theory of discretization methodsSANZ-SERNA, J. M; PALENCIA, C.Mathematics of computation. 1985, Vol 45, Num 171, pp 143-152, issn 0025-5718Article

Icosahedral discretization of the two-sphereBAUMGARDNER, J. R; FREDERICKSON, P. O.SIAM journal on numerical analysis. 1985, Vol 22, Num 6, pp 1107-1115, issn 0036-1429Article

A geometrical approach to discretization of nonlinear integrable evolution equations. I: Burger's hierarchyDE FILIPPO, S; SALERNO, M.Physics letters. A. 1984, Vol 101, Num 2, pp 75-80, issn 0375-9601Article

An implicit off-step point method for the integration of stiff differential equationsLAUTSCH, M.Computing (Wien. Print). 1983, Vol 31, Num 2, pp 177-183, issn 0010-485XArticle

The numerical solution of 3-D thermoelastic problems using only Laplace operator discrezation methodsFANELLI, M. A.International journal for numerical methods in engineering. 1988, Vol 25, Num 2, pp 545-559, issn 0029-5981Article

Application of predictor-corrector schemes with several correctors in solving air pollution problemsZLATEV, Z.BIT (Nordisk Tidskrift for Informationsbehandling). 1984, Vol 24, Num 4, pp 700-715, issn 0006-3835Article

Averaged multivalued solutions for scalar conservation lawsBRENNER, Y.SIAM journal on numerical analysis. 1984, Vol 21, Num 6, pp 1013-1037, issn 0036-1429Article

A semi-implicit mid-point rule for stiff systems of ordinary differential equationsBADER, G; DEUFLHARD, P.Numerische Mathematik. 1983, Vol 41, Num 3, pp 373-398, issn 0029-599XArticle

Discrete defect corrections: basic ideasALLGOWER, E; BOHMER, K; MCCORMICK, S et al.Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik. 1983, Vol 63, Num 8, pp 371-377, issn 0044-2267Article

One variety of quick estimation schemes for parameters in kinetic modelsWATANABE, K; HIMMELBLAU, D. M.AIChE journal. 1983, Vol 29, Num 5, pp 789-795, issn 0001-1541Article

Discrete Klein-Gordon models with static kinks free of the Peierls-Nabarro potentialDMITRIEV, S. V; KEVREKIDIS, P. G; YOSHIKAWA, N et al.Journal of physics. A, mathematical and general. 2005, Vol 38, Num 35, pp 7617-7627, issn 0305-4470, 11 p.Article

Numerical conformal mapping methods for exterior regions with cornersDELILLO, T. K; ELCRAT, A. R.Journal of computational physics (Print). 1993, Vol 108, Num 2, pp 199-208, issn 0021-9991Article

A mesh-independence principle for operator equations and their discretizationsALLGOWER, E. L; BOHMER, K; POTRA, F. A et al.SIAM journal on numerical analysis. 1986, Vol 23, Num 1, pp 160-169, issn 0036-1429Article

Discretized fractional calculusLUBICH, C.SIAM journal on mathematical analysis. 1986, Vol 17, Num 3, pp 704-719, issn 0036-1410Article

Une méthode monotone d'ordre 2 de remaillage bidimensionnel de quantités conservatives = An order two monotone methode of bidimensional remapping for conservative variablesDAVID, J.1984, 21 p.Report

Discretization methods and block isoclinal matricesMCKEE, S.IMA journal of numerical analysis. 1983, Vol 3, Num 8, pp 467-491, issn 0272-4979Article

Accuracy and stability of multistage multistep formulasJELTSCH, R; NEVANLINNA, O.Numerische Mathematik. 1986, Vol 48, Num 1, pp 33-83, issn 0029-599XArticle

A method for generating boundary-orthogonal curvilinear coordinate systems using the biharmonic equationSPARIS, P. D.Journal of computational physics (Print). 1985, Vol 61, Num 3, pp 445-462, issn 0021-9991Article

On the energy theorem for the Lagrange equations in the discrete caseGOTUSSO, L.Applied mathematics and computation. 1985, Vol 17, Num 2, pp 129-136, issn 0096-3003Article

On vortex methodsANDERSON, C; GREENGARD, C.SIAM journal on numerical analysis. 1985, Vol 22, Num 3, pp 413-440, issn 0036-1429Article

The accuracy and the preservation property of the discrete mechanicsKANATANI, K.Journal of computational physics (Print). 1984, Vol 53, Num 1, pp 181-187, issn 0021-9991Article

The evaluation of relativistic oscillatory wavefunctions on a logarithmic gridMAYERS, D. F; TURNER, D. M.Journal of computational physics (Print). 1984, Vol 55, Num 3, pp 397-407, issn 0021-9991Article

Analysis of convergence of numerical methodsGEVECI, T.International series of numerical mathematics. 1983, Vol 66, pp 76-133, issn 0373-3149Article

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