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Application of a Finite-Volume Method in the Simulation of Chromatographic Systems: Effects of Flux LimitersMEDI, Bijan; AMANULLAH, Mohammad.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2011, Vol 50, Num 3, pp 1739-1748, issn 0888-5885, 10 p.Article

A finite volume format for structural mechanicsONATE, E; CERVERA, M; ZIENKIEWICZ, O. C et al.International journal for numerical methods in engineering. 1994, Vol 37, Num 2, pp 181-201, issn 0029-5981Article

A Fourth-Order-Centered Finite-Volume Scheme for Regular Hexagonal GridsMIURA, Hiroaki.Monthly weather review. 2007, Vol 135, Num 12, pp 4030-4037, issn 0027-0644, 8 p.Article

Efficient conservative global transport schemes for climate and atmospheric chemistry modelsNAIR, Ramachandran D; SCROGGS, Jeffrey S; SEMAZZI, Fredrick H. M et al.Monthly weather review. 2002, Vol 130, Num 8, pp 2059-2073, issn 0027-0644Article

Phénomènes de ségrégation et contraintes thermomécaniques associés au processus de changement de phase solide-liquide = Segregation phenomena and thermomechanical stresses associated with the solid-liquid phase change processBertrand, Olivier; Arquis, Eric.1999, 178 p.Thesis

Comments on : A finite-volume integration method for computing pressure gradient force in general vertical coordinates. Author's replyJANJIC, T; LIN, S.-J.Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. 1998, Vol 124, Num 551, pp 2527-2533, issn 0035-9009, 6 p., AArticle

A dual graph-norm refinement indicator for finite volume approximations of the Euler equationsSONAR, T; SÜLI, E.Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik. 1996, Vol 76, pp 361-364, issn 0044-2267, SUP2Conference Paper

A finite-volume method for the instationary Maxwell equationsVOSS, U; MUNZ, C.-D; SCHNEIDER, R et al.Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik. 1996, Vol 76, pp 579-580, issn 0044-2267, SUP1Conference Paper

PHYSICA - A software environment for the modelling of multi-physics phenomenaCROSS, M; CHOW, P; BAILEY, C et al.Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik. 1996, Vol 76, pp 105-108, issn 0044-2267, SUP4Conference Paper

A numerical and experimental study on the vacuum-freeze-drying process of skim milk solution in a vialSONG, C. S; NAM, J. H; KIM, C.-J et al.International heat transfer conference. 2002, pp 93-98, isbn 2-84299-308-X, 6 p.Conference Paper

Geometric properties of arbitrary polyhedra in terms of face geometryBRUNER, C. W.AIAA journal. 1995, Vol 33, Num 7, issn 0001-1452, p. 1350Article

Applications of finite volume methods to atmospheric modelsSTEPPELER, J; PROHL, P.Contributions to atmospheric physics. 1996, Vol 69, Num 2, pp 297-306, issn 0303-4186Article

Resolution of the system of equations of ideal magnetohydrodynamics by a finite volume kinetic-type methodKHANFIR, R; CHANTEUR, G; CROISILLE, J. P et al.Computer physics communications. 1996, Vol 98, Num 3, pp 301-316, issn 0010-4655Article

THE G METHOD FOR HETEROGENEOUS ANISOTROPIC DIFFUSION ON GENERAL MESHESAGELAS, Léo; DI PIETRO, Daniel A; DRONIOU, Jérôme et al.Modélisation mathématique et analyse numérique (Imprimé). 2010, Vol 44, Num 4, pp 597-625, issn 0764-583X, 29 p.Article

Laminar film condensation from vapour-gas mixtures in downward-inclined parallel-plate channelsSIOW, B. C; ORMISTON, S. J; SOLIMAN, H. M et al.International heat transfer conference. 2002, pp 905-910, isbn 2-84299-308-X, 6 p.Conference Paper

On the discrete conservation of the Gauss-Poisson equation of plasma physicsBOUCHUT, F.Communications in numerical methods in engineering. 1998, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 23-34, issn 1069-8299Article

Computational magnetohydrodynamics : ApplicationPERICLEOUS, K; HUGHES, M; CROSS, M et al.Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik. 1996, Vol 76, pp 113-116, issn 0044-2267, SUP4Conference Paper

Analysis of a new methodology applied to the desorption of natural gas in activated carbon vesselsSANTOS, J. C; GURGEL, J. M; MARCONDES, F et al.Applied thermal engineering. 2014, Vol 73, Num 1, pp 931-939, issn 1359-4311, 9 p.Article

Quadratic finite volume element method for the improved Boussinesq equationZHIYUE ZHANG; FUQIANG LU.Journal of mathematical physics. 2012, Vol 53, Num 1, issn 0022-2488, 013505.1-013505.18Article

Fast Prediction Method for Steady-State Heat ConvectionYI WANG; BO YU; SHUYU SUN et al.Chemical engineering & technology. 2012, Vol 35, Num 4, pp 668-678, issn 0930-7516, 11 p.Article

Local coordinates for SL(n, C)-character varieties of finite-volume hyperbolic 3-manifoldsMENAL-FERRER, Pere; PORTI, Joan.Annales mathématiques Blaise Pascal. 2012, Vol 19, Num 1, pp 107-122, issn 1259-1734, 16 p.Article

A numerical investigation of spherical void growth in an elastic-plastic continuumLEONARD, M; MURPHY, N; KARAC, A et al.Computational materials science. 2012, Vol 64, pp 38-40, issn 0927-0256, 3 p.Conference Paper

Numerical modelling of supercritical flow in rectangular chute bendsMAHNAZ, Ghaeini-Hessaroeyeh; TAHERSHAMSI, Ahmad; NAMIN, Masoud Montazeri et al.Journal of hydraulic research. 2011, Vol 49, Num 5, pp 685-688, issn 0022-1686, 4 p.Article

Thermal and hydrodynamic performances of chaotic mini-channel : Application to the fuel cell coolingLASBET, Yahia; AUVITY, Bruno; CASTELAIN, Cathy et al.Heat transfer engineering. 2007, Vol 28, Num 8-9, pp 795-803, issn 0145-7632, 9 p.Conference Paper

Tubular type heat flux meter for monitoring internal scale deposits in large steam boilersTALER, Jan; TALER, Dawid.Heat transfer engineering. 2007, Vol 28, Num 3, pp 230-239, issn 0145-7632, 10 p.Conference Paper

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