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Australian nurses' experiences and attitudes in the Do Not Resuscitate decisionMANIAS, E.Research in nursing & health. 1998, Vol 21, Num 5, pp 429-441, issn 0160-6891Article

Crystallization behavior of poly(ethylene oxide) in the presence of Na+ Montmorillonite fillersSTRAWHECKER, K. E; MANIAS, E.Chemistry of materials. 2003, Vol 15, Num 4, pp 844-849, issn 0897-4756, 6 p.Article

Computer simulation of PEO/layered-silicate nanocomposites: 2. Lithium dynamics in PEO/Li+ montmorillonite intercalatesKUPPA, V; MANIAS, E.Chemistry of materials. 2002, Vol 14, Num 5, pp 2171-2175, issn 0897-4756Article

AFM of poly(vinyl alcohol) crystals next to an inorganic surfaceSTRAWHECKER, K. E; MANIAS, E.Macromolecules. 2001, Vol 34, Num 24, pp 8475-8482, issn 0024-9297Article

Structure and properties of poly(vinyl alcohol)/Na+ montmorillonite nanocompositesSTRAWHECKER, K. E; MANIAS, E.Chemistry of materials. 2000, Vol 12, Num 10, pp 2943-2949, issn 0897-4756Article

Effect of cation exchange capacity on the structure and dynamics of poly(ethylene oxide) in Li+ montmorillonite nanocompositesKUPPA, V; MANIAS, E.Journal of polymer science. Part B. Polymer physics. 2005, Vol 43, Num 23, pp 3460-3477, issn 0887-6266, 18 p.Article

The interplay of knowledge and decision making between nurses and doctors in critical careMANIAS, E; STREET, A.International journal of nursing studies. 2001, Vol 38, Num 2, pp 129-140, issn 0020-7489Article

Functionalized syndiotactic polystyrene polymers prepared by the combination of metallocene catalyst and borane comonomerDONG, J. Y; MANIAS, E; CHUNG, T. C et al.Macromolecules. 2002, Vol 35, Num 9, pp 3439-3447, issn 0024-9297Article

Phase behavior of temperature-responsive polymers with tunable LCST : An equation-of-state approachKISSELEV, Alexei M; MANIAS, E.Fluid phase equilibria. 2007, Vol 261, Num 1-2, pp 69-78, issn 0378-3812, 10 p.Conference Paper

Flammability properties of polymer-layered-silicate nanocomposites. Polypropylene and polystyrene nanocompositesGILMAN, J. W; JACKSON, C. L; MORGAN, A. B et al.Chemistry of materials. 2000, Vol 12, Num 7, pp 1866-1873, issn 0897-4756Article

Segmental dynamics of polymers in nanoscopic confinements, as probed by simulations of polymer/layered-silicate nanocompositesKUPPA, V; FOLEY, T. M. D; MANIAS, E et al.The European physical journal. E, Soft matter (Print). 2003, Vol 12, Num 1, pp 159-165, issn 1292-8941, 7 p.Conference Paper

A SANS study of organoclay dispersionsHANLEY, H. J. M; MUZNY, C. D; HO, D. L et al.International journal of thermophysics. 2001, Vol 22, Num 5, pp 1435-1448, issn 0195-928XConference Paper

Nurse-led clinics reduce severity of childhood atopic eczema : a review of the literatureMOORE, E; WILLIAMS, A; MANIAS, E et al.British journal of dermatology (1951). 2006, Vol 155, Num 6, pp 1242-1248, issn 0007-0963, 7 p.Article

Computer simulation studies of PEO/layer silicate nanocompositesHACKETT, E; MANIAS, E; GIANNELIS, E. P et al.Chemistry of materials. 2000, Vol 12, Num 8, pp 2161-2167, issn 0897-4756Article

Inhomogeneities in sheared ultrathin lubricating filmsMANIAS, E; HADZIIOANNOU, G; TEN BRINKE, G et al.Langmuir. 1996, Vol 12, Num 19, pp 4587-4593, issn 0743-7463Conference Paper

Exfoliated PP/clay nanocomposites using ammonium-terminated PP as the organic modification for montmorilloniteWANG, Z. M; NAKAJIMA, H; MANIAS, E et al.Macromolecules. 2003, Vol 36, Num 24, pp 8919-8922, issn 0024-9297, 4 p.Article

Melt-processable syndiotactic polystyrene/montmorillonite nanocompositesWANG, Z. M; CHUNG, T. C; GILMAN, J. W et al.Journal of polymer science. Part B. Polymer physics. 2003, Vol 41, Num 24, pp 3173-3187, issn 0887-6266, 15 p.Article

Nonlinear rheology of polymer melts under shear flowSUBBOTIN, A; SEMENOV, A; MANIAS, E et al.Macromolecules. 1995, Vol 28, Num 11, pp 3898-3900, issn 0024-9297Article

Water-soluble polymers with tunable temperature sensitivity: Solution behaviorRACKAITIS, M; STRAWHECKER, K; MANIAS, E et al.Journal of polymer science. Part B. Polymer physics. 2002, Vol 40, Num 19, pp 2339-2342, issn 0887-6266Article

Polymer-silicate nanocomposites : Model systems for confined polymers and polymer brushesGIANNELIS, E. P; KRISHNAMOORTI, R; MANIAS, E et al.Advances in polymer science. 1999, Vol 138, pp 107-147, issn 0065-3195Article

Polystyrene/molybdenum disulfide and poly( methyl methacrylate)/molybdenum disulfide nanocomposites with enhanced thermal stabilityMATUSINOVIC, Zvonimir; SHUKLA, Ruchi; MANIAS, E et al.Polymer degradation and stability. 2012, Vol 97, Num 12, pp 2481-2486, issn 0141-3910, 6 p.Conference Paper

Polymer nanocomposites using zinc aluminum and magnesium aluminum oleate layered double hydroxides: Effects of LDH divalent metals on dispersion, thermal, mechanical and fire performance in various polymersMANZI-NSHUTI, Charles; SONGTIPYA, Ponusa; MANIAS, E et al.Polymer (Guildford). 2009, Vol 50, Num 15, pp 3564-3574, issn 0032-3861, 11 p.Article

Benzimidazolium surfactants for modification of clays for use with styrenic polymersCOSTACHE, Marius C; HEIDECKER, Matthew J; MANIAS, E et al.Polymer degradation and stability. 2007, Vol 92, Num 10, pp 1753-1762, issn 0141-3910, 10 p.Article

Expandable graphite/polyamide-6 nanocompositesUHL, Fawn M; QIANG YAO; NAKAJIMA, Hiroyoshi et al.Polymer degradation and stability. 2005, Vol 89, Num 1, pp 70-84, issn 0141-3910, 15 p.Article

Simulation insights on the structure of nanoscopically confined poly(ethylene oxide)KUPPA, V; MENAKANIT, S; KRISHNAMOORTI, R et al.Journal of polymer science. Part B. Polymer physics. 2003, Vol 41, Num 24, pp 3285-3298, issn 0887-6266, 14 p.Article

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