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The gene encoding the palmitoylated erythrocyte membrane protein, p55, originates at the CpG island 3' to the factor VIII geneMETZENBERG, A. B; GITSCHIER, J.Human molecular genetics (Print). 1992, Vol 1, Num 2, pp 97-101, issn 0964-6906Article

Complete genomic organization of the human erythroid p55 gene (MPP1), a membrane-associated guanylate kinase homologueKIM, A. C; METZENBERG, A. B; SAHR, K. E et al.Genomics (San Diego, Calif.). 1996, Vol 31, Num 2, pp 223-229, issn 0888-7543Article

Homology requirements for unequal crossing over in humansMETZENBERG, A. B; WURZER, G; HUISMAN, T. H. J et al.Genetics. 1991, Vol 128, Num 1, pp 143-161, issn 0016-6731, 19 p.Article

Waisman syndrome, a human X-linked recessive basal ganglia disorder with mental retardation: localization to Xq27.3-qterGREGG, R. G; METZENBERG, A. B; HOGAN, K et al.Genomics (San Diego, Calif.). 1991, Vol 9, Num 4, pp 701-706, issn 0888-7543, 6 p.Article

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